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Waitlist Statistics

Being waitlisted isn’t as crushing a result as being rejected, but it can feel like you’ve been exiled to admissions purgatory. It’s important to know if your waitlisted status means you still have a serious shot at being admitted to your first-choice university or if it’s the equivalent of a Powerball ticket. For example, at Middlebury, Brandeis, Georgetown, Tulane, and UPenn somewhere between zero and 20 students are likely to be plucked from the waitlist. On the other hand, Colorado College, Cornell, Lehigh, Williams, and William & Mary all took more than 60 students off of their waitlists. The following table indicates waitlist statistics at some of America’s most selective colleges and universities for the 2018-19 academic year.

*Data collected from Common Data Set (CDS) forms.

Table updated August 2019

InstitutionOffered WaitlistAccepting Waitlist OfferAdmitted from Waitlist
Georgetown University2,5961,75416
George Washington University4,9632,08114
George Mason University1,8891,770187
Furman University14014024
Franklin & Marshall College2,10600
Fordham University9,2152,42368
Fairfield University3,2841,00511
Emory University4,9832,6600
Elon University1,69650886
Eckerd College79190
Earlham College1315824
Drexel University1,2151,2159
Drew University270830
Dickinson College6442169
Denison University1,55522225
Dartmouth College1,9251,2920
Cornell University6,6834,546164
Cooper Union18218210
Connecticut College1,38557422
Colorado School of Mines1,28042616
Colorado College85124460
College of William and Mary4,1332,17294
College of the Holy Cross1,5817520
College of the Atlantic2599
Colgate University1,7881,0070
Colby College2,3951,0354
Clemson University2,7151,153449
Clark University7103165
Claremont McKenna College1,03765125
Christopher Newport University1,221430118
Chapman University1,9041,15821
Centre College160257
Catholic University3238117
Case Western Reserve University9,9089,9080
Carnegie Mellon University3,6772,310109
Carleton College1,48655634
California Poly, San Luis Obispo6,6436,6432,436
California Institute of Technology6345126
Bucknell University2,7261,18878
Bryn Mawr College4502440
Brown University100
Brandeis University1,8447211
Boston University5,4413,4461
Beloit College695715
Baylor University5,6441,581791
Bates College1,9039940
Barnard College1,6081,60811
Appalachian State University1,5281,528226
Amherst College1,4828660
American University4,598760188
Allegheny College17417413
Worcester Polytechnic Institute3,2021,092153
Williams College1,77265376
Wheaton College (MA)73360
Wheaton College (IL)2577719
West Chester University of Pennsylvania53512092
Wesleyan University1,9651,0980
Wellesley College1,9091,24536
Washington University31
Washington and Lee University1,6898012
Washington & Jefferson College30132
Villanova University6,3212,85647
Vassar College1,13856648
Vanderbilt University243
University of Virginia5,9723,58813
University of Vermont3,8551,472100
University of South Carolina3,814199125
University of Scranton1,00619593
University of San Francisco1,4745952
University of San Diego2,20590310
University of Richmond3,6531,24328
University of Rhode Island1,647351147
University of Puget Sound3091
University of Portland1,615410135
University of Pittsburgh1,66457624
University of Pennsylvania3,5352,5619
University of Oregon26410569
University of Oklahoma1,9831,983234
University of Notre Dame1,45091220
University of North Carolina at Wilmington1,069504308
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill4,9772,30022
University of Michigan14,7836,000415
University of Miami10,4054,04130
University of Massachusetts Amherst6,2502,91139
University of Maryland, Baltimore County44344374
University of Mary Washington77312336
University of Kentucky48448445
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign2,1781,47939
University of Georgia1,25770432
University of Denver4922641
University of Delaware3,19422068
University of Connecticut, Storrs2,0271,249502
University of Colorado Boulder2,2221,000419
University of Central Florida6,3272,98354
University of California, Santa Cruz12,5047,453149
University of California, Santa Barbara7,8564,88314
University of California, Riverside11,0586,6951,143
University of California, Irvine12,5226,428136
University of California, Davis9,2133,20724
University of California, Berkeley7,8244,1271,536
United States Naval Academy21616713
Union College1,04551613
Tulane University10,3843,1112
Tufts University1,9577238
Trinity University8764557
Trinity College1,8271,10311
The College of Wooster59412517
The College of New Jersey2,2076028
Texas Christian University1,72592655
Temple University3,5711,4351,283
Swarthmore College40
SUNY, University at Buffalo2,841694168
SUNY, Stony Brook University3,8281,79680
SUNY, Geneseo2,1822,004669
SUNY, College of Environmental Science and Forestry2525710
SUNY, Binghamton University5,5602,320189
Stonehill College96025753
Stanford University87068130
St. Olaf College61144851
St. Lawrence University1052817
Southwestern University138363
Southern Methodist University1,74673621
Smith College92345868
Skidmore College2,459486137
Siena College4236122
Sewanee: University of the South5131019
Scripps College7803884
Santa Clara University2,6201,776149
San Diego State University2,8531,27646
Samford University1749324
Saint Michael's College2752
Rollins College1717516
Rice University3,2962,13731
Rhodes College1,25330642
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute5,7693,8453
Reed College1,33147780
Ramapo College of New Jersey918348221
Quinnipiac University3,5981,689309
Purdue University5,2764,409565
Providence College3,1546436
Princeton University1,1258440
Pomona College82652767
Pitzer College7072344
Pepperdine University1,6399350
Penn State University1057641
Ohio State University5,2961,221117
Occidental College1,0955688
Oberlin College1,2901,18883
Northwestern University2,8611,85924
North Carolina State University4,1334,12720
New College of Florida723627
Muhlenberg College72626568
Mount Holyoke College5983130
Middlebury College1,21591424
Miami University1,5273,31172
Massachusetts Institute of Technology4603830
Marquette University775775198
Marist College4,592983106
Macalester College4262380
Loyola University Maryland1,0375851
Loyola Marymount University3,7653,7656
Lewis & Clark College3901227
Lehigh University7,7373,35869
Lawrence University87233
Lafayette College2,3329482
Knox College1620
Kenyon College1,8579074
Kalamazoo College291135148
James Madison University3,7131,950445
Ithaca College83830896
Indiana University2,835467427
Hope College1981988
Hofstra University1434524
Hobart and William Smith Colleges54519614
Haverford College1,34961311
Harvey Mudd College5093270
Hampshire College3129868
Hamilton College1,40675928
Grinnell College1,44772433
Goucher College73726
Gonzaga University77416036
Gettysburg College6666660
Georgia Institute of Technology3,5112,26572
Georgia College94458