20 Best Places to Learn Python Free Online – 2024

February 26, 2024

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Best Place to Learn Python Free Online Courses – As Python only continues to soar in popularity, it’s safe to assume that this in-demand programming language will be around for a while. Python stands as one of the most attractive programming languages, and it is easy to use through its smooth and simple syntax, making it ideal for first-time learners. Whether you’re seeking to build a website or analyze data, you can expect Python to teach you the fundamentals in machine learning, software testing, system scripting, and web development. Perhaps you won’t be surprised to learn that companies like Google, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Pinterest, and Dropbox also utilize Python’s applications.

Ultimately, Python’s strength is in its versatility. Because there are a plethora of ways Python can be used, Python is an excellent programming language to start learning as a beginner or as a non-professional simply curious about coding. What makes a Python course so unique from other programming languages is its offering of both practical skills and high-level concepts, and knowing how to code with Python could prove to be a lucrative step for your career. Professionals use Python for a variety of reasons such as for AI, data science, data visualization, desktop applications, game development, software testing or prototyping, or systems administration. However, if you simply wanted to use Python to automate workflows or certain tasks, you absolutely could. Because Python is a programming language for general purposes, it can create different programs, Further, it isn’t tied down to one application.

Best Places to Learn Python Free Online (Continued)

All of this might make you think that taking a Python course will come with a cost, but you’ve come to the right place on how to learn Python for free. Once you’ve navigated through the free sites listed below and you’re still looking to continue your coding journey extensively, be sure to also check out these best Python bootcamps for high school students.

Here are some of the best tried and true places you can access free Python classes online:

1) Coursera – Python for Everybody Specialization by the University of Michigan

Firstly, as a complete beginner, you’d be making an excellent choice to choose this extensive introductory program where you’ll learn all about Python fundamentals. In this specialized 5-course series taught by experts from industry and university experts, you can expect to receive a comprehensive education on databases, data structures, and networked application program interfaces. The 5 courses include: Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python), Python Data Structures, Using Python to Access Web Data, Using Databases with Python, Capstone: Retrieving, Processing, and Visualizing Data with Python. By the end of these courses, you’ll learn skills in Json, Xml, Python Programming, and Database (DBMS). You can also earn a career certificate from the University of Michigan.

2) Coursera – Advanced Algorithms and Complexity by UC San Diego

Offered by the University California, San Diego, this course is well-suited for intermediate learners of Python looking to deepen their understanding of complex algorithms. This 5-module course, each 5 hours long, will provide you with the tools to solve these algorithms, where you’ll take: Flows in Networks, Linear Programming, NP-complete Problems, Coping with NP-completeness, Streaming Algorithms (Optional). Towards the end of the course you can expect to learn a bit more about Big Data processing. Lastly, you’ll gain skills in Python Programming, Linear Programming (LP), NP-Completeness, and Dynamic Programming.

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3) Coursera – Python for Data Science, AI & Development by IBM

This course offered by IBM serves as a great introductory course where you can learn how to apply Python programming logic Variables, Data Structures, Branching, Loops, Functions, Objects, and Classes. You’ll learn how to develop coding with Jupyter Notebooks and learn how to use Python libraries like Pandas and Numpy. You can also access APIs and Python libraries such as Beautiful Soup. This course includes 5 modules, which are: Python Basics (2 hours to complete), Python Data Structures (3 hours to complete), Python Programming Fundamentals (7 hours to complete), Working with Data in Python (6 hours to complete), and APIS, and Data Collection (7 hours to complete).

4) Codecademy – Analyze Data with Python

If you’re looking to dive right into the data, this course might be the best one for you. You can access the basic version of the course for free. Alternatively, you can upgrade to the pro version for $15.99 per month. Here you’ll learn how to comprehensively analyze and visualize data using Python and statistics. The course takes a total of 12 hours to complete. Additionally, it has no prerequisites for you to take, and even offers a certificate of completion at the end. By the end of this course, you can expect to communicate data insights visually, describe datasets statistically, run A/B tests thoroughly, and test hypotheses for significance.

Best Places to Learn Python Free Online (Continued)

5) Codecademy – Learn Python 2

This course offered by Codecademy is another great course to learn the fundamentals of programming concepts and Python’s programming language. Consisting of 20 lessons, 9 projects, and 9 quizzes, this course will take you roughly 17 hours to complete, all spaced out across 12 modules. The modules in this course will leave you feeling comfortable with Python programming and prepared to start practicing your skills on your own computer, especially after learning about advanced aspects of Python like data structures, list slicing, and lambda expressions.

