richmond_1Page Updated: December 18, 2015

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Does your institution admit undocumented students?


Do you feel that your institution creates a welcoming and inclusive environment where undocumented students would feel wanted and valued on campus?


When completing the question on the application regarding citizenship, is there an option to select “non-citizen” or “Other (Non-US)” and if not, should they leave the question blank? Is a blank field permitted when completing an online application?

The University of Richmond is a Common App member institution and students may select the “Other (Non-US)” option in the citizenship field.

Do you recommend that undocumented students disclose their immigration status in the application, including essays or counselor/teacher recommendations?


For residency and tuition purposes, how does your institution treat undocumented students? (i.e., international, in-state, out-of-state, etc.)


Does your institution offer institutional aid or any type of merit/talent scholarships to undocumented students?

International students can be considered for all merit-based scholarships, except the Army ROTC scholarship program and National Merit Scholarships.

How would an undocumented student apply for need-based aid at your institution? Are they required to complete a CSS Profile or an institutional financial aid application?

Students should submit the CSS Profile. Richmond’s CSS code is 5569.

Richmond is need-aware when reviewing admission applications from non-U.S. citizens. If you are admitted, we will meet 100% of demonstrated eligibility for all admitted students. The average financial aid award (need-based, merit, etc.) to international students in 2014-15 was $44,030.

International students who do not receive financial aid their first year will generally not be assisted in following years, unless funds permit.

Do you require that students submit a social security number on your admissions application? Can students use zeros to complete this requirement? (i.e., 000-00-0000)


Does your institution offer legal support to help students gain legal status by the time they graduate?


If there is a specific person in the admissions office who is knowledgeable about the issues pertaining to undocumented students and can serve as a resource for students, families and high school counselors, please list his/her information below:

Students can find their designated admissions counselor by clicking here.