25 Best Colleges With Women’s Gymnastics

January 29, 2024

colleges with women's gymnastics

Currently, there are 87 colleges in the U.S. that offer women’s gymnastics. Within these programs, student-athletes compete against other high-ranking university teams. Most of the colleges with women’s gymnastics compete at an NCAA Division I level. However, there are opportunities for students to enroll in women’s college gymnastics in a Division II or Division III program.

Each level of gymnastics offers exciting opportunities for student-athletes who are passionate about their sport. At colleges with women’s gymnastics, athletes often compete in several disciplines, such as uneven bars, vault, balance beam, and floor exercise.

In this article, we will review the number of and legacies of these colleges with women’s gymnastics and offer examples of programs within each division.

How many Division I gymnastics teams are there?

Currently, there are 63 schools in women’s college gymnastics programs that are ranked Division I. So, what does it mean to be within this division? And, what are differences between divisions?

Within college sports, to be placed in Division I means that the program is ranked at the highest level. Most times, this distinction is referred to as “D1.” Student-athletes who compete at this level often attend some of the largest and most well-known universities in the country. Therefore, most D1 schools supply the biggest budgets for student athletics.

While being a D1 athlete is a great honor, it also comes with a great responsibility. Most student-athletes who compete D1 spend a great deal of time training and at practices. D1 athletes may not have much spare time for internships or social activities. In fact, D1 athletes often spend their school breaks on campus to dedicate more time to training.

Let’s provide some examples of colleges with women’s gymnastics who compete at a D1 level.

It is important to note that college sports are categorized by conference. In women’s college gymnastics, there are 13 different conferences.* These conferences are determined by a school’s location, and schools within the same conference typically compete against each other. Usually, conference tournaments begin in January, and the season concludes in April.

*The 2023-2024 academic year is the last year for the PAC-12 conference.

Colleges with women’s gymnastics (D1)

1) University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Lead by head coach Ashley Johnston, this team is part of the SEC conference. The women’s gymnastics program was founded in 1975 and has since won 6 national championships. Their most recent win was in 2012.

University Acceptance Rate: 79%

2) University of Alaska, Anchorage

This women’s college gymnastics team is lead by head coach Marie-Sophie Boggasch. Overall, the team has remained fairly consistent in their rankings since 1998. University of Alaska, Anchorage is part of the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF) conference.

University Acceptance Rate: 65%

3) University of Arizona

This program is located in Tucson, Arizona. Currently led by head coach John Court, this team is part of the PAC-12 conference. The Sun Devil’s program began in 1976.

University Acceptance Rate: 87%

Colleges with Women’s Gymnastics (Continued)

4) University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Interestingly, their head coach is Olympic medalist Jordyn Wieber. She assumed the role as lead coach in 2019. The women’s gymnastics team was founded a bit more recently, in 2003.

University Acceptance Rate: 82%

5) Auburn University

This women’s college gymnastics team is located in Auburn, Alabama. Lead by head coach Jeff Graba, this program is part of the SEC conference.

University Acceptance Rate: 44%

6) Boise State University

A Mountain West Conference (MWC) participant, Boise State women’s gymnastics is led by head coach Tina Bird. While their overall team rankings have fluctuated, their recent trend has them ranked within the top 30 for the last three years. The program is located in Boise, Idaho.

University Acceptance Rate: 83%

Colleges with Women’s Gymnastics (Continued)

7) University of California, Berkeley

Since 2014, the women’s college gymnastics team at Berkeley has been ranked within the top 20. Their consistency solidifies them as a competitive team. UC Berkeley is led by two head coaches, Justin Howell and Elisabeth Crandall-Howell.

University Acceptance Rate: 11%

8) University of California, Davis

Head coach Tanya Ho has led since 2023 and quickly solidified the team as a number 2 seed in the conference. This women’s college gymnastics team is part of the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF) conference.

University Acceptance Rate: 48.8%

9) University of California, Los Angles

UCLA is one of the well-known colleges with women’s gymnastics. In fact, they have won 7 NCAA titles and made 11 appearances since 1982. Their most recent win was in 2018. The team is currently led by head coach Janelle McDonald.

University Acceptance Rate: 9%

Colleges with Women’s Gymnastics (Continued)

10) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

This team is currently led by head coach Danna Durante and is part of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). The stadium the women’s gymnastics team competes in is called Carmichael Arena, and it was founded in 1965.

University Acceptance Rate: 17%

11) University of Florida

With 7 NCAA tournament appearances, Florida has taken home 3 NCAA titles. Most recently, they have appeared in the 2022 and 2023 tournaments, solidifying themselves as a highly skilled team. This team is led by Jenny Rowland and is located in Gainesville, Florida.

University Acceptance Rate: 23%

12) University of Georgia

Another well-known women’s gymnastics team, Georgia is a consistent competitor and is currently under head coach Jenny Rowland. The team has appeared in 14 NCAA tournaments and taken home 10 titles. Impressively, Georgia went on a 5-year winning streak, taking home the NCAA title from 2005-2009. The team is located in Athens, Georgia.

University Acceptance Rate: 43%

Colleges with Women’s Gymnastics (Continued)

13) University of Oklahoma

Currently helmed by K.J. Kindler, University of Oklahoma is the current title holder for women’s gymnastics. The team won an NCAA title in both 2022 and 2023. Overall, the program has made 10 NCAA appearances and won 6 titles, all in the last ten years. The university is located in Norman, Oklahoma and is part of the Big 12 conference.

