ELIO Academy of Biomedical Sciences

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  • Min. Session Length:
    2 Weeks
  • Minimum Costs:
  • Application Deadline: Rolling

  • Eligibility:
    8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
  • Option Yes Residential
  • Option Yes Online Option
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About Us

Are you in high school, interested in medical science, and in a potential career in medicine? ELIO Academy offers comprehensive programs for academically motivated middle and high school students during the summer.

Our pride lies in our exceptional team – educators and researchers from elite institutions worldwide such as UCSF, MAYO Clinic, NIH, MD Anderson, University of Leeds, and more. Our instructors are a U.S.-based group of biomedical career professionals, including research scientists, medical doctors, geneticists, and pharmacologists.

Live- lectures, discussions, quizzes, and guided projects. Spend your summer at Elio Academy of Biomedical Sciences for an early exposure to cutting-edge advanced topics in medical science.

At Elio Academy, we’ve crafted a global platform that connects peers worldwide, unlocking a new dimension of networking for collaborative projects.
Led by Silicon Valley-based instructors, our live classes offer personalized guidance. Students can also schedule one-on-one or group meetings with mentors to seek answers to their questions.

Course Offerings Include

Cancer Biology, Immunology & Immunotherapy, Genomics Data Science, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Neuroscience, and Virology. https://elioacademy.org/courses (click here)

Students can credit these courses in the following formats

Accelerator Track: designed for academically driven students to introduce them to the rigors of medical science. This program emphasizes on advanced concepts and incorporates recent scientific developments, discoveries, technological advancements in biomedical science, and enables students to delve deeper into the real world applications. Students will undertake guided scientific projects and engage in scientific inquiries.

Foundational Track: designed for students starting out to explore their interest in Biology. Emphasis on discussing real-world examples and case studies to demonstrate how biology forms the basis of medical knowledge and practice. Through interactive sessions, students learn about technological advances and the intersection of biology with various other STEM disciplines in medicine.

Extended Research Program: ERP is a 12 week research program for academically-motivated students interested in biomedical sciences. It places a strong emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills, empowering students to undertake independent projects and contribute to ongoing scientific inquiries. ERP fellows will conduct research under guidance of an established scientist’s research track record. Research is conducted in a small focused-group setting for a deeper dive.

On-site Commuter Program: The academy offers a 2-week onsite program in which biomedically oriented high school students are invited to learn basic skills of scientific research from career scientists pursuing research at several world renowned institutes in the US. Students must be able to commute to UC Berkeley campus for the program.

For course specific information in a program, please refer to the website. https://elioacademy.org/apply

Past student projects:

Our high-school students undertook remarkable projects last year; here are some key highlights of their academic endeavors.

Join Network of Alumni, Instructors, Distinguished healthcare professionals, Cancer scientists, Pharmaceutical professionals, Data scientists, Neuroscientists and Biotechnologists from biomedical sciences.

Activities & Credits:

  • Poster Making: Students learn to make high quality science posters & hone their presentation skills.
  • Report/Paper: Learn to draft scientific write-ups with clear and convincing narratives.
  • Certificates: Outstanding students also get opportunities for long-term projects with mentors.

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