Tsinghua University – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Tuition (2024)

December 10, 2023

Tsinghua University acceptance rate, tuition, ranking

Established in 1911, Tsinghua University has become one of the most highly-ranked institutions in the world.  This university is located in northwest Beijing, China on the site of former imperial gardens of the Qing Dynasty. Over the years, the institution has garnered both national and international prestige. Now, the Tsinghua University ranking places this school as #1 in Best Global Universities in Asia. In this article, we will discuss the Tsinghua University acceptance rate, further Tsinghua University ranking, and Tsinghua University tuition costs. But first, let’s take a moment to do a brief overview of the institution.

Tsinghua University – Undergraduate Students

With a long history of academic excellence, Tsinghua University is a mid-to-large-sized institution with over 16,000 undergraduate students. With over 21 schools of study, the university primarily focuses on sciences, medicine, and the humanities. However, the institution also provides departments in economics, education, management, and engineering.

For undergraduate students, there are 88 majors to choose from in 10 discipline categories. Some of these categories include literature, history, and philosophy. Additionally, some courses of study are cross-disciplinary or offer distinctive features to adapt to the needs of the country’s development. For more competitive majors, the Tsinghua University acceptance rate may fluctuate, but more on that later.

Undergraduate students at this institution are expected to develop their character, innovative thinking, and global perspectives during their studies. Courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are offered in both Chinese and English.

Tsinghua University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Ranking (Continued)

For the university’s curriculum, the school year is divided into three semesters: spring, autumn, and summer. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in five-week practical trainings or internships abroad.

Currently, there are over 3,000 international students attending Tsinghua. This means international students account for nearly 20% of the overall student population. For undergraduate students specifically, international students account for about 5% of the general population, with about 900 students.

Tsinghua University Mission Statement

The university follows the motto: “Self-discipline and Social Commitment.” Tsinghua is dedicated to the development and well-being of Chinese society and of the world. With a focus on innovative solutions, the university is committed to cultivating student success in the form of leadership and academic rigor.

Tsinghua University Acceptance Rate

Currently, the Tsinghua University acceptance rate is about 30%. However, the university’s website does not provide a definitive number. This can mean different programs have different application requirements and applicants are not necessarily in competition with each other.

The answer may also be dependent on your major, as some programs may be more competitive than others. Additionally, nationality may also be a factor. Depending on if you are an international student or from which Chinese province you come from, the number may fluctuate.

For example, domestic students apply by taking a national college entrance exam. This test is more difficult, and only a small percentage of students score high enough to be admitted. So, prospective undergraduate students in Beijing may have a more competitive outlook on the school.

Because of this, the admissions requirements vary. Therefore, the overall acceptance rate varies too. Ultimately, the Tsinghua University acceptance rate can fluctuate on a case-by-case basis.

Tsinghua University Admissions Requirements

On a 4.0 scale for GPA, the university generally looks for a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Incoming undergraduate students must provide their high school transcripts in either Chinese or English. Results of standardized tests and other supporting materials will be required.

For non-native Chinese speakers, Chinese language proficiency must be demonstrated by reaching HSK Level 5 or above. Each subject on the test must be scored over 60 points.

As well, Chinese language proficiency at HSK Level 4 with subject scores at over 60 points each is also an eligible score. However, students must improve to HSK Level 5 within their first year.

Additionally, applicants will need to demonstrate good English skills by providing a valid TOEFL score. For non-native English speakers, evidence of proficiency is necessary by submitting a recent TOEFL score.

On the TOEFL, the university generally looks for a score of 90 for the internet-based test. For reference, the test is scored on a 0-120 points scale.

Tsinghua University Ranking

According to US News, Tsinghua University is ranked at #23 in Best Global Universities. Additionally, the university earned high and impressive rankings across a variety of disciplines.

The Tsinghua University ranking scored it as a top university for many subjects. For example, the university is ranked #1 in the following categories:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Engineering

This is quite the impressive feat! Especially for students who want to learn more in the aforementioned disciplines, Tsinghua University is the best place to further your education.

