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Whether you are a student, parent or someone involved in the process of college prep, we at College Transitions understand the pressures and challenges today’s students face. College prep involves finding money for, researching, contacting, studying and taking test for college. All of this can begin to weigh on already mentally-strapped parents and students.

Today’s testing climate suggest a high percentage of high school students are not ready for college. Only one quarter of the almost 2 million students who took the ACT in 2013 met benchmarks in all four core subjects – English, math, science and reading. That figure dropped from 31% in 2012.

Students who hit the ACT benchmarks have a 75 percent chance of passing a first-year college course in that subject. Those who do not are more likely to struggle in college and may have to move backward. In order to better prepare for college through the SAT and ACT and general coursework most students need to spend all four years of high school preparing themselves for success. Not to mention all of the extra activities, paperwork, networking and research students need to do to be properly matched with a college or university.

College Prep for Freshmen: Starting high school means it is already time to create a plan to get into a 2 or 4-year college right off the bat.

  • Students should take difficult course early on, as opposed to waiting till a very hard Junior year
  • It may seem outlandish this early on, but now is also the time to really think about scholarships
  • Begin meeting/working with your guidance counselor to find the best track to college

College Prep for Sophomores: With the first year behind them, students should start thinking about colleges and careers that might be a good fit and start exploring.

  • Get your feet wet with career and college fair, plus, it is never too soon to set foot on a college campus
  • Continue building up a scholarship resume. (Join in more extracurricular, leadership and volunteer opportunities and any unique opportunity to obtain responsibility and show time management
  • You can even meet with a  highly-skilled college admissions consultant to begin this exciting new process

College Prep for Juniors: High school juniors should seek out internships, shadowing opportunities and summer jobs that align with the careers they’re interested in.

  • Take the PSAT and begin studying for the ACT & SAT
  • Consider learning a  foreign language and sign up for available AP courses
  • Visits and research colleges you are interested in and match your goals
  • College entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT should also be on the agenda for junior year

College Prep for Seniors: Most students spend the start of senior year visiting campuses, narrowing their list and then applying to college.

  • Teenagers are tempted to begin taking it easy and become distracted from coursework near the end. Avoid that
  • Instead of padding your schedules with P.E. courses, use this opportunity to use ACT and SAT scores from the previous year to identify areas to work on
  • If needed, take the SAT or ACT again to get your best score
  • Check into your options for financial aid, get your transcripts to your future college and make a decision!

If you are interested in setting your own goals but need an extra hand, feel free to fill out our Free Consultation Request to see how our skilled admissions counselors can help you.

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