Community Colleges with Dorms

March 17, 2024

community colleges with dorms

Students who choose to live on campus during undergrad experience certain benefits that commuter students do not. For example, students are conveniently located near their classes, can more easily partake in student organizations, and enjoy more of the campus culture. But, not everyone either wants to or can enroll in a four-year university after graduation. For those who are considering a community college, you might wonder, “Do community colleges have dorms?” You may be surprised to find the answer is yes! In fact, community colleges with dorms are more common than you might think. In this article, we will provide examples of community colleges with housing. As well, we will define the facilities available at each of these institutions.

Do community colleges have dorms?

Community colleges are important staples in the communities they serve. These institutions provide students with accessible education that is often more affordable than a four-year college. Plus, community colleges have established great connections with local universities, helping students streamline their higher education experience.

Typically, most students who enroll in community colleges are commuter students and travel from home to school on a weekly basis. Commuting can provide more flexibility for students who may have to consider work schedules and family obligations.

However, some students still want the typical college experience of living in the dorms. As stated earlier, there are benefits to on-campus living. In addition to the convenience, students may gain a greater sense of independence and community by living in residence halls.

So, community colleges with dorms may be a perfect solution for students looking for a traditional college experience on a smaller campus. So, do community colleges have dorms?

While not all community colleges offer the opportunity to live on campus, some do. In fact, there are a variety of accommodation options available. For example, in addition to taking advantage of residence halls, some community colleges with housing have townhouses and apartment-style living.

In each of these options, students will have the opportunity to not only live with but also connect with their peers. Students who choose community living will get the typical experience of personalizing their dorms, having roommates, and walking to classes.

Plus, students can easily attend sporting events, connect with those who share similar interests, and have greater access to campus resources.

How many community colleges have dorms?

Now that we know the answer to do community colleges have dorms, you may be wondering where to find them.

Below we have provided a list of 10 examples of community colleges with on-campus living.

It is important to note that there are more community colleges with dorms than are provided on this list. However, these examples will give you a good idea of where to start looking for community colleges with housing.

1) Butler Community College – El Dorado, Kansas

Students can either live in one of the three residence halls or choose to live in the on-campus apartments. It is important to note that the on-campus apartments are open to female students only, and the apartments can accommodate up to 32 students. Each apartment is fully furnished and includes a kitchenette, living and dining area, and washer and dryer.

Cummins Hall is a more traditional residence hall. As well, this building is open only to female students. However,  East Hall and West Hall are two dormitories open to male students. Rooms are designed for double occupancy, and each room has an adjoining restroom.

2) Cochise College – Sierra Vista, Arizona

Students here will choose from the Desert View Townhouses or a traditional suite-style dorm: Huachuca Hall. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible to live on campus. The two-story townhouses accommodate up to eight students while the dorm rooms are single rooms connected by a restroom. Housing is organized by same-sex living arrangements.

In fact, Cochise College tries to make on-campus living as affordable as possible. Full-time students enrolled in 15 credit hours or more will have their housing fees waived and only need to pay for their meal plans.

3) Feather River College – Quincy, California

Feather River College offers a variety of on-campus housing options. For students who choose to live on campus, there are the traditional residence halls, Hillside Dorms and The Pines. Each of the rooms are double occupancy. At Hillside, students can choose either one- or two-bedroom options.

Additionally, students can live in the Meadows Apartments, which are located near downtown Quincy.

Students who want to live in the apartments should be aware that priority is given to returning students with no prior disciplinary record.

4) Finger Lakes Community College – Canandaigua, New York

Conveniently located near the main campus, FLCC offers students the opportunity to live at The Suites at Laker Landing. The suites are fully-furnished, four-bedroom apartment-style living for current students. Each apartment offers a private bedroom, kitchen, and two bathrooms for residents.

FLCC is one of the community colleges with dorms that only offers apartment-style living.

5) Green River College – Auburn, Washington

The Campus Corner Apartments (CCA) offer students the ability to live in either a “flat” or townhouse. Each option provides a four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment for students with private bedrooms that come fully furnished. Additionally, all utility costs are covered for residents.

