20 Best Jobs for Extroverts in 2023

July 21, 2023

Do you radiate energy and enthusiasm in social settings? Does interacting with new people recharge you? Are you looking for a new career path and feeling drawn to people person jobs? Have you ever asked yourself, what is an extrovert? Or, am I an extrovert?  Well, have I got the perfect blog for you. First, you’ll find out what it truly means to be an extrovert. Then get ready to discover the best jobs for extroverts, where you can unleash your vibrant personality and make a lasting impact in the professional world.

What is an extrovert?

Extraversion characterizes individuals who seek stimulation from the external world. Extroverts are outgoing, energetic, and sociable individuals, enjoying lively interactions with others. In the workplace, extroverts often excel in roles that involve networking, sales, and leadership, leveraging their charming personalities and communication skills to build relationships, motivate teams, and achieve success in collaborative environments.

What is an introvert?

Conversely, introversion characterizes individuals who find solace in quiet environments and tend to recharge by spending time alone. Also, introverts are often introspective and may prefer meaningful one-on-one interactions over large social gatherings. In the professional realm, introverts might excel in roles that require focused work, creativity, and attention to detail. But similar to extraversion, embracing introversion can empower individuals to find fulfilling careers that align with their preferences and strengths. So if you’re not sure if people person jobs are right for you, try exploring the best jobs for introverts.

But is every person strictly either an extrovert or an introvert?

Absolutely not! Personality is nuanced and multifaceted. And like many things in life, extraversion and introversion exist on a spectrum. Which means, some people fall toward one end of the spectrum—either very extroverted or very introverted. While most people actually fall somewhere in the middle—they exhibit a mix of extroverted and introverted qualities. In fact, there’s a term for those who fall solidly in the middle: ambiverts. Ambiverts can adapt to different social situations. So they easily engage in lively interactions when needed and seek solitude when desired.

If you think you might actually be closer to an ambivert, try exploring both the best jobs for extroverts and the best jobs for introverts. But with your social adaptability, you may find that social preferences don’t factor into your career priorities. So try the Highlands Ability Battery to learn more about your abilities and motivations. Then for more inspiration, explore the happiest jobs in America, the best trade school jobs, and the best coding jobs.

20 Best jobs for extroverts

We’ve asked and answered the broad questions such as, what is an extrovert? What is an introvert? And even what’s in-between? Now that we’ve got that covered, it’s finally time to narrow this down and discover the careers extroverts tend to thrive in.

1) Literary/talent/sports agent

As a literary, talent, or sports agent, extroverts can prosper in the fast-paced world of representing artists and athletes. Their outgoing nature and networking skills enable them to build strong relationships, find exciting opportunities for clients, and negotiate deals. And they’re able to meet those goals, all while keeping the energy high and the connections flowing.

2) Flight attendant

With their strong people skills, extroverts can make wonderful flight attendants. This is one of the more people-focused people person jobs, as flight attendants consistently interact with new faces. They bring enthusiasm to the cabin, handle inquiries with a smile, and maintain a relaxed atmosphere throughout each journey.

3) Sales representative

Many extroverts feel at home in sales because they genuinely enjoy connecting with people. Their charisma and knack for building rapport make them effective in meeting sales targets. In addition, they can enjoy engaging potential customers, showcasing product benefits, and sealing the deal with their infectious enthusiasm.

4) Event planner

Extroverts flourish as event planners, harnessing their lively energy and creativity to produce unforgettable experiences. They’re drawn to the fast-paced nature of the job. And they love coordinating details, engaging with vendors, and collaborating with clients to deliver events that delight attendees.

5) Real estate agent

One of the best jobs for extroverts, being a real estate agent requires social skills and the ability to connect with people. They actively network, showcase properties with enthusiasm, and skillfully negotiate deals. And they work hard to ensure their clients have an easy and successful buying or selling experience. But just to manage your expectations, I should tell you that this job is typically quite different from what you may have seen on Selling Sunset.

Best Jobs for Extroverts (Continued)

6) Public relations specialist

When honing their natural communication skills, extroverts are ideal for public relations. They can savor the challenge of building relationships with the media, stakeholders, and the public to effectively promote brands, manage crises, and maintain positive public perception.

7) Occupational therapist

As occupational therapists, extroverts can use their interpersonal skills to engage and motivate patients. They can find fulfillment creating therapeutic activities, building rapport, and helping individuals develop skills which enhance their daily lives. If this sounds appealing, learn more about how to become an occupational therapist and other associate’s degree paths.

