10 Companies That Offer Tech Apprenticeship Programs in 2023

July 24, 2023

Have you ever been browsing your YouTube feed and been inspired by Mark Rober’s awesome tech videos? Or maybe you recently saw The Social Network and were invigorated by the scenes of Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield scribbling code on their Harvard dorm window. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of being the next Steve Jobs and are wondering how to break into the industry. Well, you’re in luck! Today, we’ve got the insider’s guide on the best tech apprenticeship programs nationwide. These apprenticeships offer on-the-job training, where you can get paid to learn essential technical skills while contributing to meaningful projects. Such apprenticeships give employees an inside look into the sleek offices of premier companies like Google, Pinterest, IBM, and more. Keep reading to discover how to take part and unlock your potential!

What is a Tech Apprenticeship?

It’s no secret that the tech industry is booming, from A.I. to VR to quantum computing and beyond. While your great-great-grandparents may have lived during the Second Industrial Revolution, during the proliferation of machinery and railroads, we now find ourselves in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a period marked by rapid revolutionizations in many spheres. Technology is embedded into every industry, and with a tech apprenticeship, you too can be at the forefront of innovation.

A tech apprenticeship is a structured program offering hands-on training and mentoring. Tech apprenticeships are an excellent way to get your foot in the door and build invaluable relationships within the industry. Many of the apprenticeships we will discuss below often lead directly to full-time job opportunities. Furthermore, tech apprenticeships can expose you to many different areas of this multifaceted industry, from software development and cybersecurity to IT and data science. If you’re unsure about your areas of interest, these programs can be an excellent way to figure it out.

Moreover, these apprenticeships are typically paid and offer the standard employee benefits you’d expect from any company. Since computer and information technology-related jobs are expected to grow by 15% over the next ten years, now is as good a time as ever to start charting your path into this exciting industry.

Why Get a Tech Apprenticeship?

The benefits of joining a tech apprenticeship program are numerous. For one, tech apprenticeships offer real-world experience with industry professionals. This paid experience enables you to build your resume while gaining a toolbox of skills that will benefit you at any future job. Another reason to do a tech apprenticeship is that they allow you to see what it’s like to be employed at a major tech company for four to twelve months. If you’re unsure whether this field is right for you or don’t know how to break into this highly competitive sector, an apprenticeship can pave the way for your entry.

Do I Need Formal Education for a Tech Apprenticeship?

One of the significant aspects of a tech apprenticeship is that the companies offering these programs understand that education comes in various forms. Perhaps you’re a self-taught coder, a boot camp grad, or a candidate looking to re-enter the tech workforce. In most cases, such self-motivated training will qualify you for a tech apprenticeship. What these companies want to see is not whether you have a 4.0 GPA from such-and-such prestigious school, but whether you have a passion for technology and a demonstrated willingness to learn. As stated on IBM’s website: “No degree? No problem!”

Every tech company has different specific requirements for its apprenticeship programs. For instance, some programs specify that they are looking for non-traditional learners without a four-year degree, while others are more flexible. When compiling a list of places to which you hope to apply, be sure to double-check whether you meet the requirements.

Tech Apprenticeship Programs (Continued)

Here are some pathways that could lead to a tech apprenticeship:

  • High school diploma or equivalent: Many tech apprenticeship programs on our list are open to non-traditional students with a GED or high school diploma.
  • Associate’s degree: This two-year degree can help you build up those tech skills. If you want to score a tech apprenticeship, we recommend a field like computer science or software engineering.
  • Bachelor’s degree: While many tech apprenticeship programs don’t require a bachelor’s degree, having this can qualify you for more advanced roles. We recommend a degree in computer science, mathematics, or engineering. Additionally, check out our helpful article covering feeder schools, which are universities known for producing successful tech graduates.
  • Certifications: Recognized certifications in specialized areas like Data Science and Information Technology can add to your knowledge and make you a more enticing candidate.
  • Coding boot camps, summer programs in computer science, and online courses: Tech companies want to know you’ve done your homework. For many, this means becoming fluent in numerous programming languages and brushing up on your tech skills.

