21 High School Internships in NYC

March 23, 2024

high school internships NYC

Internships for High School Students NYC – As an undergraduate, you’ll certainly have many opportunities to snag major-specific internships; however, many high school students now seek out internships as well to bolster their undergraduate application materials.[i] Depending on your intended major, your internship choices might vary widely, from computer science internships to medical school internships, to business internships. There are many internships across the country that provide hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and career advising, but if you happen to live in New York City, you’ll find that there are quite a few opportunities for high school students to gain career experience close to home. For this reason, we’ve created a list of high school internships in NYC that you can peruse as you begin your internship application process!

Why Do a High School Internship in NYC?

The National Association of Colleges and Employers found that paid internships for college students led to more job offers, higher starting salaries, and shorter durations of job searches.[ii] Because not all high school students complete internships, listing one on your application materials will give you an edge over other college applicants.[iii] Taking on an internship can certainly boost your college application materials and can provide real-world experience to determine if you actually enjoy your intended major. Internships are an ideal opportunity to gain practical skills (like data collection, coding, and professional communication) and you may get a chance to actually participate in politics, research, or another field of your choice![iv] In high school, internships are great opportunities to meet potential recommendation letter writers for your undergraduate applications and beyond.

Finally, many internships are paid – imagine a summer gig that not only offers an income, but also all of the above-mentioned perks! If you live in the New York area, you might be excited to learn that many of the most competitive and appealing internships are located close to home (and many are only available to students of the NYC metro area). To get you started, we’ve provided a list below of the top 21 high school internships in NYC.

Law and Political Science High School Internships in NYC:

1) Manhattan District Attorney Internship Program

Students will be given a glimpse into the criminal justice system, will engage in legal workshops and participate in a mock trial.

  • Pay: Interns will be paid minimum wage.
  • Dates: July-August
  • Application Deadline: Applications accepted from January to early March (specific dates vary by year).
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be sophomore, junior, or senior high school students living or attending school in New York City.

2) NYC Office of the Mayor Internship

Students are able to collaborate with mayoral staff in researching, managing inquiries, data analysis, outreach and staffing events. Students will partake in the office’s speaker series and will collaborate with other students on a service project.

  • Pay: $16 per hour.
  • Dates: June-August or September-April
  • Application Deadline: February – March (specific dates vary by year). See application portal for exact dates.
  • Eligibility: Students must be 16 or older and enrolled in high school or registered for courses at a college or university. High school students must be NYC residents.

Internships for High School Students NYC (Continued)

3) Thurgood Marshall Summer Law Internship

This program places diverse NYC public high school students with law offices for the summer, where students may assist paralegals, perform filing, record-keeping, data entry and organization.

  • Pay: Minimum wage, or between $15-$21 per hour.
  • Dates: Approximately from June-August (depending on placement); the majority of the internship will be approximately 6-8 weeks, for 35-40 hours per week.
  • Application Deadline: Applications are due in January (specific dates vary by year).
  • Eligibility: New York City public high school students may apply.

Tech and Engineering High School Internships in NYC

4) NASA Internships at GISS

These highly selective summer internships offer high school students the opportunity to engage in NASA-funded research projects at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York City.

  1. Pay: Stipend provided.
  2. Dates: Varied by internship.
  3. Application Deadline: Varied by internship.
  4. Eligibility: Students must be U.S. citizens with a current GPA of at least 3.0. Depending upon the project, applicants must live within 50 miles of NASA/GISS in New York City.

5) Simons Summer Internship Program (Long Island)

This internship offers high school students the opportunity to engage in science, math and engineering research at Stony Brook University on Long Island. This is an excellent opportunity to work with faculty, conduct real research, and gain hands-on experience in laboratories.

  • Cost: There are no tuition fees for the internship; however, students are expected to pay for their own transportation, dining, and residential costs.
  • Dates: July-August
  • Application Deadline: Applications are due in early February (exact date varies by year).
  • Eligibility: Students must be at least 16 years old at the beginning of the internship, must be U.S. citizens and must be in 11th grade at the time of application.

