Laboratory Learning Program at Princeton University

  • Princeton, NJ



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  • Min. Session Length
    5 Weeks
  • Min. Costs:
  • Application Deadline:
  • Eligbility:
    Age 16–18
  • Option No Residential
  • Option No Online Option
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Laboratory Learning Program at Princeton University

About Us

Princeton’s Laboratory Learning Program is unique in that students are integrated into active research projects with Princeton faculty members.

However, unlike other programs, there are no set dates–they vary according to the schedule of each specific project. There is also no housing or transportation included, meaning that students should be prepared to procure supervised living arrangements.

LLP offers multiple full-time research opportunities in engineering. Current project options include Chicken embryos lung development, Hydrogels for environmental remediation, and Electrified ammonia synthesis. Furthermore, students can view a project summary, responsibility list, dates, and faculty sponsor information for each option. For example, Electrified ammonia synthesis students can expect to provide experimental support as well as conduct data analysis and literature reviews. At the culmination of their research experience, students submit a two-page research report.

These engineering summer programs are highly competitive. In previous years, Princeton fielded over 700 applications, with most projects accepting just 1-2 students each.

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