Independent College Counselor

What can an independent college counselor do for you?

As the selective college admissions process becomes increasingly complex, more families are compelled to seek the assistance of an independent college counselor, who can guide them to and through suitable colleges.  An independent college counselor is often able to provide services that school counselors and other school personnel cannot offer, primarily because, unlike school staff, they have the time and opportunity to devote themselves exclusively to college admissions and college counseling.  Ideally, independent college counselors should be available and ready to provide guidance on all aspects of the college search and admissions process, including, but not limited to:

Career exploration.  Independent college counselors should be sufficiently trained in career and personality testing, and be able to assist student in exploring potential majors, careers and postsecondary pathways.

Developing a list of prospective colleges.  Independent college counselors are professionally obligated to research college guides and visit college campuses, but they should also be well versed in college admissions statistics and research.  Independent college counselors, who can look beyond pop literature and into college related-data, are better able to make recommendations on academically and financially suitable schools.

College Applications.  Independent college counselors should possess expert knowledge of the requirements associated with most college applications. Independent college counselors should also be able and available to guide students and families through every application item.

College Essays.  Independent college counselors must write well and be versed in the elements of an effective college essay.  In contrast to school counselors, independent college counselors should also be willing to review and provide feedback on multiple drafts, and do whatever it take to ensure that his/her students’ writing is authentic and well-crafted.

Financial Aid and Scholarships.   An independent college counselor should be skilled in FAFSA application and the procurement of grants,scholarships and other awards that make college more affordable for families, regardless of their wealth or background.  In addition, independent college counselors should be able to evaluate and compare financial aid award letters and adequately discuss the financial costs and benefits of each school into which his/her students are admitted.

The independent college counselors at College Transitions possess expertise in each of the above areas; however, we also provide a level and length of service that goes beyond that of the typical independent college counselor.  In addition to guiding students and families through the college admissions process, College Transitions’ independent college counselors also provide guidance on college transition, and work with students throughout their first year of college to provide them with the knowledge and tools needed for college success.

Given the enormous costs associated with college attendance today, it is important that students and their parents secure the level of support needed to make wise college-related decisions.  The independent college counselors at College Transitions know this, and are committed to ensuring that every client receives thorough and personalized college guidance, and that he/she realizes returns on one of life’s most substantial investments.  For further information, please complete a free consultation request or contact us

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