5 Best Law Schools in Georgia – 2024

November 26, 2023

best law schools in georgia

Whether you’re looking to study law directly after college or after some taking years away from school, it’s worth having a look at Georgia law schools. Famously the state of peaches, beautiful mountains, and vibrant cities, Georgia is also home to five unique law programs. With the bustling city of Atlanta, as well as Athens and Macon nearby, those who study at Georgia law schools have opportunities to gain experience working for prestigious law firms, Fortune 500 companies, government, and nonprofit organizations. Below you will find a ranking of the best law schools in Georgia, based on the ranked placements in the US News & World Report. All five of these schools have been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA).

US News ranks law schools according to their successful placement of graduates, faculty resources, achievements of entering students, and opinions of law professionals. In addition to the school’s median LSAT scores and GPAs, acceptance rates, and tuition information, you can have a look at some additional information on each law school, from study abroad opportunities, to unique academic centers and institutes, to key values held up in mission statements. So, especially if you are thinking of eventually practicing law in Georgia, you should apply to a range of these Georgia law schools.


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Factors we have included…

US News Ranking: As explained above, these rankings are based on the US News & World Report Rankings. The University of Georgia is in the Top 20 on this list, which makes it a competitive school for acceptance. Emory University, with ranking #35, places in the Top 50 law schools. Georgia State University and Mercer University make it into the Top 100 list.

Median LSAT Score: As you read this list, pay close attention to the median LSAT scores (referring to the median score among entering students). If you have an LSAT score of 165, for example, you may have an easier time getting into Georgia State University than Emory or the University of Georgia. That said, university admissions consider a variety of factors, such as GPA, essays, and letters of recommendation, so this is not an absolute.

Best Law Schools in Georgia (Continued)

Median GPA: This also refers to the median undergraduate grade point average among entering law students. It is important to consider how these numbers compare to your GPA when applying to law school, but again, it’s only a median. Accepted students grade higher and lower than the numbers listed below.

Acceptance Rate: This tells you how many students are accepted compared to the number who have applied. This is another important factor when considering how likely you are to get into a particular program. Keep in mind that if a program is highly competitive, it can be difficult to be accepted even with top scores and great essays, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

Tuition: If you already live in Georgia, it could be most cost-effective to attend law school at University of Georgia or Georgia State University, both of which offer less-expensive tuition options for Georgia residents. Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School also offers a part-time tuition option, which is nearly $20,000 less expensive than its full-time program. Though perhaps less immersive than a full-time program, the flexibility of a part-time program can be useful for law students who already work full-time jobs or have family responsibilities.

Areas of Focus: Below, you’ll find “Law School Specialties” for each program, with several areas of focus listed. These are a program’s areas of study that are ranked most highly by the US News & World Report. So, if you’re thinking of pursuing a legal career centered around Trial Advocacy, the University of Georgia or Mercer University could be great options. Meanwhile, if you’d like to focus on Health Care Law, Georgia State University happens to have the top-ranked program in the United States.

Best Law Schools in Georgia (Continued)

So, with all that in mind, continue reading for the ranking of best law schools in Georgia. For more information on law school acceptance in general, check out these links to our articles on LSAT score percentiles, top law schools in California, and top law school rankings nationwide. If you’re curious about how to prepare yourself for applying to law school down the road, we recommend this article on pre-law summer programs.

1) University of Georgia (Athens, GA)

The School of Law at the University of Georgia has expert faculty who include five former U.S. Supreme Court judicial clerks, multiple Fulbright Scholars, and a recipient of the American Law Institute Young Scholars Medal. The program offers students opportunities to enroll in joint degree programs with the Terry College of Business, as well as the College of Education, where many students focus in Sports Studies to become sports lawyers. With a focus on International Law, this program also offers a range of study abroad opportunities, including the Georgia Law-Leuven Global Governance Summer School in Belgium. It is also a top school for training, with 18 unique experiential learning offerings, including 2 semesters in practice (in Atlanta and Washington D.C.). As a Top 20 Law School, this program has an extremely high bar exam passage rate and sets students up for positions in prestigious law firms, corporations, and government departments.

