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    1 Week
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  • Option Yes Residential
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About Us

Elevate your summer experience!

Explore unique opportunities with Illinois Tech’s Elevate College Prep summer programs. Beyond traditional college prep, these programs offer middle school and high school students a chance to expand their knowledge and skills through diverse academic offerings, hands-on experiences, and valuable mentorship.

Our precollege summer programs provide students with flexible options, allowing them to engage in enriching experiences through three formats: online, commuter, and residential. Some programs even offer college credit, providing a head start on students’ academic journey.

Our Mission

The mission of Elevate College Prep is to provide opportunities for intellectually curious pre-college students to explore science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields and careers. Through academically rigorous and culturally enriching programming, Elevate College Prep enhances students’ STEM sense of belonging, interest, and capacity, all within a fun environment in the vibrant city of Chicago.

Above all, Elevate College Prep’s vision is to lead accessible STEM initiatives, serving as a thriving hub of innovation that nurtures thousands of minds and extends our influence far beyond the boundaries of Illinois Tech.

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