College Essay Examples

college essay examplesFor many applicants, the college essay is the most fear-provoking and stress-inducing part of the college admissions process.  Many of our past students have admitted, with guilt, to frantically searching the internet for college essay examples. In response, we have insisted that there is nothing to feel guilty about. While it’s never a good idea to copy the words or writing styles of other applicants, it can be helpful to review college essay examples that proved effective in the past.  Your prospective colleges agree, which is why many have posted college essay examples on their own admission websites.

Here are a few:

Carleton College: Actual Admission Essays

Connecticut College: College Essays That Worked

Johns Hopkins University: Essays That Worked

Tufts University: Past Essays That Mattered

Ideally, the college essay examples in the above links move you to think of your own topics and writing styles, and ultimately produce a college essay that offers insight into the unique talents, perspectives and/or interests that you might contribute to a college campus.  Easier said than done, we know. However, it’s important to keep in mind that everyone has something valuable and unique to contribute, which means that with the right motivation and guidance, everyone is capable of producing an authentic and compelling college essay.

For more than a decade, College Transitions counselors have helped college applicants craft effective college essays that highlight the best of what they have to offer to their prospective colleges–our past students have actually produced a couple of the college essay examples featured in the links above! Our team of former admission consultants, screenwriters, college professors, higher education researchers, and Ivy League students have leveraged their background and experience to guide applicants through the essay writing process and into the best colleges and universities across the United States (visit our results page to see where our past students have been admitted).  Students or parents needing assistance or wishing to learn more about our services may contact us at or at 706-389-9936.  We also offer our prospective families a free consultation.

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