Changing Your Major to Engineering

Applicants to engineering programs will discover that not every university to which they apply has the same policy for how to officially become an engineering major. For example, all freshmen at Auburn University need to successfully complete seven prerequisite courses prior to being accepted into the engineering track. On the other hand, students can earn direct admission in the College of Engineering at the likes of Boston University, Duke University, and the University of Texas at Austin. Applicants who want to enter this highly-competitive field of study should have an understanding of the various pathways into the engineering major at their prospective schools. Those eying a backdoor route into a given program can benefit from assessing the level of ease with which one can later internally transfer into an engineering major.

The table below provides this important information for a number of premier engineering programs in the United States. Column headers are defined below:

Direct Admit – Indicates whether prospective undergraduates can be admitted directly into an engineering major.

Prerequisites – Links to the institutional webpage that details requirements for transferring into an engineering major.

Minimum Progress – Indicates the minimum number of credits, semesters, or quarters needed to transfer into an engineering major.

Minimum GPA – Indicates the minimum GPA one must possess to be considered for admission into an engineering major. At most institutions, earning the minimum GPA does not guarantee admission.

Difficulty – An ordinal rating (from “Less” to “Very”) indicating how difficult it is to transfer into an engineering major.

More Info – Links to an institutional webpage providing more detail about how current students can transfer into an engineering major. If there is no additional info beyond what is provided in the institutions “Prerequisites” page, links for “Prerequisites” and “More Info” are identical.

*At institutions where there is no direct admission, requirements for declaring/moving into an engineering major are indicated. 

InstitutionDirect AdmitPrerequisitesMinimum ProgressMinimum GPADifficultyMore InfoNotes
104151Arizona State University-TempeYesClick Here Credits3Moderate
100858Auburn UniversityNoClick Here courses2Less
164988Boston UniversityYesClick Here
217156Brown UniversityNoNoneNoneNoneLess
110404California Institute of TechnologyNoNoneNoneNoneLess,offered%20across%20six%20academic%20divisions.
110422California Polytechnic State University-San Luis ObispoYesClick Here quarter2.75Very
211440Carnegie Mellon UniversityYesClick Here semesterNoneVery
201645Case Western Reserve UniversityNoNoneNoneNoneLess
217882Clemson UniversityNoClick Here
190150Columbia University in the City of New YorkYesVariesVariesVariesModerate
190415Cornell UniversityYesIntroduction to EngineeringOne semesterNoneModerate-to-Very
182670Dartmouth CollegeYesClick Here
212054Drexel UniversityYesClick Here courses2.5Less-to-Moderate
198419Duke UniversityYesVariesVariesVariesLess-to-Moderate
139755Georgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusYesNoneNoneNoneLess
166027Harvard UniversityYesNoneNoneNoneLess
153603Iowa State UniversityYesClick Here credits2Less-to-Moderate
162928Johns Hopkins UniversityYesNoneNoneNoneLess
213543Lehigh UniversityYesNone242Less-to-Moderate
166683Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNoNoneNoneNoneLess
171100Michigan State UniversityNoMichigan State credits3.0-3.6Moderate
193900New York UniversityNoNoneOne semesterVariesModerate
199193North Carolina State University at RaleighNoClick Here courses2Very
167358Northeastern UniversityYesClick Here courses3Less-to-Moderate
147767Northwestern UniversityYesNoneNoneNoneLess-to-Moderate
204796Ohio State University-Main CampusNoClick Here (at least 12 credits)2.5Less-to-Moderate
209542Oregon State UniversityYesClick Here (to progress)Less-to-Moderate
214777Pennsylvania State University-Main CampusNoClick Here Credits2.6-to-3.1Moderate
186131Princeton UniversityYesClick Here
243780Purdue University-Main CampusYesClick Here credits2.5-to-3.4Moderate-to-Very
194824Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteYesNoneNoneNoneLess,Change%20of%20Major%20or%20Status,Major%20%2F%20Change%20of%20Status%20Form.&text=You%20may%20change%20from%20one,which%20you%20want%20to%20switch.
227757Rice UniversityYesNoneNoneNoneLess
152318Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyYesNoneNoneNoneLess
186380Rutgers University-New BrunswickYesClick Here
122931Santa Clara UniversityYesClick Here quartersVariesModerate-to-Very
243744Stanford UniversityNoNoneNoneNoneLess
196097Stony Brook UniversityNoClick Here
228723Texas A & M University-College StationYesClick Here credits3.0-to-3.5Moderate-to-Very
221759The University of Tennessee-KnoxvilleYesClick Here semesters2.8Moderate-to-Very
228778The University of Texas at AustinYesVariesVaries3Very,majors%20through%20an%20online%20application.
168148Tufts UniversityYesClick Here
160755Tulane University of LouisianaNoNoneNoneNoneLess
196088University at BuffaloYesClick Here courses2.5-to-2.8Moderate
104179University of ArizonaNoClick Here credits2.0-to-2.75Moderate
110635University of California-BerkeleyYesClick Here semesters3.0-to-3.4Very
110644University of California-DavisYesClick Here courses2.0-to-3.0Moderate
110653University of California-IrvineYesClick Here course2.7-to-3.5Moderate-to-Very
110662University of California-Los AngelesYesClick Here quarters3.5Very
445188University of California-MercedNoClick Here credits2Less-to-Moderate
110671University of California-RiversideYesClick Here
110680University of California-San DiegoYesClick Here info here.
110705University of California-Santa BarbaraYesClick Here
110714University of California-Santa CruzNoClick Here
126614University of Colorado BoulderYesClick Here courses3Moderate
129020University of ConnecticutYesClick Here
130943University of DelawareYesClick Here
134130University of FloridaYesClick Here
145637University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignYesClick Here semester3Very
153658University of IowaYesClick Here courses2.5Moderate
163286University of Maryland-College ParkYesClick Here courses3Moderate-to-Very
166629University of Massachusetts-AmherstYesClick Here courses2Less-to-Moderate
170976University of Michigan-Ann ArborYesClick Here courses2.5Very
174066University of Minnesota-Twin CitiesYesClick Here
152080University of Notre DameYesClick Here
215062University of PennsylvaniaYesClick Here courses3Moderate-to-Very
215293University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh CampusYesClick Here courses3.0-to-3.5Moderate-to-Very
195030University of RochesterNoClick Here
123961University of Southern CaliforniaYesClick Here semester3Moderate-to-Very
230764University of UtahYesClick Here,to%20prepare%20them%20for%20admission.2-to-3 semestersVariesModerate
234076University of Virginia-Main CampusYesClick Here courses2Moderate
236948University of Washington-Seattle CampusYesClick Here semestersVariesVery
240444University of Wisconsin-MadisonYesClick Here creditsVariesModerate-to-Very
221999Vanderbilt UniversityYesClick Here semesters2Moderate
233921Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityYesClick Here,summer%2C%20and%20end%20of%20fall.12 credits2Moderate
179867Washington University in St LouisYesClick Here semesterNoneLess
168421Worcester Polytechnic InstituteYesClick Here
130794Yale UniversityYesNoneNoneNoneLess

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