Developing Your College List

A classic, yet unfortunate college admissions outcome involves students developing a list of prospective or “target” colleges that “reach” too far. Every year, thousands of students apply exclusively to institutions that are highly selective, and that may ultimately be too selective for their academic profile.  As a result of the student only applying to their “dream schools,” he or she may be heartbroken to find out they have been rejected from all of the schools on their college list.

The flipside of this scenario involves students who sell themselves short in the college application process and only develop a college list consisting of institutions that are academically inferior to the college into which they could have been admitted, given their academic potential and capabilities.  As a result, the student usually enrolls at a college that is less selective and one that also has lower graduation rates, fewer resources, and fewer opportunities for postsecondary and professional success.

To avoid either outcome, it’s important for students and parents to develop a list of target colleges that align with the student’s academic credentials, interests and career goals.  At College Transitions we perform an extensive review of your academic profile and assist you in developing a college list that fits your needs and that agrees with who you are as a student and a person.  By appropriately selecting colleges that fall into your “safe”, “match” and “reach” categories for admission, we set you up to receive multiple college admission offers and to adequately transition into a good-fit college.  To learn about our services related to college list development and other aspects of the college admissions process, please contact College Transitions at 706-389-9936 or at [email protected]. Students or their families may also complete a free consultation request form.

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