NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Teams

Below is a list of NCAA men’s gymnastics teams at the Division I, II, and III level. Our list focuses on gymnastics programs at the most selective colleges and universities in the U.S.

Click here for more information about how we assign categories of selectivity.

231624College of William and MaryW&MIEastern College AthleticEastVery Selective
204796Ohio State UniversityOSUIBig TenEastModerately Selective
214777Pennsylvania State UniversityPSU; Penn StateIBig TenEastModerately Selective
243744Stanford UniversityIMountain Pacific Sports FederationWestMost Selective
128328United States Air Force AcademyUSAFAIMountain Pacific Sports FederationWestExtremely Selective
197036United States Military AcademyUSMAIEastern College AthleticEastVery Selective
164155United States Naval AcademyIEastern College AthleticEastVery Selective
110635University of California-BerkeleyUCB: UC BerkeleyIMountain Pacific Sports FederationWestExtremely Selective
145637University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUIUCIBig TenEastModerately Selective
170976University of MichiganUMichIBig TenEastExtremely Selective
181464University of Nebraska-LincolnUNLIBig TenWestLess Selective
207500University of OklahomaOUIMountain Pacific Sports FederationWestModerately Selective

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