NCAA Women’s Rifle Teams

Below is a list of NCAA women’s rifle teams at the Division I, II, and III level. Our list focuses on rifle programs at the most selective colleges and universities in the U.S.

Click here for more information about how we assign categories of selectivity.

166683Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMITIIIIndependentUnassignedMost Selective
204796Ohio State UniversityOSUIIndependentUnassignedModerately Selective
228875Texas Christian UniversityTCUIPatriot LeagueUnassignedModerately Selective
128328United States Air Force AcademyUSAFAIIndependentUnassignedExtremely Selective
197036United States Military AcademyUSMAIIndependentUnassignedVery Selective
164155United States Naval AcademyIIndependentUnassignedVery Selective
100663University of Alabama at BirminghamUABISouthernUnassignedModerately Selective
157085University of KentuckyUKIIndependentUnassignedLess Selective
176017University of MississippiOle MissIIndependentUnassignedLess Selective
181464University of Nebraska-LincolnUNLIIndependentUnassignedLess Selective
238032West Virginia UniversityWVUIIndependentUnassignedLess Selective
218973Wofford CollegeISouthernUnassignedModerately Selective

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