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MBA Admission Services

Free 30 Minute Consultation

You will talk about what you are looking for in an MBA admissions consultant. Sarah will let you know what she can offer and whether this is a good investment for you. Above all, you should be happy with the services you receive! Start your free consultation.

Preliminary Review & Goals

You provide your resume, copy of your undergraduate transcripts, a brief synopsis of your professional goals, and what you are seeking in an MBA program.  Sarah will review and then lead a conversation with you to discuss everything in more depth, specifically your professional and personal goals, the potential strengths and weaknesses of your candidacy, and what you seek to get out of business school.

MBA Program Selection & Strategy

Sarah will help you develop a list of target programs with the offerings, academics, career connections, and community culture that will optimize the value of your business school experience. You’ll also discuss things you can do immediately to improve your chances of admission, like getting your test scores to where they need to be for your dream school, or ensuring that your social media presence reflects positively on you.

Application Process Guidance

You will receive a timeline including deadlines and dates for component and application completion. Sarah provides support and guidance as you work through applications and questions arise.

Essay Development, Support, & Editing

We will brainstorm and discuss your essay development for each school. Your applications should have a coherent narrative, and the essays are critical to tying all the components of the application together. You write your essays. Sarah then provides feedback on all essays for as many rounds of review as is necessary to make them perfect.

Resume Review

Your resume is crucial to your business school application. It’s your professional story on one page. Sarah will provide a format, review, and offer suggestions for a clearer, more effective resume.

Letters of Recommendation Strategy & Support

Your letters of recommendation have an enormous impact on your application, but writing them is largely out of your control. Sarah will work with you to determine whom to ask when to ask, and how to ask for a letter of recommendation that ensures support of your candidacy and contributes to your overall application narrative.

Submission Check

This makes pressing submit less terrifying! Sarah will review each application fully before you hit submit.

Interview Prep & Mock Interviews

You got an interview! For most schools, this is a great sign and the interview will have a big impact on the final decision you receive. Sarah will help you prepare and practice with mock interviews so that you know what to anticipate in your interview.

Waitlist Strategy

You’re on the waitlist. What does that mean? What do you do? It’s important not to do too much or too little. Sarah will help you maximize your chances of moving up the waitlist toward acceptance.

Decision Time

You earned admissions into multiple schools! A good problem to have! Now, what? You’ll talk about your opportunities and how each might shape your future differently. Sarah will help you weigh the pros and cons and determine the best way to make your final decision.


Depending on a host of factors, you may be eligible for financial support through scholarships or institutional financial aid. Sarah will make sure you’re aware of the opportunities that might greatly impact financing your MBA.

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