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USC Cinematic Arts Summer Program

  • Los Angeles, CA


[email protected]

  • Min. Session Length:
    6 Weeks
  • Minimum Costs:
    $2,137 per credit, plus housing if necessary ($2,100-2,600)
  • Application Deadline:
  • Eligibility:
    Age 16+
  • Option Yes Residential
  • Option No Online Option
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USC Cinematic Arts Summer Program

About Us

As one of the most highly regarded film schools in the country, USC is an incredible place to study the art of film.

In addition, students who successfully complete these summer film programs earn college credit.

In-person students choose from over thirty courses in filmmaking, screenwriting, computer graphics, animation and gaming, and film & television business. These include options like Documentary Filmmaking, Creating the Dramatic TV Series, and Animation Fundamentals. Moreover, students can take up to eight credits worth of classes (most classes are between 2-4 credits each). Each course has its own objectives but all are hands-on. For example, Documentary Filmmaking students create their own films after developing skills in directing, writing, editing, and producing.

Prefer online classes? There are three options available: Beginning Screenwriting, Filmmaking, and Visual Effects.

The program is academically rigorous—USC expects students to spend most of their free time completing homework and projects. As such, they do not schedule extracurricular or community building activities. However, there are some optional activities and seminars that include industry meet-and-greets and pre-release movie screenings.

In addition to a general application, students will need to submit a thirty-second video introduction as well as a writing sample and transcript.

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