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Global Routes – Summer Program in Costa Rica

  • Costa Rica



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  • Min. Session Length:
    4 Weeks
  • Minimum Costs:
  • Application Deadline:
  • Eligibility:
    Ages 14-18
  • Option Yes Residential
  • Option No Online Option
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Be a traveler, not a tourist! Embark on a life-changing journey with Global Routes! Our summer programs offer more than just travel—they’re transformative adventures that foster global citizenship and personal growth. Through immersive cultural exchange and meaningful service projects, participants contribute to positive change while forming lasting connections. Join us for a summer that promises profound impact and unforgettable experiences!

Immersive Cultural Exchange: Global Routes offers a transformative summer program that provides participants with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for global diversity.

Personal Growth and Development: Engaging in cross-cultural experiences and service work encourages personal growth, enhancing qualities such as empathy, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. Participants return home with a broader perspective and increased self-awareness.

Lasting Friendships and Connections: Through shared experiences and collaboration on projects, participants forge meaningful connections with both fellow participants and members of the host community, creating lifelong friendships and a global network of like-minded individuals.

Educational Enrichment: The program provides a rich educational experience, offering opportunities to learn about local traditions, history, and customs. This hands-on learning approach complements formal education and fosters a deeper cultural understanding.

Safe and Supportive Environment: Global Routes prioritizes the safety and well-being of participants, with experienced staff providing guidance, support, and supervision throughout the program. Comprehensive pre-departure preparation ensures participants are equipped with the necessary skills and information for a successful experience.

Empowering Participants as Global Citizens: By participating in a Global Routes program, individuals become empowered global citizens who are equipped to approach complex global challenges with compassion, empathy, and a sense of responsibility.

Life-Long Impact: The lessons learned and experiences gained from a summer program with Global Routes continue to influence participants long after the program has ended, shaping them into socially conscious, culturally aware individuals who are inspired to make a positive impact on the world.

Tech-Free Engagement: In today’s digital age, Global Routes emphasizes the importance of disconnecting from technology to connect more deeply with the world around us. Participants experience a tech-free journey, allowing for undistracted immersion in the local culture and environment. This approach fosters mindfulness, enhances real-world social skills, and encourages participants to live in the moment.

Launching into Independence: The Global Routes experience is designed to nurture personal skills and growth, laying the foundation for participants to launch into independence. Through facing new challenges, navigating unfamiliar environments, and making decisions, participants develop confidence and autonomy. This empowerment prepares them for future endeavors, equipping them with the resilience and self-reliance necessary to thrive in any setting.


  • 4 WEEKS

Costa Rica’s warm and hospitable people, known affectionately as Ticos, inhabit an extraordinary region of the world, one replete with active volcanoes, dense rainforest, spectacular waterfalls, and pristine beaches. Adventure via zip line, raft, and on foot through the rainforest. Learn from local experts and collaborate with organizations making positive change. This country’s progressive approach to conservation has protected a substantial range of its natural habitat. Live and work with members of your host community as you gain a new appreciation for rural life and learn about the critical link between development and environmental protection. With over 20 years of experience working in Costa Rica, we’ve established deep relationships with many communities throughout the nation.

Key Highlights: 

  • Improve your Spanish as you work alongside community members on a service project or enjoy a warm meal of gallo pinto with your host community.
  • Dive into the heart of the Rainforest. You’ll climb giant trees, forage for medicinal plants, learn Costa Rican homestyle cooking, and zip-line.
  • Whitewater raft on the Savegre River, through deep canyons and lush tropical rainforest. DATES 2024: June 27 – July 25, 2024

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