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In today’s K-12 environment, counselors are more accountable for providing remediation, mental health, and special needs services, and as a consequence, are less able to devote significant time to college planning. As a result, many families are seeking college admissions help from a private source. In response, a number of private college counselors, consultants, and guides have stepped in to offer assistance on a number of college application-related tasks. These tasks encompass college list development, college application completion, college essay writing, financial aid guidance, and many other activities for which students and their parents require college admission help.

An estimated 26 percent of all families purchase college admission help from thousands of private counselors across the United States and throughout the world. Yet the college counseling and college admissions consulting industries remain largely unregulated—individuals can sell college admission assistance without proper training and without earning a credential in counseling, college admission or other related field. Therefore, it becomes essential that families thoroughly vet all prospective counselors before purchasing college admission help. In particular, families should inquire about the counselor’s education background—in what subject areas did they earn their degrees/credentials, and how much time was devoted to training/preparation in college admissions counseling? Families should also inquire about a counselor’s experience—how long have they been providing college admission help and advice, how many clients have they worked with, and what types of students do they serve? Finally, families should inquire about any marks of distinction—have they received outstanding reviews, have they published writing in the areas of college admission and counseling, and are there former clients who can speak on their behalf?

The counselors at College Transitions have been providing college admission help and guidance for more than a decade and have served over three thousand students. In addition to our role a counselors, we are also published researchers in the areas of college access and success, and are the only college planning provider to have published in higher education’s top journals. Our unique background, extensive experience, and many college and counseling-related credentials enable us to serve students and families of all abilities, backgrounds and interests. We encourage you to reach out to us by email at or via phone at 706-389-9936 to determine if we can meet your college planning needs. We offer all prospective clients a free consultation and are happy to discuss how we can provide you with the college admission help you need.

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