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Engineering Programs for “B” Students

Not every future engineer can gain acceptance into the likes of MIT, Caltech, Carnegie Mellon, or Stanford. If you are a strong high school student with a solid (but imperfect) GPA and above-average (but not 95th percentile) SAT/ACT scores, you likely will not be a viable candidate at any of the top-tier, elite colleges of engineering; however, that hardly means that there are not a number of excellent institutions that would be happy to accept you. In fact, schools like Clarkson, Drexel, James Madison, Oregon State, and the University of Houston accept a great number of “B” students every year and regularly churn out qualified engineers who are ultimately gobbled up by some of the world’s most desirable employers. For each school we will provide you with an acceptance rate, percent of students in the top 50% of their high school class, as well as middle-50% SAT and ACT data so that you can better assess your personal admissions chances.

InstitutionAdmission RateSAT R/W (middle 50%)SAT Math (middle 50%)ACT (middle 50%)Rank (Top 10%)Rank (Top 25%)Rank (Top 50%)
Arizona State University86%560-670560-69022-2831%61%88%
Auburn University81%580-650570-67025-3133%63%89%
Cal Poly - Pomona28%620-700620-74026-3254%85%98%
Clarkson University71%570-660590-69024-3035%69%95%
Colorado State University81%540-650530-64023-2921%48%83%
Drexel University75%590-680600-71025-3135%67%92%
Gonzaga University62%600-670600-69025-3040%75%95%
Illinois Institute of Technology60%570-670620-73026-3220%33%100%
Iowa State University92%540-650560-69022-2828%62%93%
James Madison University77%570-650550-64023-2818%33%90%
Kettering University73%580-660610-70024-3046%76%95%
Michigan State University71%550-650550-67023-2928%65%93%
Michigan Technological University74%570-660590-68025-3032%65%91%
Milwaukee School of Engineering62%N/A610-71025-30N/AN/AN/A
Missouri University of Science and Technology79%600-700590-73026-3241%73%94%
New Jersey Institute of Technology64%580-670610-71023-3234%%62%90%
Oregon State University84%550-660530-66021-2827%55%87%
Rochester Institute of Technology66%590-680610-72027-3237%73%95%
Rose Hulman Institute of Technology74%600-700650-76027-3361%86%100%
San Jose State University64%510-620520-64018-26.5N/AN/AN/A
Seattle University78%580-660570-67024-3028%64%92%
Stony Brook University44%590-690640-75026-3251%80%96%
Texas Tech University69%540-630530-63022-2719%53%88%
University at Buffalo (SUNY)61%570-650590-69024-2930%65%94%
University of Arizona85%560-670550-69021-2936%65%88%
University of Central Florida44%590-670580-67025-3036%74%97%
University of Cincinnati77%560-660560-69023-2924%51%83%
University of Colorado Boulder78%580-670560-69025-3126%56%86%
University of Delaware68%590-670580-69024-3030%64%93%
University of Houston65%570-650570-66022-2732%64%88%
University of Illinois-Chicago73%510-620520-64021-2828%59%90%
University of Iowa83%560-660570-68022-2932%63%93%
University of Massachusetts Amherst64%590-680600-71026-3231%70%96%
University of Portland61%580-670570-68023-29N/AN/AN/A
University of San Diego49%600-680590-69026-3133%74%97%
University of South Florida48%590-660580-67025-2934%68%92%
University of Tennessee79%580-660570-67024-3035%63%88%
University of Texas at Dallas79%610-710630-75026-3339%71%95%
University of Utah62%570-680570-70022-29N/AN/AN/A
Washington State University76%51-620510-61020-26N/AN/AN/A

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