Furthermore, the university ranked highly in Chemistry (#2), Mechanical Engineering (#5), and Psychics (#8).

Because the Tsinghua University ranking is so impressive, it makes sense that the school is also ranked #1 in Best Global Universities in China. For students looking to major in one of the more competitive programs, the Tsinghua University acceptance rate may reflect the nature of the program.

Tsinghua University Tuition

At Tsinghua, tuition cost varies depending on your program. So, there is not one flat cost for tuition.

For example, academic areas such as engineering, computer science, chemistry, and life science are more expensive. These programs cost $30,000 per year.

Programs like economics, finance and management, social sciences, law, and liberal arts are slightly more affordable. For these programs, tuition is $26,000 per year.

However, it is important to note that students are responsible for paying a series of additional fees. These fees will be in addition to the Tsinghua University tuition costs.

First, undergraduate students should be aware of the $800 application fee. All first-year students must pay this fee for their application to be validated. This fee is non-refundable.

Tsinghua University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Ranking (Continued)

Second, students are also required to pay a yearly fee for insurance purposes. This fee is $800 per year. The insurance fee helps to cover the expense of accidental injury and hospitalization for students.

Additionally, prospective undergraduate students should be aware of the freshman scholarships that are available. Currently listed on the university website, there are two freshmen scholarships offered that can help ease the tuition cost.

Certain eligibility requirements are in place to apply for these scholarships. For example, the Beijing Government Scholarship is offered only to international students.

Tsinghua University Campus Life

Currently, there are over 200 student organizations on campus. Catered to a variety of interests, you are sure to find an organization that fits you. Student clubs are offered in the categories of arts, sports, science and technology innovation, public welfare, and quality development.

Interestingly, there is a special emphasis on physical education. Therefore, Tsinghua University offers a variety of sports. Students can participate either individually or as a team. Examples of offerings include track and field and ball games.

Additionally, there is an emphasis on arts and culture on campus. The New Tsinghua Xuetang was recently built to commemorate the university’s centennial anniversary. The building houses three floors, two large stages, and an orchestra pit.

As well, the Mong Man Wai Concert Hall hosts regular shows and even conferences. Most of the arts halls on campus can accommodate hundreds of spectators at a time.

Tsinghua University – Dorm Life

Students also have the option to live on campus. For international students, there 4 different dormitory styles to choose from. Students will live in The Zijing International Student Apartments of Tsinghua University.

For their dorms, students can choose a private room, a private bedroom and shared bathroom, a double or a triple room. The dorms include an AC unit, Internet access, and furniture. Additionally, there are washing machines and dryers, kitchens, and multifunction rooms in the public and shared areas.

Undergraduate students should schedule their rooms well in advance of any deadline. As well, students should ensure their bank card and mobile payment systems are up to date. For questions, students should contact the General Service Desk.

Finally, the university houses a comprehensive hospital on campus. The hospital provides both clinic treatment and hospitalization to students and faculty. While the hospital maintains specific operating hours, emergency consultation services are available 24/7.

Tsinghua University Acceptance Rate – In Review

If you are looking for a well-rounded educational experience at an internationally accredited university, then you might consider Tsinghua University.

While the Tsinghua University acceptance rate may fluctuate between students based on their nationality, it is clear this university holds high academic standards. Especially for programs in the math and science fields, this university will prove to offer a rewarding educational experience.

The Tsinghua University ranking proves the university’s prestige. As its international rankings show it prepares students well for success after graduation. Obtaining a degree from this institution will serve useful for providing merit through name recognition. There, the Tsinghua University acceptance rate will also reflect this merit.

Additionally, the Tsinghua University tuition rates fluctuate depending on the program you choose. For example, students looking to study engineering or computer science will pay more yearly tuition because of the prestige of the program. Additionally, first-year students will need to be aware of the initial application fee.

However, the university offers great programs and opportunities for students living on campus. There is a variety of extracurriculars that undergraduates may select. Because of the large variety of offerings, students may have an easier time finding friends with similar interests.

If attending Tsinghua University sounds like the right step for you, then you can visit here to learn even more about the institution.