6) Science Research Mentoring Program at the American Museum of Natural History

This internship provides the opportunity for high school students to conduct research at the American Museum of Natural History. Students will learn crucial skills like communication, data analysis, programming languages and coding.

Internships for High School Students NYC (Continued)

7) NYU Applied Research Innovations in Science and Engineering (ARISE) Program

This prestigious program allows high schools students to observe and conduct scientific research at NYU STEM labs. Study is offered in life sciences, engineering, computer and data science, and engineering and materials chemistry.

  • Cost: Accepted students will receive a full scholarship for the program.
  • Dates: 10-week program, starting in July.
  • Application Deadline: Early March (opens in December).
  • Eligibility: Applications open to New York City high school students in the 10th or 11

Biology and Environmental Science Internships for High School Students in NYC

8) Alley Pond’s Field Biology Summer Internship

This internship offers students the opportunity to build research and experimental design skills in biological sciences. This is especially beneficial for students hoping to gain field experience.

  • Cost: $150 (financial aid available upon request)
  • Dates: Spring Session is March-May; Summer Session is July and August.
  • Application Deadline: Fall – September 1st; Spring – February 1st; Summer – June 1st
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be at least 14 and currently in high school. Students must be able to participate in outdoor activities for at least 2 hours, able to commit to 5 out of 6 classes, have their own transportation to the site, and complete a final exit project and presentation.

9) Wave Hill Youth Internship

Wave Hill offers paid internships to high school students in art, community, education, science, ecology, and field-based work.

  • Pay: $2,275 and may earn college credits for one course.
  • Dates: Dates vary but internships are either for a summer, one year, or fourteen months.
  • Application Deadline: Application deadlines are in February or March and can be found here.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be 16 years or older and residents of New York City.

Internships for High School Students NYC (Continued)

10) The Ranger Conservation Corps Internship

Participants work in conservation and ecological efforts in New York’s flagship parks. Excellent experience for students interested in the fields of environmentalism and sustainability.

  • Pay: The internship is unpaid, but students may earn community service hours.
  • Dates: Each internship lasts eight weeks.
  • Application Deadline: Registration is rolling year-round.
  • Eligibility: Students should be in grades 9-12. Further questions about eligibility may be answered here.

Medical Internships for High School Students in NYC:

11) Zuckerman Institute’s Brain Research (BRAINYAC)

This internship places high school students with real researchers at Columbia University. Students will have the opportunity to work in a research environment. Each student is matched with a Columbia neuroscientist.

  • Pay: Stipend provided.
  • Dates: Five weeks during the summer months.
  • Application Deadline: Applications will open in October.
  • Eligibility: Applicants must be in 10th or 11th grade and residents of New York City (preference given to students in upper Manhattan and the South Bronx). Students must be nominated by a partner program (S-PREP, Lang Youth Medical, Double Discovery Center, Columbia Secondary School and BioBus).

12) Memorial Sloan Summer Student Program

Students will gain hands-on experience with laboratory techniques in the human oncology and pathogenesis departments. Students will have the opportunity to conduct independent research and explore clinical practice.

  • Pay: Stipend provided.
  • Dates: June-August
  • Application Deadline: Applications are due in early February.
  • Eligibility: Students must have completed 9 grade and must be 14 or older by June of the program year. Students must have at least a 3.5 GPA.

13) CEYE Medical Internship Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai’s Center for Excellence in Youth Education offers a variety of internships and summer programs geared toward aspiring medical students

  • Pay / Cost: Varied by program.
  • Dates: Varied by program.
  • Application Deadline: Application portal open from January to early March.
  • Eligibility: High school students, particularly those from marginalized communities, are encouraged to apply.

Liberal Arts High School Internships in NYC:

14) CLARIFY City Limit’s Internship Program

This is a paid journalism training program where students can learn about public writing and service. Students will work with professional journalists to learn about interviewing, research, media ethics, photojournalism and more.

