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College CoachCollege-bound student and their parents typically invest more than $200,000 in higher education, and yet few families ever seek the advice of a coach or an advisor, like they do when buying home or exploring a retirement plan.  Rather than consulting with a College Coach, most depend on their high schools for college-related support.  Regrettably, however, many schools have become increasingly unable to guide students through the college admissions process. For example, due to multiple job roles and mounting responsibilities in the areas of mental health and academic remediation, the typical school counselor devotes less than one hour per student per year to college planning activities. In contrast, a College Coach, by virtue of his/her training and exclusive focus on college admissions consulting and guidance, can offer college planning services that students and their families need, such as:

College List Development. A College Coach can identify institutions that agree with students’ credentials and college-related interests, while revealing strategies to maximize admission prospects at each.

Career and Interest Assessment. A College Coach offers assessments and engages in a variety of activities that assist students in learning about suitable majors and careers.

Extracurricular Planning and the Student Activities Resume. A College Coach College reveals the activities and pursuits that will enable students to follow their passions, while distinguishing themselves from similar applicants. Further, a college coach can teach students how to effectively highlight their involvement and accomplishments outside the classroom.

College Application. A College Coach can ensure that a student’s applications are fit for submission, reflect the best of what he/she has to offer a college campus, and are free of inconsistencies, grammatical mistakes, and other errors.

College Essays. A College Coach can teach students how to write compelling college essays, while offering edits and feedback that allow students to showcase their experiences, perspectives, and potential contributions to a college campus.

College Financial Aid and Scholarship Guidance. A College Coach can help families save on college costs and maximize their eligibility for financial aid–by providing guidance on financial aid forms, pointing to potential scholarship opportunities, and identifying colleges that are likely to offer substantial merit-based awards.

Each College Coach at College Transitions has more than a decade of college planning experience and has established extensive ties with both high schools and colleges. Our unique credentials and professional roles as counselors, admission consultants, professors, and higher education researchers have enabled us to guide students into America’s most selective colleges and universities. Over the past several years, we have developed the capacity to serve students in locations throughout the United States and currently work with families residing in Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Washington, DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and several other locations.  For more information regarding our background and services, please contact us via phone at 706.389.9936 or via email at  Our prospective families may also request a free consultation.

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