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College Transitions is a team of counselors, academics, and former admission officers. As the only admissions consulting provider with an active research agenda in higher education, we leverage our quantitative background, professional network, and inside knowledge to help students identify good-fit schools and gain a competitive advantage in the admissions process. Over the past decade, College Transitions has supported thousands of applicants, helping them secure admission at more than 500 of the most competitive colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad.


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“We had a fantastic experience working with College Transitions. When our oldest, Sam, began his search process, it had been so long since my wife and I had gone through it that we didn’t even know what questions to ask. They quickly put us on track, helping us narrow down to a great set of schools that seemed like the right fit. They gave us structure, helping us schedule the appropriate tests, making sure we had the right information to make good decisions. Andrew and his team were responsive, establishing a great rapport with our son, and keeping the process moving in a friendly and helpful way. As the deadlines approached, College Transitions was there for us, fine tuning the essays, error checking the applications, and available to answer panicked questions almost around the clock. That experience and attention to detail paid off for us – Sam was accepted into his first choice, The University of Chicago, a school that had seemed out of reach at the beginning of the process. We are delighted to recommend College Transitions.”

Susan Hayes, New York, NY

Son Attending University of Chicago
“Navigating the college application process was one the most difficult things I faced as a high school student. All the stress and anxiety I had about the college application process was significantly relieved by the guidance and expertise over at College Transitions. It was clear that CT had significant knowledge and experience in all areas surrounding the process, and they served as incredible advocates for me during it. Additionally, for someone like myself who tends to worry about the smallest details, it was incredibly beneficial that my team was constantly responsive via email and were willing to chat over the phone or skype with great flexibility. I can now say I am at the school of my dreams, something I did not see tangible without the guidance from College Transitions. Their service far exceeded my expectations and I am extremely glad and fortunate that I came across them.”

Paul Yousef, Vienna, VA

Attending University of Notre Dame
"As an only child with parents who never attended college in America, I was completely frightened of the college admissions process. However, College Transitions immediately settled my fears and supported me through every aspect of that process, from forming a college list to the writing of various essays. They responded to every email quickly and efficiently, and were always able to answer the questions that I often asked. Every email and every video chat made the process seem much less intimidating and much more manageable, and you always offered encouragement and advice. I was initially too scared to apply to Yale Early Action, but you helped me weigh the benefits of applying early. I am so glad that I did choose to apply there early - I just got back from Bulldog Days at Yale, and I still cannot believe that I was accepted. Thanks to your help, I got to see my dream come true."

Amanda Zhang, Atlanta, GA

Attending Yale University
“My son started his college application process rather late as a high school senior in China. He intended to apply to both highly selective schools in both the USA and Canada, so we needed high-level consultants to help us plan out an efficient process, seek and provide school-specific background information, review and advise on application essays, and assess and determine smart strategies. College Transitions have given us all these. The consultants working with us always responded to our queries and requests very quickly and professionally. My son has also benefited significantly from stress-free interview training and inspirational essay instruction. Without the contributions by College Transitions, my son’s application would have been much less organized and informed. Happily, he has received letters of admissions from his top schools in both USA and Canada.”

Adam Yao, Shanghai, China

Son Attending University of Toronto
“College Transitions made this unbearable process bearable. They was always ready with guidance, information and explanations that clarified things for us. They answered pretty much 24/7. And it was so comforting to have someone on our side that had no conflict of interest. My son and I have often commented that hiring CT was the best move we ever made. Their wisdom, compassion and concern helped us navigate this process and directly contributed to the success my son had getting into so many top schools. Thank you!”

Nancy N., Portland, ME

Son Attending Duke University
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