  • Pay: Students can earn a $1,000 stipend.
  • Dates: Sessions are in the fall and spring.
  • Application Deadline: Application deadlines for specific sessions can be found here.
  • Eligibility: Rising junior, senior, and recent graduate high school students in the five boroughs of NYC may apply.

15) DOROT Summer Teen Internship Program

This internship provides high school students with the opportunity to socially connect with older adults. Responsibilities include home visits, creative arts, technological assistance. Students can gain leadership skills and valuable insight by working through a nonprofit.

  • Pay: No pay, though participants may earn volunteer community service hours.
  • Dates: 4-week summer sessions from June-August
  • Application Deadline: Applications open in the spring (specific dates vary by year).
  • Eligibility: Rising sophomore, junior, and senior high school students may apply.

16) New York Historical Society student Historian Internship Program

Students will have the opportunity to conduct historical research and share their findings through digital projects. Students will learn skills in the museum, library, and digital humanities fields.

  • Pay / Cost: Students who attend a Title 1 School are eligible for a reduced lunch; those who attend a private school and receive need-based financial aid will be offered a participation stipend. All other students are unpaid, though hours may count for school credit or as volunteer service.
  • Dates: Program runs from July-August
  • Application Deadline: Application opens in February; deadline is in April (deadline for 2024 is April 7).
  • Eligibility: The program is open to students entering grades 10, 11, and 12 who live in the New York metro area (includes the five boroughs and areas of New York State, Connecticut, and New Jersey). Applicants must have the consent of a parent or guardian.

Fine Arts High School Internships in NYC:

17) The Met High School Internships

These internships for high school students in NYC allow students to gain working museum experience and make mentoring connections with museum professionals across the fields of writing, design, and museum administration.

  • Pay: $1,100 stipend
  • Dates: Summer session is June-August. School year session is January-June
  • Application Deadline: The summer session deadline is in the spring. The school year deadline is in the fall (specific dates may change by year).
  • Eligibility: High school students who are in grade 10 or 11 on the application deadline date and who either resides in or attends a high school or home school in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. Students must not have completed another internship at The Met, must be available to attend all sessions of the program, and must have the consent of a parent or guardian to apply.

18) Brooklyn Museum Apprentice Program

In this program, students learn about museum education and create their own lessons for audiences.

  • Pay: $15 per hour (up to 180 hours per year; second-year apprentices earn $16 per hour)
  • Dates: The program typically runs from November-August each year.
  • Application Deadline: Check in June for application dates for the next session.
  • Eligibility: The program is open to all NYC high school students, ages 14-19

Internships for High School Students NYC (Continued)

19) Apollo Theatre Academy Internship Programs

Students have the opportunity to learn and practice administration, production, and programming skills in the arts and entertainment sectors. Students may apply to the Technical Stage Production Program or the Arts Administration Program.

  • Pay: $15 per hour (stage production students likewise will receive a MetroCard for the first week of work)
  • Duration: 10 Weeks (Arts Administration) 6 weeks (Technical Stage Production).
  • Application Deadline: January of each year (check here for specific deadline dates)
  • Eligibility: This program is for rising high school seniors.

Business High School Internships in NYC:

20) Finance Internship JPMorgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase offers school programs and apprenticeships for high school students who are considering careers in the finance world. Discover the nuances of financial analysis and investment banking through this unique work opportunity.

  • Dates: Timelines vary from one day to several years, depending on the internship position.
  • Application Deadline: Varied, depending on program
  • Eligibility: Current and graduating high school students may apply, along with college students in select locations.

21) Bella Abzug Leadership Institute Summer Program

This leadership program is designed to teach students to become effective leaders in business, civic, political and community life. The program includes workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities for participants.

  • Pay: $500 stipend
  • Dates: July and August, in eleven-day sessions
  • Application Deadline: Early May, though subject to change by year.
  • Eligibility: Applications are open to all youth, ages 13-21 residing in the NYC metropolitan area.

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