Median Starting Salaries (by Institution): Biomedical Engineering

Salary (by major) data was collected from the U.S. Department of Education’s (USDOE) College Scorecard platform and indicates the median salary of an institution’s graduates two years after receiving their bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering, along with the number of graduates per institution for which the USDOE has salary data. Since the USDOE focuses only on early-career salaries, we limit the salary tables on our Dataverse to “pre-professional” majors where students are more likely to pursue employment immediately after graduation (e.g., as opposed to attending graduate school) and within their undergraduate field of study.

*Note that the USDOE is not able to disclose salary data by major for all institutions offering a major in this area. For example, if a group of individuals within a certain institution is too small, the USDOE must suppress salary data in order to prevent identification of the group’s individuals.

Table Updated December 2023

InstitutionGraduatesMedian Starting Salary
215062University of Pennsylvania26$82,440UPenn
147767Northwestern University27$76,460
198419Duke University61$75,114
145637University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign18$74,576UIUC
110583California State University-Long Beach11$73,949
110422California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo37$73,635
170675Lawrence Technological University12$73,635
162928Johns Hopkins University62$72,509JHU
131283The Catholic University of America12$71,015
170976University of Michigan-Ann Arbor23$71,015UMich
186867Stevens Institute of Technology29$71,015Stevens Tech
221999Vanderbilt University36$70,680
214777Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus65$69,817PSU; Penn State
232186George Mason University16$69,338
131469George Washington University18$69,338GWU
228723Texas A & M University-College Station39$68,918
228778The University of Texas at Austin34$68,778UT; UT Austin
152318Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology31$68,331RHIT
139755Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus144$68,305Georgia Tech
213543Lehigh University17$67,660
164988Boston University84$67,660BU
195003Rochester Institute of Technology25$67,473RIT
126818Colorado State University-Fort Collins21$67,101CSU
194824Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute65$67,101RPI
211291Bucknell University13$66,821
168421Worcester Polytechnic Institute93$66,688WPI
239105Marquette University59$66,611
126775Colorado School of Mines41$66,541
171128Michigan Technological University45$66,461
174066University of Minnesota-Twin Cities74$64,990UMN
122931Santa Clara University20$64,773SCU
243780Purdue University-Main Campus23$63,997
201645Case Western Reserve University51$63,997CWRU
215293University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus28$63,600
206084University of Toledo46$63,501
110635University of California-Berkeley17$63,005UC Berkeley; UCB
151111Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis19$63,005IUPUI
195030University of Rochester18$63,005UR
123961University of Southern California31$62,012USC
217484University of Rhode Island36$61,814URI
168227Wentworth Institute of Technology35$61,516WIT
217882Clemson University46$61,516
110662University of California-Los Angeles27$61,020UCLA
185828New Jersey Institute of Technology33$60,771NJIT
211440Carnegie Mellon University13$60,161CMU
201885University of Cincinnati-Main Campus23$59,576Cincy
196866Union College14$59,124
129020University of Connecticut50$58,866UConn
239318Milwaukee School of Engineering27$58,221MSOE
153658University of Iowa53$56,867UI
133951Florida International University57$56,776FIU
130943University of Delaware15$56,415UDel
104179University of Arizona25$55,964
110680University of California-San Diego56$55,964UCSD; UC San Diego
199193North Carolina State University at Raleigh18$55,964NC State; NCSU
240444University of Wisconsin-Madison28$55,964UW Madison
234076University of Virginia-Main Campus35$54,974UVA
145725Illinois Institute of Technology17$54,661IIT
230764University of Utah18$54,035UU
190150Columbia University in the City of New York20$53,810
104151Arizona State University Campus Immersion60$53,775ASU
221759The University of Tennessee-Knoxville20$53,358UTK
145600University of Illinois Chicago42$53,358UIC
135726University of Miami21$53,358UM; UMiami
122755San Jose State University11$53,358SJSU
200800University of Akron Main Campus47$52,420
227757Rice University17$52,107
216852Widener University13$52,107
110644University of California-Davis96$50,856UC Davis
212054Drexel University67$50,231
110671University of California-Riverside61$49,214UC Riverside
110714University of California-Santa Cruz34$48,823UCSC; UC Santa Cruz
167987University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth18$48,823UMass Dartmouth
206604Wright State University-Main Campus27$48,667
196413Syracuse University15$48,432
110653University of California-Irvine43$48,432UCI; UC Irvine
204024Miami University-Oxford14$47,260
106397University of Arkansas25$47,260
196079Binghamton University20$47,260SUNY Binghamton
209542Oregon State University25$46,790OSU
433660Florida Gulf Coast University30$46,769
218663University of South Carolina-Columbia28$46,321USC
220862University of Memphis15$46,087
186380Rutgers University-New Brunswick49$46,087RU
196088University at Buffalo12$44,971
161253University of Maine11$43,798
176080Mississippi State University22$42,682MSU
236939Washington State University24$42,682WSU
204796Ohio State University-Main Campus27$42,682OSU
234030Virginia Commonwealth University38$41,193VCU
156125Wichita State University11$40,281
236948University of Washington-Seattle Campus20$39,927UW
196097Stony Brook University17$39,729
445188University of California-Merced20$39,729
228787The University of Texas at Dallas27$39,729UT; UT Dallas
120883University of the Pacific11$33,993
190567CUNY City College20$31,839
159391Louisiana State University23$31,133LSU

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