Young Writers Workshop at Bard College at Simon’s Rock

  • Great Barrington, MA



[email protected]

  • Minimum Session Length:
    3 Weeks (1 Week for Virtual)
  • Minimum Costs:
  • Application Deadline:
  • Eligibility:
    Rising 10th, 11th, 12th
  • Option Yes Residential
  • Option Yes Online Option
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About Us

Young Writers Workshop is an engaging, multi-genre creative writing program held in the beautiful Berkshires. Unlike more traditional workshops in creative writing, the Young Writers Workshop focuses on using informal, playful, and expressive writing as a way to strengthen skills of language and thinking. Out of these informal writing activities, using techniques of peer response, students develop more polished pieces, ranging from personal narratives to short stories, poems, brief dramatic works, and experiments in creative nonfiction.

The workshop sections are small (around 12 students). This size allows for individual attention to each student and helps to foster the sense of belonging to a supportive learning community in which students can feel comfortable exploring new directions in their writing and thinking. Trusting one’s own language and voice, learning to think for oneself and in collaboration with others — these are the qualities and skills that the workshop strives to develop.

Our workshop is playful, engaging, and thoughtful. Students regularly report that they’ve written more in these three weeks than ever before, that they understand themselves as writers, and that they are better able to sustain a writing practice. We are committed to developing a writing community and helping each individual discover their relationship with their own writing.

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