8) Travel writer/journalist

Their outgoing personalities allow extroverts to easily engage with locals, discover stories, and capture the essence of different cultures. Bringing their sense of adventure and love for meeting new people, they can captivate audiences with their writing.

9) Hospitality manager

Hospitality managers need a natural affinity for social interactions. In this role, extroverts can enjoy overseeing the smooth operations of hotels or restaurants to give guests memorable experiences. All while fostering a positive work environment for their teams. And with new faces every day, this is another one of the more people-focused people person jobs. Also, have you watched The Bear yet? While fictional, this love-letter to hospitality workers may actually give you fairly realistic expectations.

10) Software engineering manager

With their strong communication skills and ability to motivate teams, extroverts succeed as software engineering managers. They facilitate collaboration, foster their engineering team’s growth, and bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders. While navigating high pressure challenges, they help deliver successful software development projects.

Best Jobs for Extroverts (Continued)

11) Librarian

Although traditionally seen as a quiet profession, extroverts bring a lively touch to the role of librarians. Their outgoing personalities make libraries more engaging spaces, where they connect with readers, recommend books, organize events, and cultivate a sense of community among library visitors.

12) Lobbyist

Their persuasive talents and people skills make extroverts well-suited to advocate on behalf of organizations or causes. And as lobbyists, extroverts get to engage with lawmakers, build relationships, and influence policy decisions through effective communication and networking.

13) Tour guide

Here’s another one of the best jobs for extroverts. Sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge with visitors, extroverts make fantastic tour guides. They provide captivating insights, while they make each tour an exciting and interactive experience for participants. Also the options are endless: museum tours, haunted tours, historical tours, haunted historical tours, niche tours, boat tours, bus tours, segway tours, on and on.

14) Social media manager

Extroverts make exceptional social media managers, as they naturally gravitate towards connecting with others and creating engaging content. Their outgoing nature allows them to build spirited online communities, spark conversations, and breathe new life into brands.

15) Nurse

With their warm and empathetic nature, extroverts are often well-suited for nursing roles. They enjoy providing compassionate care and comfort to patients. And they enjoy collaborating with healthcare teams to ensure a positive and supportive environment for those in need. But with long shifts and frequent, vulnerable interactions, this can be one of the more emotionally-demanding people person jobs.

Best Jobs for Extroverts (Continued)

16) Fitness instructor

Bringing energy and enthusiasm to each of their classes, extroverts often make the best fitness instructors. They have the challenge of motivating and inspiring participants. And they need to create a fun, engaging workout environment that keeps people coming back for more.

17) K-12 Teacher or college professor

Extroverts’ natural charisma and ability to connect with students make them excellent teachers and professors. And they can have fun creating interactive lessons, fostering student engagement, and creating a positive and inclusive learning environment. But if this profession attracts you, be sure to learn more about how much college professors actually make.

18) Product manager

Extroverts make effective product managers because they can easily connect with customers, stakeholders, and development teams. Their outgoing personalities allow them to gather valuable feedback, understand user needs, and communicate product visions. Then their hard work leads to the creation of successful and user-centric products.

19) Mental health counselor or therapist

While this role can also be emotionally-demanding, it’s one of the best jobs for extroverts. Effective counselors and therapists need to connect with others and listen empathetically. Extroverts can flourish as they help individuals navigate challenges, offer support, and maintain warm and engaging therapeutic relationships.

20) Community outreach coordinator

Because they enjoy connecting with people and fostering relationships, extroverts are ideal for community outreach roles. They organize events, engage with the community, and collaborate with various stakeholders. As they drive positive change and make a lasting impact, they’ll feel invigorated.

Best Jobs for Extroverts – Final thoughts

In conclusion, understanding what it means to be an extrovert and recognizing your preference for social interactions can open doors to a world of fulfilling career opportunities. The best jobs for extroverts are those that allow them to shine as the vibrant, people-oriented individuals they are. From sales representatives and event planners to travel writers and social media managers, these people person jobs provide the perfect environment for extroverts to thrive in their professional lives. When embracing their innate ability to connect, communicate, and energize, extroverts can forge successful paths that resonate with their authentic selves. So, whether you’re an extrovert yourself or still trying to understand your dynamic personality, keep searching for the career that aligns with who you are.