What Our Clients Are Saying

S Gupta

S Gupta Daughter Attending USC

"Our daughter was dreading the admissions process before we signed on with CT, but her and our fears were quickly laid to rest ...our team was always available and helped us to organize everything..in the end, Katy was admitted into several top colleges WITH merit aid. We couldn't be happier!"

H. Yang, Doylestown, PA

H. Yang, Doylestown, PA Attending UPenn

"College Transitions was with me every step of the way...I always felt supported and my essays turned out a lot better than I could have imagined...I'm headed to UPenn in the fall and I couldn't have done it without you. "

John O., Georgia

John O., Georgia Son Attending Wake Forest

"The College Transitions Team is a wonderful partner to have in the college application process. Their insights, guidance, responsiveness, and help in all aspects of the process were invaluable. I think our son would agree with us when we say that we wouldn't want to go through this process without them."

Ann Kiefert

Ann Kiefert Asheville, NC

"College Transitions my daughter to colleges that weren't on her radar but many of which turned out to be great options for her and more affordable than I had thought. They were available when she had questions and always, always had the answer. The result--she won a full, 4-year scholarship! We are forever grateful!"

H. Richter

H. Richter Attending Tufts University

"I GOT IN! I can't thank you enough for your support throughout this long process. Your guidance has meant the world. I'm really excited, and I'm sure that your advice helped my chances. Thanks for everything!"

K. Salas

K. Salas Austin, TX

"Tom and I were extremely pleased with the support CT provided Matthew When we started this process, we were unsure whether or how we would be able to find the right college for him. One year later, Matthew has several great (and affordable!) options from which to choose. We're so happy we found you!"

R. Bonacci, Tempe, AZ

R. Bonacci, Tempe, AZ Son Attending UNC Chapel Hill

"Andrew, Michael and the rest of our team at College Transitions were incredibly responsive. Although we were time zones apart, my wife and I always felt as if they were right by our side...their professionalism and attention to detail helped our son land at the college of his dreams."

S. Narayanan

S. Narayanan Attending MIT

"Heading into my senior year, I had excellent grades and test scores but really worried about my essays. I was doing a lot but I didn't know what mattered to my schools or how to tell my story...College Transitions helped me put together essays and applications that really showed my strengths and my passion for helping others. I really think their assistance pushed me over the top."

Jeanne L.

Jeanne L. Eden Prairie, MN

"My husband and I do well, but we're not rich...we really felt the financial squeeze of sending two daughters to college. We didn't qualify for much need-based money and felt that most of our girls' schools were simply out of reach. Fortunately, our team at CT advised us on where to find money and how to secure the aid we so desperately needed. Thanks to College Transitions, our girls are happy and doing well at colleges that seemed unaffordable only a short time ago."

N.T., Wilmington, NC

N.T., Wilmington, NC Attending Colby College

"Thanks to you, I really hit the ground running. It's only January and I have secured an internship and settled on a major. For the first time in my life, I really feel like I have a plan... I feel like I know who I am and what I want to do. Thanks for everything."

Parents, Princeton, NJ

Parents, Princeton, NJ Son accepted to Georgetown University

"Your knowledge of the college search and application process was top-notch. However, we were equally impressed by your ability to set our son at ease and to provide him with the peace of mind he needed to perform his best during senior year. We are confident that your assistance and personal support gave our son the boost he needed to earn admission at his dream school."


M.G. Attending Bowdoin College, also accepted to Brown and Dartmouth

"This time last year, I wouldn't have considered a school outside the Ivy League. You really opened my eyes to all of the wonderful, smaller colleges out there... I couldn't be happier with my decision, and I can't wait to take advantage of all the opportunities that I know my school will afford me. Thank you so very much for everything!"

M.P., Athens, GA

M.P., Athens, GA Accepted to Dartmouth College

"They approached the application process with clarity and compassion. They helped me prepare my perfect essay and met every question and concern with thoughtful responses, and guided me into the Ivy League college of my dreams."


Parent Daughter accepted to Cornell University

"Their insight is invaluable. From the start, you gain a realistic understanding of the college process, the college matches that best fit you, as well as the schools that may be reaches. Their knowledge, dedication, professionalism, and honest feedback are paramount..."


Parent Daughter accepted to Duke University

"I am happy to report that (our daughter) was accepted to Duke today! She couldn't have done it without you. You have been so helpful, and we are extremely appreciative for all of the advice and guidance that you have provided. I have to admit that I was skeptical about the idea of hiring a private counselor, but the level of service you provided was above and beyond anything we could have expected. You are worth every penny! Thank you!"

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