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About Us

Georgetown University now offers pre-college online courses for high school students ages 13 and older. Each features dynamic video lessons by renowned Georgetown faculty and access to mentors. The program is available year-round, and the online format enables students to study anywhere, anytime, at their own pace. This flexibility allows students to take multiple courses and discover a variety of academic areas of interest. Students can choose from over 15 different course subjects including medicine, leadership, law, psychology, investing, marketing, and more.

Learn more about our specific programs below and visit our website for more complete information about each course.


An Inside Look at Treating Patients

Do you have what it takes to be a doctor? This course is a great place to start. Learn the roles of different medical team members, from physician and nurse practitioner to physician assistants, radiation therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and more. Discover how they manage patient care. Determine how three conditions are treated: a kidney transplant, peripheral vascular disease, and cancer. Finally, see how technology and science are merging for better outcomes.


How To Think Like an Attorney

Ever been intrigued by a television show or movie involving attorneys and dramatic court cases? Here is your chance to see how the profession works from the inside. Learn how to think like an attorney—how to pose the right questions, evaluate evidence, and make decisions based on fact rather than emotion. Interested in pursuing law, or want to sharpen your critical thinking? This course is a must.


How the World Works

Natural disasters. Pandemics. Unconventional warfare. Cyber threats. Learn how our world reacts to disasters. Discover why populist movements arise and how they can threaten democracy. Consider how different nations define human rights, and see how technological advances offer both promise and threat. Explore the field of international relations and consider what your role will be in tomorrow’s world.


Becoming a Surgeon: Skills, Specialties, and Diseases

Surgeons are a unique mix of scientific curiosity and hands-on dexterity. Have you ever dreamt about becoming a surgeon? Then this course is for you. It offers you a fascinating close-up of the surgical procedures used to treat abdominal conditions. You’ll create your own model of the major organs and the vascular structure of the abdomen. If this opportunity interests you, apply today!


Protecting Our Digital Future

Identity theft, ransomware, phishing, denial of service. Cyber threats are as varied as their targets—banks, energy grids, healthcare systems, businesses—even people. The result is a rapidly growing cybersecurity industry. Learn how cyberspace evolved and how cyberattackers take advantage of vulnerabilities online. Discover the protective technologies designed to minimize exposure, and participate in a group discussion around hacking. If you see a future in cybersecurity, this is the place to start.


How the Brain Influences Behavior

Ever wonder what triggers your fight or flight response, or how social media affects your psyche? This course explores the science behind how your brain influences reactions and behaviors. Delve into applied neuroscience, from the effects of drugs to the impact of stress on the brain’s chemical pathways. Learn how psychology is applied to effective communication, web design, and marketing. If you’re interested in what makes people tick, this course is for you.


Clinical Trials Resulting in Medical Discoveries

Whether it’s a vaccine, a breakthrough drug, or a revolutionary treatment, they all came from one thing: medical research. This course will help you understand the process researchers use to set up clinical trials and evaluate evidence. You’ll even design your own study using professional methods. If you’re thinking about a future in medicine, STEM, or pharmaceuticals, this course is for you.


Becoming an Investor: An Inside Look at Finance

Did you know that global investing is a $28.5 trillion industry? Whether you’re new to investing or familiar with the field, this course will break down the basic mechanics of financial markets. Hear from industry experts, identify investment products, determine how investments yield returns, calculate an asset’s worth, and explore how the fintech revolution has enabled crypto exchanges. If you envision a future in this fast-paced business, here’s a course for you.


Becoming an Entrepreneur: An Inside Look at Innovation

Here is a course that will ignite the inner entrepreneur in you. You will learn how to identify the need for your product, discover your audience, understand the competitive landscape, and formulate a unique story that makes your brand memorable. Practice leadership skills, understand the risks involved, and develop a compelling pitch.


Journalism and Media in the Digital Age

Content marketer. Social media specialist. Copywriter. Reporter. Digital journalism embodies much more than print and TV stories. This course shares the foundations of the craft—from recognizing an accurate and compelling story, to ethics and laws surrounding it. Explore the reporter’s toolkit, including how to gather facts through skillful interviewing and research. Discover the evolving mix of news platforms—print, digital, video, social media—and craft a news story for the platform of your choice.


Protecting the World’s Interests

International law began with the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. This course reveals how this complex field evolved. We’ll look at events like the Nuremberg Trials, the Gulf War, and the war in Ukraine; plus border disputes and human rights violations. Learn how treaties are ratified, how international laws are enforced, and how conflicts involving genocide are addressed. Thinking of a future in law or global activism? This course is for you.


To Form a More Perfect Union

Delve into the American political system and political policy. How does our government adapt to realities like a global pandemic or war; or deal with climate change, economic inequality, or racial injustice? What is the media’s role in these conflicts? Learn how our political system works. Discover potential college majors and career opportunities that provide the foundation to make a difference. If you’re curious about these issues, this course is for you.


The Science of Cells and Innovation

Did you know that recent discoveries are changing our understanding of cells and making textbook depictions of cells nearly obsolete? How will these new cell paradigms revolutionize biomedicine? The prospect is truly exciting. This course not only tackles these scientific discoveries, but also delves into microscopy technology and the basics of cell structure, function, and links to diseases. If you envision a future in STEM or medicine, this course is for you.


Becoming a Leader: Motivate, Inspire, and Persuade

If great leaders share one thing, it’s the ability to motivate people to make decisions that deliver optimal results. This course provides insights on how to build your leadership skills and use them effectively, no matter where life takes you. You’ll explore various leadership styles and the circumstances that call for each, and hear from guest speakers across a range of industries like government, business, finance, medicine, and more.


Discover the Power of Marketing

The world of marketing is dynamic and ever-changing — trends, technology, and tactics never stop innovating. Understanding how to engage the power of marketing is a vital life skill for anyone. This hands-on course explores the best ways to reach a target audience, both digitally and traditionally. Learn how to build a creative, data-driven, impactful marketing plan, and explore the many facets and career options of this fast-paced field.


Explore Advanced Practice Nursing

How do nurses help patients, in comparison to doctors? What kinds of degrees are required for the various specialities in the profession? This course delivers the answers. Learn about the different opportunities in nursing, while observing and practicing the skills they use to care for patients. Determine the benefits and barriers nurses encounter, and what’s on the horizon in the future. Finally, enjoy digital simulations of nurses treating a variety of patient needs.


How the Body Works in Harmony

Are you curious about how the body’s various systems work in harmony to sustain life? Is medicine potentially in your future? In this course, you’ll achieve a working understanding of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and gastrointestinal systems which you will apply to evaluate problem sets from a variety of related fields. If a mastery of an integrated subject such as anatomy and physiology is vital to your future, this course is a must.

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