Top Honors Programs

Honors colleges can be a cost-effective and highly rewarding undergraduate experience for top-notch students. In the best-case scenario, you can enjoy all the benefits of a large university (research opportunities, athletics, and a diverse student body) while still benefiting from an intimate, rigorous, and individualized experience usually reserved for students attending elite liberal arts colleges.

Below, we have compiled a list of the nation’s top honors colleges/programs. The selection was based on the following indicators of program quality.

  • The selectivity of the college/university (overall)
  • The selectivity of the honors program
  • Average honors class size
  • Number of honors classes
  • Availability of honors housing
  • Whether priority registration is offered to honors students

Schools marked with an asterisk (*) rated especially high on several indicators and were ranked among the top 20 honors programs according to our methodology.

InstitutionACTSATGPA/Class Rank
Arizona State University (Barrett)*29 (Average)1360 (Average)3.82 (Unweighted Average)
Auburn University29 (Minimum)1350 (Minimum)3.85 (Unweighted Minimum)
City University of New York (Macaulay)*33 (Average)1460 (Average)94.4 (Unweighted Average)
Clemson University (Calhoun)*32 (Average)1480 (Average)Top 4% (Average)
Colorado State University30 (Average)1400 (Average)3.8 (Unweighted Minimum)
Florida State University34 (Average)1500 (Average)4.4 (Weighted Average)
Indiana University32-34 (Minimum)1430-1500 (Minimum)Top 7.5-10%
Louisiana State University30 (Minimum)1350 (Minimum)3.5 (Unweighted Minimum)
New Jersey Institute of Technology (Dorman)*33 (Average)1475 (Average)Top 10%
Ohio State University32 (Average)1470 (Average)Top 5-10%
Ohio University (Honors Tutorial College)*30 (Minimum)1370 (Minimum)Top 10%
Oklahoma State University27 (Minimum)1290 (Minimum)3.75 (Weighted Minimum)
Oregon State University27 (Minimum)1300 (Minimum)3.75 (MInimum)
Penn State University (Schreyer)*30-331340-14904.0-4.33 (Weighted)
Purdue University*32 (Average)1450 (Average)3.9 (Unweighted Average)
Rutgers University35 (Average)1530 (Average)Top 5-10%
Temple University*33 (Average)14603.95 (Unweighted Average)
Texas A&M University28 (Minimum)1310 (Minimum)Top 10%
Texas Tech University29 (Minimum)1360 (Minimum)Top 10%
University of Alabama30 (Minimum)1360 (Minimum)3.5 (Unweighted Minimum)
University of Arizona30 (Average)1395 (Average)3.86 (Unweighted Average)
University of Arkansas28 (Minimum)1310 (Minimum)3.5 (Unweighted Minimum)
University of California, Irvine (Campuswide Honors)*32 (Average)1470 (Average)4.2 (Weighted Average)
University of Central Florida32 (Average)1457 (Average)4.46 (Weighted Average)
University of Connecticut*32 (Average)1460 (Average)Top 4% (Average)
University of Delaware*30-331380-14753.92-4.17 (Weighted Average)
University of Georgia*34 (Average)1510 (Average)4.1 (Weighted Average)
University of Houston29 (Average)1380 (Average)73% in Top 20%
University of Illinois (Campus Honors)*27-331280-14903.45-3.92 (Unweighted Average)
University of Iowa30 (Minimum)1400 (Minimum)3.8 (Minimum)
University of Kansas*32.4 (Average)1480 (Average)3.95 (Unweighted Average)
University of Kentucky32 (Average)1460 (Average)3.89 (Unweighted Average)
University of Maryland*33 (Average)1490 (Average)4.5 (Weighted Average)
University of Massachusetts30 (Average)1409 (Average)4.29 (Weighted Average)
University of Michigan33-341435-15403.9 (Unweighted Average)
University of Minnesota32-351430-1540Top 1-4%
University of New Mexico28 (Minimum)1320 (Minimum)3.5 (Minimum)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill*31 (Average)1420 (Average)Top 3% (Average)
University of Oklahoma30 (Minimum)1360 (Minimum)Top 10% (Minimum)
University of Oregon (Clark)*28+ (Average)1320+ (Average)3.90 (Unweighted Average)
University of Pittsburgh32 (Average)1450 (Average)Top 5-10%
University of South Carolina*32-341460-15304.71 (Weighted Average)
University of Tennessee31 (Minimum)1410 (Average)4.0 (Weighted Minimum)
University of Texas (Plan II)*30+ (Preferred)1400-1450 (Preferred)Top 5% (Average)
University of Utah30 (Average)1390 (Average)3.9 (Unweighted Average)
University of Vermont33 (Average)1470 (Average)Top 10% (Average)
University of Virginia (Echols)*34 (Average)1540 (Average)Top 3% (Average)
University of Washington32-351380-15303.87-3.99 (Unweighted Average)
University of Wisconsin (L&S Honors)Minor ConsiderationMinor ConsiderationTop 5-10%
Washington State University28 (Average)1310 (Average)3.85 (Unweighted Average)