Median Starting Salaries (by Institution): Film and Video

Salary (by major) data was collected from the U.S. Department of Education’s (USDOE) College Scorecard platform and indicates the median salary of an institution’s graduates two years after receiving their bachelor’s degree in film and video, along with the number of graduates per institution for which the USDOE has salary data. Since the USDOE focuses only on early-career salaries, we limit the salary tables on our Dataverse to “pre-professional” majors where students are more likely to pursue employment immediately after graduation (e.g., as opposed to attending graduate school) and within their undergraduate field of study.

*Note that the USDOE is not able to disclose salary data by major for all institutions offering a major in this area. For example, if a group of individuals within a certain institution is too small, the USDOE must suppress salary data in order to prevent identification of the group’s individuals.

Table Updated December 2023

Institution# GraduatesMedian Starting Salary
131159American University49$40,896
197133Vassar College23$39,729
139658Emory University14$39,369
111948Chapman University115$37,568
129242Fairfield University22$36,848
164173Stevenson University20$35,864
203535Kenyon College11$35,060
134097Florida State University54$35,060FSU
214777Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus54$34,704PSU; Penn State
236948University of Washington-Seattle Campus15$33,993UW
213385Lafayette College12$33,993
110662University of California-Los Angeles30$33,993UCLA
195003Rochester Institute of Technology165$32,747RIT
117946Loyola Marymount University55$32,711LMU
104179University of Arizona56$32,213
181464University of Nebraska-Lincoln11$31,974UNL
190549CUNY Brooklyn College48$31,236
193900New York University338$30,952NYU
243780Purdue University-Main Campus12$30,771
228246Southern Methodist University23$29,685SMU
123961University of Southern California187$29,557USC
172699Western Michigan University65$29,487
169798Eastern Michigan University56$29,413
105330Northern Arizona University31$29,374NAU
228459Texas State University46$29,322
165662Emerson College214$29,081
110705University of California-Santa Barbara113$29,064UCSB: UC Santa Barbara
191968Ithaca College117$28,998
165015Brandeis University19$28,960
234827Central Washington University21$28,960
170976University of Michigan-Ann Arbor81$28,682UMich
152530Taylor University21$28,236
194310Pace University21$28,019
110608California State University-Northridge72$27,874
174358Minnesota State University Moorhead32$27,669
236595Seattle University29$27,669
209551University of Oregon66$27,503UO
230038Brigham Young University56$27,482BYU
177746Kansas City Art Institute17$27,476
225511University of Houston14$27,204UH
110617California State University-Sacramento73$27,126
144740DePaul University126$27,077
126614University of Colorado Boulder72$26,739CU Boulder
201441Bowling Green State University-Main Campus55$26,739
193654The New School70$26,739
168281Wheaton College (Massachusetts)16$26,739
196088University at Buffalo42$26,489
171456Northern Michigan University16$26,353
166674Massachusetts College of Art and Design57$26,353MCAD
196176State University of New York at New Paltz14$26,353
232186George Mason University37$26,121
194578Pratt Institute-Main62$26,121
174127Minneapolis College of Art and Design18$25,967
160658University of Louisiana at Lafayette18$25,967
135726University of Miami25$25,967UM; UMiami
216339Temple University234$25,735
199218University of North Carolina Wilmington105$25,729UNCW; UNC Wilmington
104151Arizona State University Campus Immersion136$25,729ASU
217484University of Rhode Island46$25,658URI
155317University of Kansas31$25,658KU
140951Savannah College of Art and Design213$25,580SCAD
153658University of Iowa46$25,580UI
110671University of California-Riverside142$25,503UC Riverside
196219SUNY at Purchase College87$25,372
174783Saint Cloud State University24$25,194
212054Drexel University58$25,194
215293University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus23$25,194
219709Belmont University13$25,194
169442College for Creative Studies36$25,194
190594CUNY Hunter College52$25,194
139940Georgia State University200$25,194GSU
237057Whitman College13$25,194
196194State University of New York at Oswego41$24,730
170082Grand Valley State University107$24,697
202134Cleveland State University37$24,615
210739DeSales University20$24,421
122597San Francisco State University149$24,151SFSU
190567CUNY City College28$24,035
139959University of Georgia16$24,035UGA
187897New Mexico Highlands University12$24,035
215062University of Pennsylvania14$24,035UPenn
235097Eastern Washington University16$23,807
215442Point Park University69$23,745
230764University of Utah54$23,649UU
227845Saint Edward's University14$23,649
144281Columbia College Chicago524$23,649
110714University of California-Santa Cruz146$23,508UCSC; UC Santa Cruz
174066University of Minnesota-Twin Cities36$23,456UMN
129525University of Hartford38$23,456
110653University of California-Irvine74$23,340UCI; UC Irvine
231174University of Vermont14$23,113UVM
172644Wayne State University18$23,113
183062Keene State College44$23,034
234030Virginia Commonwealth University58$22,994VCU
199184University of North Carolina School of the Arts79$22,917UNCSA: UNC Arts
202523Denison University12$22,806
180461Montana State University54$22,572
110644University of California-Davis26$22,482UC Davis
230852Champlain College20$22,482
240453University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee71$22,329
196079Binghamton University25$22,192SUNY Binghamton
107141John Brown University13$22,192
217493Rhode Island School of Design46$22,192
185590Montclair State University25$22,192
182281University of Nevada-Las Vegas51$22,055UNLV
173258Carleton College16$21,964
187985University of New Mexico-Main Campus37$21,964UNM
149222Southern Illinois University-Carbondale41$21,881
176965University of Central Missouri19$21,781
209807Portland State University52$21,703
163295Maryland Institute College of Art41$21,508
150941Huntington University16$21,508
132903University of Central Florida47$20,921UCF
207500University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus17$20,921
171571Oakland University36$20,748
180489The University of Montana66$20,637
218663University of South Carolina-Columbia97$20,322USC
111081California Institute of the Arts52$20,140
127060University of Denver12$20,140UD
208822George Fox University21$20,140
215105The University of the Arts86$20,140
204796Ohio State University-Main Campus32$20,140OSU
206084University of Toledo11$20,140
166939Mount Holyoke College11$20,140
137847The University of Tampa22$20,140
136774Ringling College of Art and Design39$19,592
188030New Mexico State University-Main Campus55$19,358NMSU
131469George Washington University15$18,315GWU
204501Oberlin College17$16,992
213996Messiah University11$16,663
214175Muhlenberg College13$15,552
165334Clark University13$15,552

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