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Average Student Debt (by Institution)

Figuring out college finances can be an extremely stressful and complex undertaking for college-bound teens and their families. The FAFSA, the CSS Profile, Expected Family Contribution, Pell grants, work-study, need-based aid vs. merit aid, private loans vs Federal Stafford loans—it’s a lot to learn in a short amount of time. Therefore it can be advantageous to get a handle on the future tuition costs before even starting the college search process. One helpful indicator of which colleges meet student’s financial need is the average student loan debt held by graduates at the end of their four-year degree. For reference, 70% of students finish their undergraduate program with an average accrued debt of over $37,000. The institutions on our list whose students have significantly lower average debt are typically more generous with need-based and merit-based aid packages.

The following table indicates the median federal loan debt of an institution’s graduates in 2017, the most recent year for which data was made available. Data was collected from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

InstitutionGraduate Debt
Ithaca College$39,913
Indiana University$28,352
Illinois Wesleyan University$35,077
Illinois Institute of Technology$32,671
Howard University
Hope College$35,635
Hood College$35,237
Hollins University$33,408
Hofstra University
Hobart and William Smith Colleges$33,205
High Point University
Haverford College$19,953
Harvey Mudd College$31,594
Harvard University$13,372
Hampshire College$28,150
Hamilton College$20,582
Gustavus Adolphus College$34,655
Grinnell College$18,694
Goucher College$28,321
Gonzaga University$30,576
Gettysburg College$31,670
Georgia State University$29,584
Georgia Institute of Technology$32,760
Georgia College$31,402
Georgetown University$25,726
Georgetown College$31,084
George Washington University$35,454
George Mason University$30,790
Furman University$34,072
Franklin & Marshall College$27,149
Fordham University$37,429
Florida State University$22,840
Florida International University$19,923
Florida Institute of Technology$33,511
Florida Atlantic University$23,454
Fairfield University$38,596
Evergreen State College$19,763
Emory University$29,658
Emerson College
Elon University$30,625
Yeshiva University$24,836
Eckerd College$37,896
Yale University$14,575
East Carolina University$29,646
Xavier University$10,934
Earlham College$30,133
Worcester Polytechnic Institute$28,069
Duquesne University$44,228
Wofford College
Duke University$21,525
Wittenberg University$37,154
Drexel University
Williams College$15,496
Drew University$23,619
Whittier College$32,167
Drake University$34,391
Whitman College$25,356
Dickinson College$26,977
Wheaton College (MA)$34,830
DePauw University$25,813
Wheaton College (IL)$27,661
DePaul University$29,542
Westmont College$35,362
Denison University$31,551
West Chester University of Pennsylvania$35,464
Davidson College$45,442
Wesleyan University$23,454
Dartmouth College$18,903
Wentworth Institute of Technology$41,429
CUNY, Hunter College
Wellesley College$16,122
CUNY, City College
Washington University$22,555
CUNY, Brooklyn College
Washington State University$27,094
CUNY, Baruch College$9,182
Washington and Lee University$21,758
Creighton University$37,973
Washington & Jefferson College$45,306
Cornell University$29,762
Wake Forest University$36,863
Cornell College$31,142
Wabash College$34,723
Cooper Union
Virginia Tech
Connecticut College$33,608
Villanova University$35,552
Columbia University
Vassar College$21,473
Colorado State University$25,391
Vanderbilt University$22,854
Colorado School of Mines$32,482
Ursinus College
Colorado College$23,714
University of Wisconsin$28,229
College of William and Mary$25,409
University of Washington$20,094
College of the Holy Cross$25,260
University of Virginia$24,682
College of the Atlantic$24,496
University of Vermont$32,950
College of Charleston$27,731
University of Utah$21,792
Colgate University$24,243
University of Tulsa
Colby College$24,437
University of Texas at Dallas$23,884
Clemson University$32,285
University of Texas at Austin$24,244
Clark University$32,318
University of Tennessee$25,371
Claremont McKenna College$19,355
University of St. Thomas (MN)
Christopher Newport University$31,767
University of Southern California$28,228
Chapman University$28,374
University of South Florida$21,623
Centre College$26,313
University of South Carolina$28,169
Catholic University$46,437
University of Scranton$41,395
Case Western Reserve University$31,820
University of San Francisco$33,475
Carnegie Mellon University$27,818
University of San Diego$31,264
Carleton College$21,020
University of Rochester
Canisius College$34,561
University of Richmond$27,406
Calvin College$31,478
University of Rhode Island$34,050
California Poly, San Luis Obispo$22,298
University of Redlands
California Institute of Technology$16,337
University of Puget Sound$32,999
Butler University$38,191
University of Portland$29,186
Bucknell University$31,087
University of Pittsburgh$39,462
Bryn Mawr College$25,682
University of Pennsylvania$22,103
Bryant University
University of Oregon$25,729
Brown University$29,620
University of Oklahoma$30,641
Brigham Young University$15,701
University of Notre Dame$27,686
Brandeis University$24,764
University of North Texas$25,808
Bradley University
University of North Carolina at Wilmington$26,315
Bowdoin College$25,482