6) Codecademy – Learn Python 3

Codecademy’s other beginner course in Python takes a bit longer to complete, coming in at 25 hours. This course offers more modules that will help you develop skills that simplify the code you write, take your skills off the Codecademy platform, and write Python 3 programs yourself. Spread across 13 modules, Learn Python 3 consists of 14 lessons overall and includes 12 projects and 12 quizzes.

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7) Datacamp – Introduction to Python

Learn Python for free with Datacamp’s introduction course that lasts for only 4 hours. This course is suited for complete beginners who have no coding experience at all. Covering the basics of Python, the course curriculum will cover Python’s fundamental and common applications and functions. Also, it will teach you how to use Python as a calculator as you build Python lists. Once you’ve completed the course, you should be able to know how to access, store, and manipulate data using Python.

8) edX – Introduction to Python Programming by The Georgia Institute of Technology (free to audit)

Although this course offered by The Georgia Institute of Technology comes with a cost, you do have the option to audit it for free. The course takes 5 months to complete, roughly around 9-10 hours per week, and covers: the fundamental design cycle of computer science and computer programming, the usage of fundamental atoms of programming, control structures for developing dynamic programs, the core data structures for creating useful programs, and previews of the next big topics in computer science.

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9) Educative – Learn Python 3 From Scratch

Educative’s course focuses on teaching beginners the fundamentals in procedural programming, but doing so in a practical way. With every new concept you’ll learn, you’ll be working on a project that you’ll be building throughout the entire course. The course consists of 14 lessons, lasts 6 hours, and gives you a certificate of completion. This free Python course includes 62 playgrounds, 5 quizzes, and 29 illustrations to make this the ultimate interactive learning experience.

10) freeCodeCamp – Learn Python (Full Course for Beginners)

Created in 2018, freeCodeCamp’s course has over 43 million views today and lasts 4.5 hours . This is truly a testament to its timelessness and popularity. If you’re more of a visual learner looking for quick access, this video course could be the best option for you. You’ll dive into the core concepts of Python like data types, variables, object functions, and loops. Additionally, you’ll have full flexibility to navigate where you want to stop or start again on the video course.

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11) Google – Python class

If you’ve got a basic understanding of programming language fundamentals, then this free Python class offered by Google is catered to you. This Google offer is an intensive, two-day course where you will study through video lectures, code exercises, and written materials. The course exercises will start off with basic Python concepts like strings and lists, then progress onto handling text files, processes, and http connections.

12) Microsoft – Introduction to Python Course

For those of you looking for a quick learning experience, Microsoft’s free Introduction to Python is a 16-minute module spread across 8 units. The course has no prerequisites. It is also suitable for people who are brand new beginners or have very limited experience with programming languages. It’s intended to prepare you with fundamental knowledge about running and creating Python applications. The, at a later time, you can study more advanced concepts.

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13) Real Python – Advanced Python Tutorials

More advanced learners of Python can access a free database of video and word-based tutorials. These advanced Python courses cover concepts such as: socket programming in Python, speech recognition with Python, building HTTP APIs with Django REST Framework, and more.

14) Udemy – Introduction to Python Programming

Divided into three sections, Udemy’s free and easy to navigate Introduction to Python Programming course consists of 22 lectures and lasts 1 hour 14 minutes. The course offers 18 video lectures and covers the basics of all things Python. This includes strings, variables, an introduction to data types, loops, variables, file manipulation, and functions.

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15) Udemy – Learn Python for Total Beginners

This course by Udemy utilizes Python 3 and Anaconda with Jupyter Notebook to make you well-versed in programming language fundamentals. If you’re coming as a fresh beginner, or you learned another programming language and are looking to make a switch, this 32-lecture course is meant for you. As the website states, “From newbie to pro in a day with 5 brain teasing exercises and full solutions provided,” this is an ideal free course to fit into your busy schedule.

Here are some other free Python courses offered by Udemy that you should also check out:

16) Udemy – Try Django 1.11 // Python Web Development

17) Udemy – Learn Python 3.6 for Total Beginners

Best Places to Learn Python Free Online (Continued)

18) Udemy – Python From Beginner to Intermediate in 30 min

19) Udemy – Introduction to Python Programming

20) Udacity – Introduction to Python Programming

Another site where you can learn python for free is Udacity’s Introduction to Python Programming course. Consisting of 7 lessons, this course has no prerequisites and will have you start writing Python. The course lessons are: Why Python Programming, Data Types and Operators, Data Structures, Control Flow, Functions, Scripting, and Advanced Topics.

Learn Python for free online

Whether the thought of learning how to code intimidates you, or you’re simply eager to start, the courses listed above are some of the best places to learn Python for free online. Easy to access and navigate, these free Python courses offer a great introduction into the programming language’s smooth syntax. Although you’re bound to find Python courses offered at different prices, it’s worth taking a look at these free courses to see if you want to move forward in your Python and coding journey.

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