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Business Programs for “B” Students

Not all teens aiming to be future titans of the business world will find themselves Wharton-bound. In fact, anyone not sporting an unweighted 4.0 and SAT scores of 1450+ is likely to land at a top-tier business school like Kellogg (Northwestern), Stern (NYU), or Ross (University of Michigan). Yet, that hardly means that there are not a great number of highly-regarded business schools that accept and educate “B” students. Public universities like UConn, Rutgers, and Georgia State University as well as private institutions like Fairfield. Baylor, and the University of Denver all have terrific programs and plenty of connections to many of the top companies in the U.S. For each school we will provide you with an acceptance rate, percent of students in the top 50% of their high school class, as well as middle-50% SAT and ACT data so that you can better assess your personal admissions chances.

InstitutionAdmission RateSAT Math (middle 50%)SAT R/W (middle 50%)ACT (middle 50%)Rank (Top 10%)Rank (Top 25%)Rank (Top 50%)
Arizona State University86%560-690560-67022-2831%61%88%
Baruch College (CUNY)43%580-690550-640N/A41%74%92%
Baylor University45%600-700600-68026-3244%76%96%
Butler University73%570-670580-66024-3045%77%96%
Drexel University75%600-710590-68025-3135%67%92%
Fairfield University57%600-680610-67026-3041%73%97%
George Mason University87%550-660560-66024-3015%44%81%
Georgia State University57%490-600500-59020-26N/AN/AN/A
Howard University36%550-630580-65022-2728%63%92%
Indiana University Bloomington78%570-690580-67024-3135%69%95%
Ithaca College73%570-670590-68026-3023%57%88%
James Madison University77%550-640570-65023-2818%33%90%
Loyola University Chicago67%560-660570-66025-3035%68%93%
Loyola University Maryland80%560-660580-66025-3030%60%91%
Miami University80%610-730600-68026-3132%62%91%
Michigan State University71%550-670550-65023-2928%65%93%
Muhlenberg College48%560-660580-68025-3036%71%93%
Ohio Wesleyan University71%510-630530-64022-2822%47%78%
Penn State University49%580-700580-67025-30N/AN/AN/A
Rollins College58%560-660600-68024-3022%59%89%
Rutgers University61%620-750590-68025-3238%73%94%
Stetson University72%540-640570-66022-2923%56%87%
Susquehanna University85%540-640560-65022-2825%63%88%
Texas Christian University47%570-680580-67025-3147%75%95%
University at Buffalo (SUNY)61%590-690570-65024-2930%65%94%
University of Alabama83%530-680550-66023-3140%61%84%
University of Arizona85%550-690560-67021-2936%65%88%
University of Colorado Boulder78%560-690580-67025-3126%56%86%
University of Connecticut49%600-710590-68026-3255%88%98%
University of Denver59%580-680590-67026-3139%73%94%
University of Iowa83%570-680560-66022-2932%63%93%
University of Massachusetts Amherst64%600-710590-68026-3231%70%96%
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities52%650-770620-71026-3150%85%100%
University of Oregon82%540-650560-66022-2826%57%86%
University of San Diego49%590-690600-68026-3133%74%97%
University of San Francisco64%560-670570-66023-2932%66%95%
University of South Carolina69%580-690600-68025-3128%59%90%
University of Tennessee79%570-670580-66024-3035%63%88%
University of Utah62%570-700572.5-68022-29N/AN/AN/A
Virginia Tech70%590-710590-68025-3129%68%88%

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