Median Starting Salaries (by Institution): Environmental Engineering

Salary (by major) data was collected from the U.S. Department of Education’s (USDOE) College Scorecard platform and indicates the median salary of an institution’s graduates two years after receiving their bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering, along with the number of graduates per institution for which the USDOE has salary data. Since the USDOE focuses only on early-career salaries, we limit the salary tables on our Dataverse to “pre-professional” majors where students are more likely to pursue employment immediately after graduation (e.g., as opposed to attending graduate school) and within their undergraduate field of study.

*Note that the USDOE is not able to disclose salary data by major for all institutions offering a major in this area. For example, if a group of individuals within a certain institution is too small, the USDOE must suppress salary data in order to prevent identification of the group’s individuals.

Table Updated December 2023

Institution# GraduatesMedian Starting Salary
110422California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo30$63,005
204796Ohio State University-Main Campus28$62,012OSU
170976University of Michigan-Ann Arbor21$60,771UMich
214777Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus30$60,623PSU; Penn State
129020University of Connecticut14$58,221UConn
433660Florida Gulf Coast University17$57,318
182290University of Nevada-Reno12$57,318UNR
139755Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus30$56,641Georgia Tech
190044Clarkson University44$56,157
190567CUNY City College20$55,964
130943University of Delaware18$55,512UDel
212054Drexel University17$55,286
126614University of Colorado Boulder24$54,254CU Boulder
168421Worcester Polytechnic Institute15$54,035WPI
132903University of Central Florida11$53,358UCF
139959University of Georgia16$52,941UGA
217882Clemson University25$52,941
216931Wilkes University34$52,941
194824Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute14$52,941RPI
178411Missouri University of Science and Technology20$52,733MUST
196088University at Buffalo20$52,107
171128Michigan Technological University36$51,607
190415Cornell University24$51,273
209542Oregon State University14$50,856OSU
159391Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College16$50,856LSU
183044University of New Hampshire-Main Campus23$50,621UNH
126775Colorado School of Mines18$50,558
134130University of Florida27$48,823UF
105330Northern Arizona University21$48,432NAU
152080University of Notre Dame12$48,432UND
115755California State Polytechnic University-Humboldt69$48,265
231174University of Vermont21$48,041UVM
126818Colorado State University-Fort Collins16$47,118CSU
104151Arizona State University Campus Immersion15$43,128ASU
110671University of California-Riverside38$42,682UC Riverside
445188University of California-Merced17$38,721
122409San Diego State University11$35,060SDSU
235316Gonzaga University13$25,194

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