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New Mexico College Admissions Consulting

The American Counseling Association revealed that student-to-school counselor ratios within New Mexico’s public high schools are nearing 500-to-1, on average, and are closer to 600-to-1 in some areas. New Mexico’s school-based counselors are among the most committed in the United States and have a demonstrably positive effect on the academic and social outcomes of their students. Yet, manifold job roles and increasing responsibilities in the areas of crisis prevention, discipline, scheduling, and test registration have left a number of New Mexico’s counselors unable to devote sufficient attention to the college planning process. Although college admissions has become increasingly complex, New Mexico’s students are finding it harder to find support for essential college-related tasks, such as course planning, extracurricular planning, college essay writing, completing college applications, prepping for college interviews, applying for financial aid, and much more. This is why many New Mexico families seek out private college admissions consulting.

The college admission counselors and consultants at College Transitions aim to supplement the work of New Mexico’s devoted yet overwhelmed counselors, namely by offering data- and research-driven college-related guidance to New Mexico families, including those residing in Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, White Rock, Rio Rancho, Las Cruces, and other New Mexico locations. Our roles as consultants, researchers, and college administrators have given us the knowledge and skills needed to help New Mexico’s students earn admission at America’s most selective colleges and universities. You can refer to our results page to view a sampling of institutions into which our students have been admitted.

In recent years, College Transitions admission consultants have offered college admission-related services to student attending a number of New Mexico’s public and private high schools, including Moreno Valley High, Los Alamos High, Cleveland High, East Mountain High, Albuquerque Academy, Santa Fe Prep, Desert Academy and several others. Students and parents who would like to learn more about our services may contact us at 678-710-3699 or at [email protected]. You may complete our free consultation request form and/or sign up to receive our free monthly newsletter.

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