25 Most Conservative Colleges in the U.S. in 2024

October 21, 2023

Most Conservative Colleges

If you hold strong political beliefs, then it makes sense to select a college that aligns with your views. Even if you do not consider yourself politically active, you still might consider a school whose core values mirror yours. As a matter of fact, this choice could enhance your overall college experience. For example, if you lean to the right politically, then you might be interested in applying to conservative colleges.

One benefit of choosing a school with similar political leanings is that you can find friends with shared values. Conservative schools tend to attract students with similar ideals. Additionally, student clubs and organizations may be focused around current political and social issues for which you advocate. In this case, getting involved on campus can be easier and even more enjoyable.

Plus, professors at conservative colleges generally tend to be more right-leaning themselves than at an average university. This way, you will receive an education that aligns with your values.

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Characteristics of the Most Conservative Colleges

Geographically, conservative schools tend to be located in conservative states. For example, the location of the school may reflect its political leanings. Located near large mountain ranges and wide-spanning lakes, their campuses can allow for beautiful scenery.

In general, conservative schools focus on similar values. These values include an emphasis on socially conservative practices and traditionalism. Students at conservative colleges may also be interested in social activism for causes that favor conservative positions.

25 Most Conservative Colleges (Continued)

Additionally, many Christian schools tend to be conservative colleges. At these institutions, students adhere to a more traditional and regimented approach to academics. As well, military colleges can be more conservative in nature, as they follow a stricter set of rules and expectations. Conservative schools also tend to be less tolerant of student drug and alcohol use.

If attending conservative colleges is important to you, but you aren’t sure where to start looking, then you’re in luck! Below, we have assembled a list of the most conservative colleges in America. The list also includes stats such as acceptance rates and the most common undergraduate degrees awarded.

For the purposes of this article, “most conservative colleges” will account for the general political leanings of the student body, university mission statements, and the overall atmosphere of the campus.

25 Most Conservative Colleges

1) Bringham Young University

  • Acceptance Rate: 67%

BYU is a school guided by the principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Located in Provo, UT, curriculum is shaped by faith-based practices and spirituality. This campus is one well-known as one of the most conservative colleges. Students are expected to regularly attend church services and abstain from alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

2) Liberty University

  • Acceptance Rate: 99%

A Christian academic community, Liberty values a faith-based curriculum. In their mission statement, Liberty strives to encourage their students’ commitment to a Christian life. The university is located in Lynchburg, Virginia.

3) Cedarville University

  • Acceptance Rate: 65%

Throughout their curriculum, Cedarville adheres to a high standard of education through Christian ideals. With a strong focus on community, Cedarville offers a variety of campus organizations for students with likeminded interests.

4) Utah State University

  • Acceptance Rate: 94%

A public university with over 200-degree programs, Utah State began as an agricultural college. Additionally, the university’s focus is primarily on research in the areas of land, air, and water, and space. According to their website, Utah State also has a focus on diversity and inclusion. “USU is dedicated to making sure the campus community is welcoming for all.”

25 Most Conservative Colleges (Continued)

5) Palm Beach Atlantic University

  • Acceptance Rate: 95%

A Florida-based Christian university, Palm Beach Atlantic is located in West Palm Beach. As well, the university’s mission and values are leadership, service, and an academic curriculum rooted in spiritual growth.

6) Biola University

  • Acceptance Rate: 58%

Biola is one of the most conservative colleges based in La Mirada, California. With a focus on biblically-centered education, Biola is intent on developing a unique learning community built on spiritual development. Additionally, the school is known for programs in “business, film, the sciences, theology and more.”

7) Samford University

  • Acceptance Rate: 83%

Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Samford is a Christian university with a focus on delivering high academic quality. With many student organizations, Samford is intent on incorporating community service and global engagement into their curriculum.

8) Grove City College

  • Acceptance Rate: 71%

A college shaped by Christian values, Grove City College is a private institution located in Pennsylvania. Additionally, the college has a large focus on community. A smaller campus with about 2,500 undergraduates, the institution allows for a tight-knit feel.

25 Most Conservative Colleges (Continued)

9) Southern Methodist University

  • Acceptance Rate: 52%

SMU offers a large variety of majors, including “a plethora of new and emerging interdisciplinary fields.” Located in Dallas, Texas, SMU is intent on helping students learn to think critically and creatively. As well, the university’s core values are rooted in open dialogue, integrity, intellectual freedom, and diversity and inclusion.

10) Lee University

  • Acceptance Rate: 73%

With over 150-degree programs, Lee University aims to create an environment where students can be intellectually challenged in a comfortable space. A Christian-centered university, Lee is a private institution located in Cleveland, Tennessee. Ideally, this campus is located near the Appalachian Mountains.

11) Angelo State

  • Acceptance Rate: 78%

Some of Angelo State’s core values are rooted in integrity, diversity and inclusion, and community. Additionally, ASU has also been described as a “military friendly” university since 2010. Located in Texas, this university has over 100 student organizations and is focused on producing highly-competitive graduates.

