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Early Action/Decision vs. Regular Decision Admission Rates

The following table compares Early Action/Decision vs. Regular Decision admission rates at America's most selective colleges and universities. Data was collected from the College Board and institutional websites.
EA=Early Action
ED=Early Decision
RD=Regular Decision
CollegeEA Acceptance RateED Acceptance RateRD Acceptance Rate
Amherst College35%13%
Bates College42%23%
Boston College41%32%
Boston University42%34%
Bowdoin College28%13%
Brandeis University41%35%
Brown University18%8%
Bucknell University53%23%
California Institute of Technology19%9%
Carleton College37%21%
Carnegie Mellon University33%24%
Claremont McKenna College27%9%
Colby College50%26%
Colgate University44%24%
College of William and Mary50%27%
Columbia University20%6%
Cornell University28%12%
Dartmouth College28%10%
Davidson College41%19%
Duke University26%10%
Emory University39%25%
Georgetown University20%16%
Georgia Institute of Technology31%35%
Grinnell College52%27%
Hamilton College36%25%
Harvard University21%3%
Harvey Mudd College17%14%
Haverford College49%23%
Johns Hopkins University33%9%
Macalester College51%36%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology9%7%
Middlebury College33%15%
New York University34%36%
Northwestern University35%11%
Pomona College19%11%
Princeton University19%5%
Rice University20%15%
Smith College58%41%
Stanford University11%4%
Swarthmore College36%15%
Tufts University39%15%
Tulane University39%14%
University of Chicago12%7%
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill32%17%
University of Notre Dame36%14%
University of Pennsylvania25%8%
University of Richmond39%31%
University of Rochester69%36%
Vanderbilt University23%12%
Vassar College43%21%
Wake Forest University48%33%
Washington and Lee University41%17%
Washington University in St. Louis42%16%
Wellesley College42%25%
Wesleyan University45%22%
Williams College43%17%
Yale University16%5%
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