Summer Program Spotlight: World Scholars Academy

March 23, 2024

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If you’re interested in pursuing business, medicine, law, engineering, computer science, mathematics, international relations, or creative writing, it’s likely that you’ve had few opportunities in high school to immerse yourself in that discipline. As such, many students find themselves on the hunt for summer academic enrichment opportunities that will introduce them to the specialized topics they crave. However, programs that offer expert teaching and mentorship alongside an excellent curriculum are difficult to find, which is why we’re excited to cover World Scholars Academy’s offerings in today’s blog. If you’re looking for a summer program that provides the rare opportunity to achieve a deep level of learning in your chosen discipline and receive highly individualized instruction from subject matter experts, look no further than World Scholars Academy’s menu of online courses and internships.

What is unique about World Scholars Academy?

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Gerard Dericks, who holds a PhD from the London School of Economics, World Scholars Academy is an intensive and personalized online summer program for high school students that offers courses and internships in business, medicine, law, engineering, computer science, mathematics, international relations, and creative writing. There is also a career exploration track, which introduces students to the fields of business, medicine, law, engineering, and computer science.

Class sizes are the smallest in the industry— a maximum of just six students. Additionally, all courses include 1:1 tutorials with instructors, who are recruited exclusively from top research universities. Since you’ll have such close contact with your instructors, you will also receive a personalized letter of recommendation at the end of the course (provided that you complete all work) that can be used to complement future college, internship, or work applications.

Their goal? For you to walk away from the program feeling inspired, confident, and well-prepared for future study.

How will attending World Scholars Academy benefit me in college?

World Scholars Academy emphasizes foundational knowledge as well as deep learning. Imagine being asked to multiply fractions before you understand how to add and subtract, or being handed a novel before you’ve learned the alphabet. Mastering foundational concepts—and understanding how to apply them in a variety of ways—is what allows you to successfully build on your knowledge. It’s also what enables you to ask intelligent questions, be creative, and ultimately innovate and push boundaries within your field of choice.

Accordingly, World Scholars Academy seeks to first provide students with comprehensive foundational knowledge in their field of choice, whether that’s price theory in business or coding languages in computer science. Having the opportunity to build such knowledge is what will allow you to excel in introductory undergraduate classes and confidently pursue specialized coursework and opportunities.

From there, World Scholars Academy will introduce you to advanced topics in your field of choice. Your major often becomes most exciting when you start taking upper-level coursework in areas that you’re particularly interested in. World Scholars Academy courses will give you a peek into those topics, enabling you to build momentum toward higher-level learning in college.

Finally, you’ll also experience what it’s like to work closely with an instructor who is invested in your success. Individualized mentorship makes a massive difference, especially when digesting difficult concepts. Once you understand how beneficial such relationships are, it’s more likely that you’ll seek them out in college.

What types of programs does World Scholars Academy offer?

World Scholars Academy offers two types of programs: summer courses and year-round internships.

Courses are two weeks long and consist of ten virtual classes (five classes per week). The final class, Class X, allows you to engage in a hands-on challenge or application. For example, World Business Academy’s Class X is a Shark Tank-style entrepreneurship challenge. World Doctors Academy culminates with a mock hospital challenge, where you’ll be presented with hypothetical patients and have to diagnose medical conditions. International Relations Academy students participate in a Model United Nations challenge; World Lawyers Academy students take on a mock trial.

Moreover, most courses have two versions—an introductory level for students aged 12-14 and a more advanced level for students aged 15-18:

  • Business: Discover Business Academy (introductory level); World Business Academy (advanced level)
  • Medicine: Discover Medicine Academy (introductory level); World Doctors Academy (advanced level)
  • Law: Discover Law Academy (introductory level); World Lawyers Academy (advanced level)
  • Engineering: Discover Engineering Academy (introductory level); World Engineers Academy (advanced level)
  • Computer Science: Discover Computer Science Academy (introductory level); World Coders Academy (advanced level)
  • Mathematics: World Mathematics Academy (upper level)
  • International Relations: International Relations Academy (upper level)
  • Creative Writing: Creative Writing Academy (upper level)
  • Career Exploration: Career Exploration Academy (introductory and upper level)

In addition, World Scholars Academy offers virtual research internships in four disciplines: business, medicine, law, and engineering. Internships take place over four consecutive weekends and center on a particular topic. For example, upcoming topics for the business internship include Inflation Forecasting, Cross-Cultural Negotiations, and Biases in Behavioral Finance. Alternatively, upcoming medicine internship topics include Inter-species Cancer Connections, Decoding the Fountain of Youth, and Spinal Cord Injury Repair.

What will I learn in my course?

Let’s look at several examples of what you can expect in World Scholars Academy’s online summer courses:

In World Business Academy, students will cover topics like economics, investment strategy, marketing and branding, data analytics, and game theory. They’ll also look closely at questions like “How does accounting work?” and “Where does money come from?” In addition to a business case simulation, students participate in an entrepreneurial challenge and learn more about business degrees and careers.

World Coders Academy students delve into coding as well as the skills they’ll need to thrive as a computer science or software engineering student. Classes include the Structures of Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Code Breaking, and Careers in Software Engineering. Moreover, you’ll study topics like app development, the economics of technology, digital marketing, and the future of computing. The course culminates with an app design challenge.

Creative Writing Academy participants will learn how to develop their writing skills in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. In addition to encouraging your creativity, the class will also give you the opportunity to practice revising and editing your work. Topics include everything from basic plot types, world building, and character development to essential syntax skills in diction, description, and figurative language. In Class X, students undertake a writing challenge. Finally, the course covers creative writing career paths.

