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GTY_sat_testing_jtm_140305_16x9_992The college essay or personal statement provides you with the perfect opportunity to distinguish yourself from thousands of otherwise similar college applicants.  Crafting a compelling college essay is hard work, but our team at College Transitions is committed to ensuring that you find the voice and motivation needed to produce a strong and genuine piece of writing.

We start by helping you brainstorm ideas and essay topics that are capable of reflecting your best attributes and/or that reveal your potential contributions to a college campus. We then work with you to develop essay content, while also teaching you the elements of an effective college essay.  We work with you during each stage of the process, offering feedback and suggested revisions, while reviewing your essays for clarity of expression and grammatical correctness.

Current admission requirements often require that students write several essays—this task can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  College Transitions offers unlimited support on all of your college essays, and we spend as much time as needed to help you write in a voice that captures the attention of your target colleges and that maximizes your prospects for admission.   We will help you find your voice and guide you into a good-fit college.

To learn about our services related to college essay and personal statement coaching, as well as other elements of the college admissions process, please contact College Transitions at 706-389-9936 or at Students or their families may also complete a free consultation request form.

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