University of North Carolina at Greensboro$27,088
Boston University$42,976
University of North Carolina at Charlotte$28,080
Boston College
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill$22,466
Birmingham Southern College$28,007
University of North Carolina at Asheville$22,545
Bentley University
University of New Hampshire$40,293
Bennington College
University of Nebraska-Lincoln$22,676
Beloit College$31,675
University of Montana$28,157
Belmont University$30,465
University of Missouri, Kansas City$22,028
Baylor University$50,172
University of Missouri, Columbia$27,636
Bates College$21,525
University of Mississippi$31,086
Barnard College$20,829
University of Minnesota, Morris$25,736
Bard College$27,726
University of Minnesota$26,262
Babson College
University of Michigan$27,224
Austin College
University of Miami$22,000
Auburn University$29,661
University of Massachusetts Amherst$31,897
Arizona State University$23,731
University of Maryland, Baltimore County$26,756
Appalachian State University$23,230
University of Maryland$28,511
Amherst College$13,710
University of Mary Washington$32,820
American University
University of Maine$33,890
Allegheny College$38,893
University of Louisville$24,631
Alfred University$35,987
University of Kentucky$32,437
Albion College$40,347
University of Kansas$28,112
Agnes Scott College$30,850
University of Iowa$28,691
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign$23,123
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Houston$24,018
University of Hawaii at Manoa$24,233
University of Georgia$22,872
University of Florida$21,800
University of Denver$27,973
University of Delaware$36,769
University of Dayton$37,533
University of Dallas$35,993
University of Connecticut, Storrs$28,028
University of Colorado Boulder$23,207
University of Cincinnati$28,439
University of Chicago
University of Central Florida$22,722
University of California, Santa Cruz$22,092
University of California, Santa Barbara$20,004
University of California, San Diego$21,061
University of California, Riverside$21,126
University of California, Los Angeles$22,390
University of California, Irvine$19,039
University of California, Davis$18,575
University of California, Berkeley$18,225
University of Arizona$24,601
University of Alabama$35,005
United States Naval Academy
United States Military Academy
United States Merchant Marine Academy
United States Coast Guard Academy
United States Air Force Academy
Union College$35,388
Tulane University$41,767
Tufts University$28,014
Truman State University$24,432
Trinity University$42,036
Trinity College$30,893
Towson University$27,295
The College of Wooster$28,021
The College of New Jersey$37,787
Texas Tech University$32,400
Texas Christian University$49,197
Texas A&M University$24,175
Temple University$38,519
Syracuse University
Swarthmore College$22,060
Susquehanna University$38,468
SUNY, University at Buffalo$26,062
SUNY, University at Albany$27,555
SUNY, Stony Brook University$28,780
SUNY, Purchase College$23,883
SUNY, Oswego$28,006
SUNY, New Paltz$25,800
SUNY, Geneseo$22,854
SUNY, College of Environmental Science and Forestry$26,679
SUNY, Binghamton University$27,470
Stonehill College$36,535
Stevens Institute of Technology
Stanford University$21,348
St. Olaf College
St. Mary's College of Maryland$24,132
St. Lawrence University$36,067
Spelman College
Southwestern University$34,133
Southern Methodist University$38,086
Smith College$22,083
Skidmore College$24,987
Siena College$35,509
Sewanee: University of the South$28,976
Seton Hall University
Seattle University$28,851
Scripps College$17,756
Sarah Lawrence College
Santa Clara University$25,640
San Francisco State University$6,069
San Diego State University$21,327
Samford University$32,146
Saint Michael's College$38,040
Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame$37,362
Saint Louis University
Rutgers University$34,113
Rollins College$31,459
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rice University$24,635
Rhodes College$24,187
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute$34,595
Reed College$21,697
Ramapo College of New Jersey$35,272
Quinnipiac University$48,544
Purdue University$28,440
Providence College$39,370
Princeton University$9,059
Pomona College$17,303
Pitzer College$17,848
Pepperdine University$34,335
Penn State University$38,695
Oregon State University
Ohio University$28,134
Ohio State University$27,453
Oglethorpe University$32,739
Occidental College$32,055
Oberlin College$27,523
Northwestern University$32,395
Northeastern University
North Carolina State University$24,002
New York University$29,923
New Jersey Institute of Technology$42,099
New College of Florida$17,466
Muhlenberg College$32,963
Mount Holyoke College$25,538
Morehouse College
Mississippi State University$31,438
Milwaukee School of Engineering$36,656
Middlebury College$18,955
Michigan State University$31,736
Miami University$29,434
Messiah College$39,104
Massachusetts Institute of Technology$22,696
Marquette University$37,175
Marlboro College$28,381
Marist College$39,035
Macalester College$24,880
Loyola University Maryland
Loyola University Chicago$35,509
Loyola Marymount University$32,262
Louisiana State University$26,821
Lewis & Clark College$32,379
Lehigh University$35,109
Lawrence University$31,136
Lake Forest College$33,440
Lafayette College$26,341
Knox College$32,212
Kettering University
Kenyon College$26,271
Kalamazoo College$32,226
Juniata College$31,156
Johns Hopkins University
James Madison University$29,189