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According to the results of a recent National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) survey, Kentucky high schools sport a student-to-guidance counselor ratio of 400:1. Nationally, the average is 351:1, meaning that students in Lexington have less access to college counseling than your average high school student in the United States. As a consequence, the majority of Kentucky residents, including high school students in Lexington, do not have the school-based guidance required to effectively engage the college search, college application, and college financial aid process. This is why many Lexington area families seek out college admissions consulting.

Possessing more than a decade of college-related and admissions-related experience, College Transitions’ admissions consultants offer Lexington area students the college counseling they need, specifically by providing support related to high school course planning, extracurricular planning, developing a college resume, building a list of suitable prospective colleges, writing college essays, preparing for college interviews, and applying for financial aid and scholarships. In just the past several years, we have provided college guidance to students attending some of the best Lexington area high schools, including Henry Clay, Lafayette, Bryan Station High School, Southwestern, Sayre School, Lexington Christian, and Lexington Catholic. Our college admissions expertise and connections to higher education faculty, administrators and researchers have enabled us provide a uniquely effective program of services that maximizes our students’ college admission prospects and that has helped them earn admission at the best colleges and universities in Kentucky, such as the University of Kentucky, Centre College, and Berea College as well as schools throughout the United States, including Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Rice, Stanford, Caltech, MIT, Bates, Northwestern, Vanderbilt, and every Ivy League institution.

Presently, College Transitions is providing services to students and families residing in Lexington, Frankfort, Paris, Georgetown, and Lawrenceburg, among other locations. Families wishing to learn more about our background, services and pricing may contact us at 678-710-3699 or at [email protected]. We also offer our prospective families a free consultation.

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