University Acceptance Rate: 73%

14) University of Washington

Located in Seattle, University of Washington is part of the PAC-12 conference. Currently, their head coach is Jen Llewellyn.

University Acceptance Rate: 48%

15) University of Utah

Located in Salt Lake City, this women’s gymnastics team has made an impressive 17 NCAA appearances and won 9 titles. Currently, they are under the direction of head coach Carly Dockendorf.

University Acceptance Rate: 95%

Of course, there are many other D1 schools not currently presented in this list. For an additional complete and updated list of D1 schools, you can visit here to learn more.

How many Division 2 gymnastics teams are there?

Currently, there are only 5 colleges with women’s gymnastics that are categorized as a D2 school.

While there are standards that student athletes must meet to compete in D2, this option may allow students slightly more personal time than a D1 regimen. In other words, this commitment may not be as intense and demanding. As well, athletes may also receive more time on the floor or field, depending on their sport.

However, that doesn’t mean this division is not challenging and competitive. D2 schools occasionally compete against D1 schools. Plus, they can even beat these D1 teams!

If you’re worried about scholarships at this level, it’s important to note that ~60% of D2 student athletes earn some kind of scholarship from athletic aid. So, there are benefits to choosing a D2 school. Especially if you are hesitant about the time commitment of D1, applying to a D2 school could be a better fit.

Colleges with women’s gymnastics (D2)

1) University of Bridgeport

Located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, this women’s gymnastics team is under the direction of head coach Lorraine Galow. This team is part of the Gymnastics East Conference (GEC). It is important to note that several D1 schools are also part of this conference, including the College of William and Mary and Yale.

University of Acceptance Rate: 73%

2) Lindenwood University

Recently, the Lindenwood football team moved in D1 play, indicating that their athletic programs perform at a competitive level. Lindenwood is located in St. Charles, Missouri and competes in the Midwest Independent Conference (MIC). Their head coach is Catelyn Branson.

University Acceptance Rate: 74%

3) Southern Connecticut State University

This women’s college gymnastics team has remained consistent in their overall team rankings. Furthermore, they moved up three spots in their last academic season. Southern Connecticut State is located in New Haven, Connecticut and is part of the GEC conference. Their current head coach is Byron Knox.

University Acceptance Rate: 83%

Colleges with Women’s Gymnastics (Continued)

4) Texas Women’s University

In 2024, the Pioneers set a new record for their team score in their season opener. Currently, their head coach is Lisa Bowerman. Their university is located in Denton, Texas and is part of the MIC conference.

University Acceptance Rate: 95%

5) West Chester University of Pennsylvania

West Chester University is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania and is run by head coach Barbara Cordova. Part of the GEC conference, this university recently saw a school record-breaking performance in their 2024 season opener.

University Acceptance Rate: 89%

How many Division 3 gymnastics teams are there?

Currently, there are 17 colleges with women’s gymnastics that are categorized as a D3 school. Therefore, there are more options for women’s college gymnastics at this level than a D2 school.

For students looking to focus more on their academics, attending a D3 school may be the best option. However, each student-athlete still must meet certain requirements to compete.

Interestingly, each school sets eligibility requirements to participate in D3 sports. So, these requirements vary by institution.

Colleges with women’s gymnastics (D3)

1) Rhode Island College

Rhode Island College is located in Providence, Rhode Island. The team is led by head coach Monica Mesalles-Nassi and is part of the NCGA conference.

University Acceptance Rate: 84%

Colleges with Women’s Gymnastics (Continued)

2) Hamline University

Led by head coach Doug Byrnes, this women’s gymnastics program is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. The team competes as part of the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC). It is one of the two schools not located in Wisconsin that is part of this conference.

University Acceptance Rate: 76%

3) Utica University

Utica University is located in Utica, New York. Currently lead by head coach Danielle Cerminaro, the team competes in the NCGA conference.

University Acceptance Rate: 89%

Colleges with Women’s Gymnastics (Continued)

4) University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

This team is coached by Jessie DeZiel. As part of the WIAC, they are one of the 6 schools in Wisconsin currently competing in this conference.

University Acceptance Rate: 85%

5) University of Wisconsin, La Crosse

This women’s gymnastics team started their 2024 season opener with a win. Under the direction of head coach Kasey Crawford, this team competes in the WIAC conference.

University Acceptance Rate: 82%

Additionally, it is important to note that there are two women’s college gymnastics teams that are part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). These schools are:

What are the best college gymnastics teams?

Overall, when it comes to NCAA tournament wins, the University of Georgia holds the most wins, with 10 titles. However, Utah is not far behind with 9 titles.

When it comes to the most well-known colleges with women’s gymnastics, fans will often think of Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma, Utah, UCLA, and Alabama. Each of these schools has appeared in the NCAA tournament several times, and each has won at least 6 titles.

How many colleges have women’s gymnastics? – In Review

If you are considering trying out for women’s college gymnastics, you may be wondering how to get recruited by a school. Typically, high school students will register for the NCAA Eligibility Center by their junior year if they are looking to compete at a D1 or D2 level.

Overall, students should consider their ultimate goal with college athletics. In particular, students should decide if they want to participate in D1, D2, or D3. You will want to ensure that your future plans align with the college and program of your choosing. You may also find these other athletics-related articles to be of interest: