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Chattanooga and its nearby suburbs are home to many high performing public and private high schools.  Attendees of public schools such as Chattanooga High School Center for the Creative Arts, Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, and Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences as well as private schools such as McCallie School, Baylor School, Girls Preparatory School, and Notre Dame High School benefit from quality teaching, advanced learning technologies, and high-achieving peer groups. Unfortunately, many of the most accomplished Chattanooga area students still lack the college admissions counseling and guidance needed to locate and earn admission into competitive colleges. Surveys by the American School Counselors Association reveal that student-to-counselor ratios in Chattanooga area schools are over 300-to-1, and indicate that local students spend only a paltry 30 minutes with college counseling professionals—far less than the amount of time needed to successfully navigate the increasingly-complex college admissions and financial aid process. This is why many Chattanooga area families seek out college admissions consulting.

At College Transitions, we are fully committed to meeting the outstanding college-related needs of Chattanooga area students and their families. Our team of college admission consultants and private college counselors offers a comprehensive program of services encompassing college list development, college application preparation, resume building, college essay writing, extracurricular planning, financial aid, scholarships, and much more. Relying on our experience, professional networks, and research background, we have helped students earn admission into the most renowned colleges and universities in the country, including Stanford, MIT, Northwestern, Duke, Rice, Bowdoin, NYU and every Ivy League college, as well as the best institutions inside Tennessee, such as Vanderbilt University, the University of Tennessee, and Sewanee: The University of the South. Please refer to our results page to see a sampling of colleges and universities into which our past students were admitted.

College Transitions admissions consultants and college counselors have provided guidance to families from Chattanooga, Manchester, Middle Valley, Athens, and Tullahoma. In spite of the fact that the college admissions process has grown more complex, it should not prove more stressful. Let College Transitions help you find and earn entry into the colleges and universities that are right for you. To learn more, please reach out to us via phone at 678-710-3699 or by email at [email protected]. We also encourage you to submit a free consultation request.

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