No matter your degree, the most important qualifications for any tech apprenticeship program are a strong work ethic, a commitment to learning, and an interest in the field. While a specific degree may not be necessary, such qualifications will enable you to build up a portfolio—one of the keys to landing that dream apprenticeship.

What is the Application Process Like?

While the application process for each tech apprenticeship can vary, it usually comprises a phone call with a recruiter and a series of interviews to assess your technical capabilities and fit with the team. You will want to prepare for these interviews by completing coding problems, practicing interview skills, and researching the company. Ensure you can answer essential questions about your tech background and what makes you a good fit for the company and its mission.

Remember that while some companies will want to see some technical foundations, this is not a requirement for all apprenticeships. If you have no formal educational background in computer science or software engineering, focus on the companies that say they will provide you with all the on-the-job training you’ll need to succeed.

Companies with Tech Apprenticeships

You might be surprised to learn that some top tech companies, such as Google, Airbnb, and Microsoft, offer tech apprenticeship programs. What’s more, these work-and-study programs span a wide range of topics. At Google alone, there are apprenticeship programs in software engineering, sales and marketing, customer engineering, data analytics, digital marketing, information technology, project management, app development, and more.

Bear in mind that while some tech apprenticeships are online, many require in-person attendance. When searching for a job, consider both your local region and areas to which you might be willing to relocate.

Now, here are ten of the best tech apprenticeship programs:

1) Accenture

This famous IT and consulting firm offers a year-long tech apprenticeship program. Their program is in over 40 cities, making it a good option no matter where you’re based. Accenture is specifically seeking students without a 4-year college degree.

2) Airbnb

Airbnb’s Connect Software Engineering Apprenticeship is a paid apprenticeship that lasts six months. Once those six months are up, apprentices can move to an entry-level software engineering role at Airbnb. You do not need to have a 4-year college degree to apply.

3) Amazon

Tech behemoth Amazon offers paid training courses followed by a year of training. The programs from which candidates can choose include solutions architect, technical sales, software development engineer, support engineer, technical account manager, and more.

4) Detroit Labs

 This apprenticeship, based in Detroit, is a 3-month paid training program in software development. Apprentices receive both classroom and project-based training in software development fundamentals.

5) Google

As we mentioned above, Google’s tech apprenticeship program is renowned for its breadth and depth. Google offers apprenticeships all over the world and in multiple fields. Additionally, they don’t have formal educational requirements, making this an ideal choice for non-traditional learners.

6) IBM

 IBM’s Apprenticeship Program focuses on on-the-job training. Apprentices can complete the program at their own pace, though most do so within a year.

7) LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s REACH program provides apprentices with hands-on engineering and tech training. Apprentices move through various levels before securing a permanent role on the software engineering team.

8) Microsoft

 Microsoft’s Leap program is an immersive 16-week program for those with a technical training foundation. Leap internships work on teams with Xbox, Bing, and Office365.

9) Pinterest

Pinterest offers tech apprenticeship programs in engineering, product management, product design, and UX research. Apprenticeships are up to one year, with the opportunity to switch to a full-time role. Pinterest is specifically looking for candidates from non-traditional tech backgrounds.

10) 8th Light

 The 8th Light Apprenticeship Program hires apprentices in small groups and tailors the curriculum to these groups’ particular needs. Apprenticeships typically last five to seven months. Apprentices are matched with mentors who help them prepare through workshops and self-study projects. Once an apprentice completes his or her program, they are promoted to crafter.

While these ten programs are great options for tech apprenticeship programs, there are many more out there. If you have your sights set on one technology company, we recommend browsing its website to see if they offer an apprenticeship program. Once you have your list, it’s time to work on those applications!

Tech Apprenticeship Programs – Final Thoughts

If you’re an aspiring techie hoping to enter the dynamic sphere of technology, an apprenticeship can serve as a springboard to your career. These apprenticeships aren’t regular old desk jobs. Rather, they are opportunities to acquire skills, form relationships with industry professionals, and get paid all at the same time.

So, whether you’re a seasoned STEM camper or a total newbie to the tech world, we can’t recommend these apprenticeships enough. Now is the perfect time to sharpen your coding skills and send that resume out into the world. The tech industry is brimming with possibilities, and an apprenticeship might be the first step to making your dreams a reality.