How do courses work?

World Scholars Academy’s online summer courses are synchronous, meaning that you’ll meet with your class and instructor live for two hours per day. Classes are kept to a maximum of six students to ensure individualized attention and engagement as well as lively group discussion and collaboration. Moreover, all classes are recorded for future review as needed.

Outside of your once-weekly live class, you’ll also schedule two one-on-one meetings with your instructor. The first will take place before the course begins and the second before the course concludes. During your first one-on-one, your instructor will get a better sense of your learning style, goals for the course, and topics of interest so that they can tailor the material accordingly. At the culmination of the course, you’ll have then the opportunity to meet with your instructor to review material, clarify final questions, and receive tailored guidance on your next steps. Such close contact enables your instructor to write a detailed, personalized letter of recommendation for you that you can submit alongside college, internship, or work applications.

Finally, you will have assigned homework—approximately 1.5 to 2 hours worth after every class. These activities will help cement the knowledge you learned that day and introduce you to what you’ll be tackling next. As such, between live meetings and homework, you can expect to spend approximately four hours per day on your class.

What will I learn in my internship?

During your virtual research internship in business, medicine, law, or engineering, you will work with a subject matter expert as well as peers to co-author an original research paper. Throughout the process, you’ll gain practical research skills as well as insight into what it will be like to pursue advanced coursework in your field.

Finally, all students will be supported in the process of submitting their research papers to World Scholars Review, World Scholars Academy’s open-access academic journal, or another publication of their choosing. Recent papers published in World Scholars Review include Gene Therapy for Cancer Treatment, Pharmacological and Lifestyle Interventions in the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, and Metal Matrix Composites: Classification, Manufacturing, and Application.

How do internships work?

Participating in a research internship? Expect to meet with your instructor over the course of four consecutive weekends. Each virtual meeting with be three hours in length, for a total of 12 hours of guided mentorship. Outside of your weekly meetings, you’ll spend at least three hours per week working on your research paper.

Who teaches World Scholars Academy’s programs?

High-level insights can only be won with time and experience, which is why World Scholars Academy only recruits subject matter experts from leading research institutions. All instructors hold or are pursuing a terminal degree in their field. They’re also actively employed and/or conducting research in their field, which gives them the unique ability to provide students with a foundational understanding of the subject matter as well as insight into how that knowledge is actually applied in the real world.

During the course, instructors help students acquire the mindset and skills they need to persevere through advanced coursework and excel in their professional careers. Best of all, instructors are enthusiastic, experienced educators who are passionate about sharing their insights with students.

Each program has its own instructor. For example, business courses are led by Professor Gerard Dericks, the founder of World Scholars Academy. He’s taught business management and economics at the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford. Currently, he’s the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Education at Hawaii Pacific University. Moreover, he won the 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize and has been featured in outlets such as The Economist and The New York Times.

World Scholars Academy Summer Courses — Continued

Evgeny Goncharov, who teaches mathematics courses, is a doctoral candidate in mathematics at the University of Cambridge. His research specialization is algebraic geometry; he’s published research in multiple peer-reviewed journals and won the 2017 Topology Olympiad.

Dr. Jan Eijking, who holds a PhD in politics and international relations from the University of Oxford, leads the international relations program. In addition to numerous awards and academic journal publications, Dr. Eijking is currently a postdoctoral research associate in the Changing Global Orders program at the University of Oxford.

In addition, World Scholars Academy regularly hosts talks with experts in the field. Recent talks have featured Dr. Noel McIntosh, the former director of the Johns Hopkins Program for International Reproductive Health, and legendary investor Jim Rogers, who co-founded the Quantum Fund.

Can I enroll in multiple programs at once?

Yes! You can take multiple courses at once, whether they complement one another or are in completely different disciplines. In addition, since course meetings are held on weekdays and internship meetings run on weekends, you can even take a course and an internship simultaneously for maximum immersion into your subject of choice.

Who can apply to World Scholars Academy?

Students as young as 12 can take World Scholars Academy’s online summer courses. Courses are offered for students who are 12-14 years old as well as students who are 15-18 years old. Moreover, students who will be 19 when the course begins—or students who are currently taking a gap year—are welcome in upper-level classes.

Students do not need to have preexisting knowledge or experience in any subject except mathematics. For students taking an upper-level math course (15-18 years old), at least one prior algebra course is recommended.

When is World Scholars Academy offered?

Courses are offered throughout June and July, while internships are offered year-round.

What is World Scholars Academy’s tuition?

Tuition for internships is $1,895, and all summer courses are $2,795. The exception is Career Exploration Academy, which is $1,495. In addition to the support and guidance that you receive during the course, you’ll have access to the video recordings for all ten classes even after the course is over.

How do I enroll?

To enroll in a course, you’ll fill out a short form on the World Scholars Academy website.

Before your class begins, you’ll receive preparatory material and schedule a virtual meeting with your instructor. During this meeting, you’ll provide more information about your learning needs and goals and ask any questions you like. After the program, you can also elect to continue working with your instructor via individualized tutoring.

Final Thoughts — World Scholars Academy Summer Courses & Internships

When investing in a summer program, make sure that it will provide you with the level of academic enrichment and preparation that you’ll need to continue thriving long after the program is over. With their expert instructors, intimate class sizes, and opportunities for advanced learning, World Scholars Academy’s online courses and internships will accomplish just that.

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