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The National Association for College Admission Counseling recently found that student-to-counselor ratios in Delaware high schools are over 400-to-1, and have exceeded 800-to-1 in some areas.  Delaware’s school counselors are among the best trained in the U.S. and have a clear impact on the academic, social, and emotional well-being of students.  However, growing caseloads and increasing responsibilities in the areas of crisis counseling, academic remediation, and standardized testing have prevented many of Delaware’s school counselors from providing the college-related support that students need to successfully navigate the college application process.   As college attendance becomes more costly and complex, Delaware students often find themselves lacking the assistance necessary to plan their course of study and extracurricular program, identify prospective colleges, prep for college visits and campus interviews, complete college applications, write college essays, locate scholarships, secure financial aid, and partake in other college admission activities that are important to earning admission at competitive colleges and universities. This is why many Delaware families seek out private college admission consultants.

The admission consultants and college planners at College Transitions strive to build on the efforts of Delaware’s competent yet overburdened counselors, namely by offering data-driven college admissions counseling and advice to Delaware area families, including those residing in New Castle, Bear, Newark, Wlimington, Greenville, Hockessin, North Star, Pike Creek, and other Delaware locations  Our academic background and extensive college counseling and admissions experience have allowed us to guide Delaware’s students into selective colleges throughout the United States. Please see our results page for a sampling of institutions into which our students have been accepted.

Recently, College Transitions counselors have provided college planning and consulting services to students attending Charter School of Wilmington, Sussex Tech, St. Georges Tech, Polytech High, Middletown High, Cape Henlopen High, St. Andrew’s, Wilmington Friends, Tower Hill, and several other Delaware high schools.  Families wishing to learn more about our services and counseling approach are encouraged to contact us at 678-710-3699 or at [email protected].  You may also fill out our free consultation request form and/or sign up for our free monthly newsletter.

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