Top Colleges for Classics Majors

As a classics major, you’ll learn about the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome through the study of literature, art, religion, language, and history. Students will take courses on subjects such as: Greek language, Latin, The Roman Republic, Ceramic Analysis, and 5th Century Historians, just to name a few.

Earning a degree in the classics will prepare students for careers in a wide array paths including: secondary school teacher, college professor, or museum researcher. Many who study the classics find themselves well-prepared for advanced study in law or medical school. In fact, classics majors have high rates of acceptance into prestigious graduate programs of all varieties.

What do you need to make it in a Classics program?

Young people studying the classics need be strong readers and writers who are capable of conducting independent research. Additionally, you will need to possess an aptitude for learning foreign language as classics programs require you to learn Latin, Greek, or both.

Your Classics College Checklist:

  • What are the foreign language requirements of the program?
  • What is the professional background of the faculty?
  • Do professors allow undergraduates to assist them with research projects?
  • Will you have the opportunity for hands-on learning in the surrounding community or abroad?
  • What local opportunities exist for work in museums, art galleries, or antiquity collections?
  • What type of guest speakers in the field appear on campus?
  • Is a senior thesis/research project required?
  • For those who wish to enter academia, how do graduate programs in the classics view your prospective undergraduate institution?

The Top Classics Colleges & Universities

While majoring in the classics can lead to a myriad of employment opportunities, those that wish to stay within academia will find a highly competitive environment. Schools that are held in particularly high regard by professionals, employers and students include Bryn Mawr College, Brown University, and NYU. For a complete list of College Transitions Top Colleges and Universities for Classics majors, click here.

*College lists are compiled on the basis of counselor interviews, guide books, exhaustive internet searches (of college and departmental websites), and data provided by The College Board and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).


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