12) George Fox University

  • Acceptance Rate: 92%

George Fox is one of the most conservative colleges in Oregon. Additionally, the university offers both bachelor programs as well as master’s and doctoral degrees. With a commitment to spiritual growth and academic rigor, George Fox is located Newberg, Oregon.

25 Most Conservative Colleges (Continued)

13) University of Mississippi

  • Acceptance Rate: 97%

Interestingly, you might know this school by its nickname, “Ole Miss.” With a main campus in Oxford, Mississippi, the university has a focus on commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. As well, there are a variety of student organizations to choose from.

14) Anderson University

  • Acceptance Rate: 52%

With top majors in Christian Studies, Supply Chain Management, and Cybersecurity, Anderson University allows for a wide range of interests. A private university in South Carolina, this institution focuses on preparing students after graduation with intellectual and academic rigor.

15) Oral Roberts University

  • Acceptance Rate: 99%

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oral Roberts is a university driven by a Christian-based curriculum. Students are taught to be leaders both in their community and globally. Additionally, the university has a department dedicated to Veteran Affairs for both active duty and retried military.

16)Maranatha Baptist University

  • Acceptance Rate: 75%

Objective reasoning, service, and scripture appreciation are some of the top anticipated institutional outcomes. A private Baptist university in Watertown, Wisconsin, this school focuses on liberal and fine arts education in addition to faith-based studies.

25 Most Conservative Colleges (Continued)

17) North Greenville University

  • Acceptance: 76%

Ideally, this campus is located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina. With an emphasis on leadership skills, North Greenville is a Christ-centered institution with spiritually-rooted education.

18) University of Tennessee – Martin

  • Acceptance Rate: 88%

A smaller campus with a tight-knit feel, UT-Martin offers over 100 degree programs. Interestingly, this campus also offers Division I athletics. Additionally, the institution is described as “a small-town university for people with big dreams.”

25 Most Conservative Colleges (Continued)

19) Bob Jones University

  • Acceptance Rate: 89%

A Christian liberal arts university, Bob Jones is located in Greenville, South Carolina. At this university, there is a stated emphasis on scripture and “academic excellence”. Additionally, Bob Jones encourages student abstinence from alcohol consumption.

20) Campbell University

  • Acceptance Rate: 89%

A Christian University, Campbell prepares students for their professional careers through academic rigor and spirituality. Emphasizing service, this university also works to become more sustainable and reduce its carbon footprint. A smaller-sized campus, this institution has an undergraduate enrollment level of about 2,800 students.

25 Most Conservative Colleges (Continued)

21) University of North Georgia

  • Acceptance Rate: 69%

“UNG is a designated State Leadership Institution and [is] one of only six Senior Military Colleges in the nation.” There are five campus locations throughout Georgia to choose from, as well as online class options.

22) Wisconsin Lutheran College

  • Acceptance Rate: 94%

A small campus with about 1,100 undergraduate students, this Christian university is located in Milwaukee. The university prepares students for a life of Christian leadership and service in addition to its academic programs.

23) Concordia University – Wisconsin

  • Acceptance Rate: 70%

A Lutheran university, Concordia is committed to helping students develop in “mind, body, and spirit.” Students who attend this institution are encouraged to participate in daily chapel services.

24) Wayne State College

  • Acceptance Rate: 75%

Located in Nebraska, this college offers a low student-to-faculty ratio for a more personal and individualized educational setting. With 7 residence halls, over 44% of students live on campus. Currently, over 80% of faculty on campus hold a terminal degree.

25 Most Conservative Colleges (Continued)

25) Harding University

  • Acceptance Rate: 45%

A miliary-friendly school, “Harding University is approved by the Arkansas State Approving Agency for Veterans” to help veterans fund their education. Located in Searcy, Arkansas, this institution is a Christian university. Furthermore, this campus’s mission is to provide quality education rooted in Christian values.

Most Conservative Colleges – In Conclusion

Ultimately, when you attend college, you want to choose an institution that can also challenge your thinking. Exposure to different perspectives is important for a well-rounded educational experience. Attending a college that provides a comfortable environment for you to learn is important. For some students, this environment is provided through choosing one of the conservative schools listed above.

As well, choosing a comfortable campus for you can also include looking at a school’s priority on safety. Safety rankings can also influence a decision on choosing the right school for you.

Depending on your major, a conservative-based education may provide a good basis for your future career goals. Especially if you want to develop and grow in your faith, one of the conservative colleges listed above may be a good fit. Additionally, an education at conservative schools may be beneficial if you are looking for an institution with more structure.

Regardless of your choice, remember that learning can, and should, include differing opinions and healthy debate. However, choosing a campus where you feel comfortable enough to have those conversations is the first step in the right direction.