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SAT Subject Test Policies

SAT Subject Tests, formerly called the SAT II, are sometimes an afterthought for teens who are focused on maintaining strong grades, studying for the SAT or ACT, or readying themselves for an AP exam. Yet for students who plan on applying to highly-selective schools, strong Subject Test results can constitute the difference between acceptance and rejection. The following table indicates Subject Test policies at the nation’s most selective colleges.  For those who want to learn more about how to tackle the SAT Subject Tests, click here.

*Data collected from institution websites.

Table updated August 30, 2020

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University of California, DavisOptional
University of California, Santa CruzOptiona
Yale UniversityNot considered for 2020-21SAT Subject Tests will not be considered during the 2020-21 admissions cycle.
Williams CollegeOptional
Wesleyan UniversityOptional
Wellesley CollegeOptional
Washington and Lee UniversityOptional
Washington University in St. LouisOptional
Wake Forest UniversityOptional
Vassar CollegeOptional
Vanderbilt UniversityOptional
University of VirginiaOptional
University of Southern CaliforniaOptional
University of RochesterOptional
University of RichmondOptional
University of PennsylvaniaOptional
University of Notre DameOptional
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillOptional
University of MichiganOptional
University of ChicagoOptional
University of California, Santa BarbaraOptional
University of California, San DiegoOptionalApplicants to the School of Engineering and biological and physical science majors are encouraged to take Math II and one (1) science Subject Test.
University of California, RiversideOptional
University of California, Los AngelesOptional
University of California, IrvineOptional
University of California, BerkeleyOptionalApplicants to the College of Chemistry and College of Engineering are encouraged to take Math II and one (1) science Subject Test.
Union CollegeOptional
Tulane UniversityOptional
Tufts UniversityOptional
Swarthmore CollegeNot considered for 2020-21SAT subject tests are not required and will not be considered for 2020-21 admissions.
Stanford UniversityOptional
Scripps CollegeOptional
Rice UniversityOptional
Reed CollegeOptional
Princeton UniversityOptionalEngineering applicants are encouraged to take Math I or Math II AND Physics or Chemistry.
Pomona CollegeOptional
Oberlin CollegeOptional
Northwestern University Optional
Northeastern UniversityOptional
New York UniversityOptional
Middlebury CollegeOptional
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNot consideredMIT has made the decision to no longer consider SAT Subject Tests as part of the admissions process.
Macalester CollegeOptional
Lehigh UniversityOptional
Lafayette CollegeOptional
Kenyon CollegeOptional
Johns Hopkins UniversityOptionalEngineering applicants are recommended to submit Math II and one (1) science Subject Test.
Haverford CollegeOptional
Harvey Mudd CollegeNot consideredBeginning with the high school class of 2021, Harvey Mudd will no longer require or consider SAT Subject Tests.
Harvard UniversityOptional
Hamilton CollegeOptional
Grinnell CollegeOptional
Georgia Institute of TechnologyOptional
Georgetown UniversityRecommended (3)Strongly recommended for all applicants. Students can submit AP exam results in place of or in combination with Subject Tests. Full Subject Test testing history is required.
Franklin & Marshall CollegeOptional
Emory UniversityOptional
Duke UniversityOptional
Davidson CollegeOptional
Dartmouth CollegeOptional
Cornell UniversityOptionalNo longer required for any college/school at Cornell.
Cooper UnionOptional
Connecticut CollegeOptional
Columbia UniversityOptional
Colorado CollegeOptional
College of William and MaryOptional
College of the Holy CrossOptional
Colgate UniversityOptional
Colby CollegeOptional
Claremont McKenna CollegeOptional
Case Western Reserve UniversityOptional
Carnegie Mellon UniversityOptional
Carleton CollegeOptional
California Institute of TechnologyNot considered
Bucknell UniversityOptional
Bryn Mawr CollegeOptional
Brown UniversityOptional
Brandeis UniversityOptional
Bowdoin CollegeOptional
Boston CollegeOptional
Bates CollegeOptional
Barnard CollegeOptional
Amherst CollegeOptional

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