The differences between each accommodation are that the townhouses provide slightly larger bedroom and living areas, and the floor plans vary. However, each building provides on-site laundry, convenient parking, and keyed entrances.

6) Hill College – Hillsboro, Texas

This is one of the community colleges with housing where students choose from one of three residences: Dudley Hall, Frazier Hall, or Bailey Hall. However, each hall has the same layout.

To be eligible to live on campus, each student must maintain at least 12 credit hours and pay a $300 deposit. Of this deposit, $250 is refundable.

Dudley Hall and Frazier Hall are the female residence halls. Both halls offer suite-style accommodations featuring an adjoining restroom connected to another two-person bedroom.

Bailey Hall is the male residence hall. This room is also a suite-style accommodation featuring a two-person bedroom.

7) Jackson College – Jackson County, Michigan

For students looking to live on campus here, there are two residence halls available alongside the Campus View student apartments. Both the Gold Hall and Maroon Hall are the same cost per semester for a single bedroom. Additionally, students can live in a Super Single Room for $100 hundred dollars more. The Super Single Room offers more space and an extra closet.

The Campus View apartments offer both two-bedroom and four-bedroom accommodations. The cost per semester for these options are slightly less, since students will be sharing the space.

Interestingly, students can also opt to live in the Jets Village Family Housing. Jackson College is one of the community colleges with dorms to offer family living. This accommodation is for students who are also parents or are expecting. Additionally, married couples and those with dependent children, regardless of marriage status, are eligible to live here.

8) Lamar Community College – Lamar, Colorado

Interestingly, LCC is one of the community colleges with dorms that require students to live on campus. In fact, all freshmen under 21 not living with relatives are required to live on campus. However, transfer students who have already completed two semesters of full-time instruction are exempt from this requirement.

Students who are under 25 can choose between two residence halls: Todd Burch Residence Hall and Powers House. The Todd Burch Residence Hall is the larger of the two and can house over 190 students. In this hall, community restrooms are offered in each wing.

At Powers House, rooms are suite-style accommodations. However, this hall is smaller and can only house 32 students.

For students over 25, it is recommended they live in the Main Street Student Housing. This option offers private bedrooms and restrooms for students.

9) Reedley College – Reedley, California

Students who choose to live in this Residence Hall will be offered weekly social events in the dorms to help connect them with other students. Additionally, resident advisors, desk assistants, and utility management will be available to help students adjust to college life and maintain a high standard of living.

In this two-story facility, up to 70 women and 70 men are able to stay comfortably. This Residence Hall is one of the community colleges with housing that hosts a co-ed dormitory. Upon entering, students are met with a community lounge. Laundry facilities are also available within the building.

10) Sheridan College – Sheridan, Wyoming

Sheridan College is one of the community colleges with dorms that has a wide variety of on-campus housing to choose from. For example, there are five traditional residence halls. Plus, there are the Whitney Villas and Lofts that offer on-campus apartment living.

For first-year students, Founders Hall is a population option. The hall comes equipped with a full community kitchen and four to five single- and double-occupancy rooms. Currently, this residence hall is a co-ed option. Second- and third-year students will be given priority for single rooms.

The Whitney Villas and Lofts offer “11 ‘houses’ and 3 ‘Lofts’ with one to five apartments in each.” Every apartment comes with a full kitchen for residents and furnished living areas. Each student who lives in the villas and lofts must purchase a meal plan. Laundry facilities are available for the cost of $50/student.

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Do community colleges have dorms? – In Review

Community colleges with housing may be more common than you realize. With many affordable options to live in both traditional residence halls and on-campus apartments, it is a great option.

Students who are looking for independence and a greater sense of campus community would be wise to take advantage of this accommodation.

While we have provided a list of community colleges with dorms, there are still many more campuses to choose from. If you are considering community college, then you might also consider the benefits to living on the campus.

We hope that this article has helped answer the question, do community colleges have dorms?

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