AP Score Calculators – 2024

January 17, 2024

ap calculators

Advanced Placement (AP) courses from the College Board present high school students with an amazing opportunity to engage in a college-level curriculum. Those who manage to score a 3,4, or 5 on a given exam may earn college credits, effectively saving them thousands of dollars off their future tuition bill. Excelling in AP coursework and on the exams can also play a huge role in the college admissions process. After all, earning strong grades in a rigorous curriculum is an admissions prerequisite at many selective colleges and universities.  Earning stellar scores on AP tests will also aid in this quest. AP score calculators can assist you in your study process by offering an accurate projection of how you will ultimately score on a 1-5 scale.

Below please find our AP exam calculators for 2024 organized by academic discipline. Additional calculators will be added throughout the year and adjustments and refinements will be made by the College Transitions team in order to ensure the greatest degree of accuracy possible.


AP Lang Calculator 

AP Lit Calculator 


History/Social Science

AP Macro Calculator 

AP US Government Calculator

AP US History Calculator 

AP World History Calculator

AP Psychology Calculator



AP Calculus AB Calculator

AP Calculus BC Calculator 

AP Stats Calculator 



AP Bio Calculator

AP Chemistry Calculator 

AP Environmental Science Calculator


Computer Science

AP Computer Science A Calculator 


AP Score Calculators Continued

The Arts

AP Art History Calculator 

AP Music Theory Calculator


World Languages

AP Spanish Language Calculator



ACT Calculator

SAT Calculator


AP Score Calculators – Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope that our free AP score calculators assist you on your studying journey. You can trust that College Transitions is monitoring the latest information and data from the College Board in order to keep these tools accurate and up-to-date. Best of luck to each of you as you take practice exams in preparation for the real deal in May!