  • U.S. News Ranking: #20
  • Median LSAT Score: 168
  • Median GPA: 3.87
  • Acceptance Rate: 14.8%
  • In-State Tuition: $18,994
  • Out-of-State Tuition: $37,752
  • Law School Specialties: Trial Advocacy, International Law, Business/Corporate Law, Contracts/Commercial Law, Clinical Training

2) Emory University (Atlanta, GA)

The School of Law at Emory University boasts an inclusive environment with collaborative and interdisciplinary study. With a mission to “prepare graduates to be able to drive societal impact in their community and worldwide,” Emory takes pride in its proud moments of change and progress, including Ben F. Johnson Jr.’s landmark integration case before the Georgia Supreme Court. Here, Law students are involved in legal journals, clinics, and service work, becoming part of the communities where they live and study. With legal centers such as the Barton Child Law and Policy Center and the Environmental and National Resources Law Program, students can attend in-depth seminars and conferences with leading legal scholars.

  • U.S. News Ranking: #35
  • Median LSAT Score: 168
  • Median GPA: 3.8
  • Acceptance Rate: 26%
  • Tuition: $64,300
  • Law School Specialties: Contracts/Commercial Law, Business/Corporate Law, Constitutional Law, Health Care Law, Intellectual Property Law

3) Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA)

Another in-state program, the College of Law at Georgia State University is ranked #1 in US News for Health Care Law. The program promotes law as a mechanism for problem-solving and the pursuit of justice. If you’re interested in Health Care Law in particular, you should check out the Health Law Partnership (HeLP) Clinic, in which students partner with healthcare students and professionals for interdisciplinary training in the field, and the J.D. and Master of Public Health joint degree program. In addition, Georgia State has an ultimate bar passage rate of nearly 98%, and a 95% employment rate (measured by employment 10 months after graduation).

  • U.S. News Ranking: #69
  • Median LSAT Score: 161
  • Median GPA: 3.61
  • Acceptance Rate: 28.4%
  • In-State Tuition: $17,202
  • Out-of-State Tuition: $36,810
  • Law School Specialties: Health Care Law, Clinical Training, Trial Advocacy, Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property Law

Best Law Schools in Georgia (Continued)

4) Mercer University (George) (Macon, GA)

Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law offers experiential legal education programs, and is ranked highly in Trial Advocacy and Legal Writing (it is the only school with a Certificate in Advanced Legal Writing, Research, and Drafting). With the motto, “practice with purpose,” this program has a reputation for focusing on student and faculty interaction and experiential learning programs. For example, second- and third-year law students take advantage of externship programs, and third-year students can become certified to appear in court under the supervision of a practicing lawyer. All George School of Law students are required to take courses in skills such as interviewing, counseling, negotiation, mediation, and trial advocacy.

  • U.S. News Ranking: #99
  • Median LSAT Score: 154
  • Median GPA: 3.48
  • Acceptance Rate: 46.1%
  • Tuition: $42,292
  • Law School Specialties: Trial Advocacy, Legal Writing, Contracts/Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law

5) Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (Atlanta, GA)

Founded in 1933 as an independent institution, Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School’s mission is to provide high-quality legal education to students with diverse life experiences and professional backgrounds. The school provides options that allow students to control the pace of learning, fostering an inclusive educational environment. Students with an interest in criminal law can complete the Criminal Justice Certificate Program, where they complete coursework and fieldwork in externships, from criminal courts to juvenile advocacy agencies and public defender offices.

  • U.S. News Ranking: #171
  • Median LSAT Score: 151
  • Median GPA: 3.14
  • Acceptance Rate: 45.8%
  • Full-Time Tuition: $49,578
  • Part-Time Tuition: $30,398
  • Law School Specialties: Trial Advocacy, Legal Writing, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Law

Best Law Schools in Georgia – Final Thoughts…

In conclusion, we hope you’ve found this article useful as you continue your law school search. Remember that although these Georgia law schools are ranked, the best option for you may not be the highest on the list. For even more law school content from College Transitions, check out these articles on the 15 Best Immigration Law Schools and Top Feeders into Law School.