Game, Cinema, and Animation Summer Academy at DePaul University

  • Chicago, IL


[email protected]

  • Min. Session Length:
    1 Week
  • Min. Costs:
  • Application Deadline: June

  • Eligibility:
    Rising 10th, 11th, 12th
  • Option No Residential
  • Option No Online Option
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Game, Cinema, and Animation Summer Academy at DePaul University

About Us

Held for one week in July, these Chicago summer programs introduce students to the film, television, and game industries.

Moreover, the program is taught by full-time faculty from the School of Cinematic Arts and the School of Design. Participants choose from five tracks: Film and TV Production, Game Development, Hand-Drawn Character Animation, 3D Modeling and Animation, and Screenwriting.

Within each track, students receive hands-on instruction and may work in small groups to complete projects. For example, within the Game Development track, students collaborate to produce a 3D computer game while exploring essential production roles. In the Screenwriting track, students engage in writing assignments designed to familiarize them with story structure and character development. Finally, on the last day of the session, students typically present their projects.

When applying, students need to provide a list of their related classes and extracurricular activities as well as their GPA. In addition, full and partial scholarships are available.

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