Harpeth Hall School – Nashville

  • 3801 Hobbs Rd, Nashville, TN 37215



  • Tuition (K-12):
  • Enrollment (seniors):
  • Mid-50% SAT Score:
  • Mid-50% ACT Score:
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At Harpeth Hall, girls are our singular focus. We know how they learn best and provide an environment where girls in grades 5 through 12 are embraced for who they are and encouraged in their intellectual curiosity.

Our students learn to write with force and precision. They solve problems and create real-world solutions. They act when they see a need. They speak so others listen and they listen thoughtfully, always tuned in to a vibrant intellectual environment that values diversity of thought and difference of opinion

Our dynamic faculty are at the heart of our students’ excellent academic outcomes. As educators, they are experts in their fields and passionate about what they do. As mentors, they foster curiosity and prepare our students to challenge themselves as students and individuals in the broader world.

The award-winning artists, authors, cutting-edge scientists, global experts, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who visit our campus instill the confidence in each girl to find her voice.

A Harpeth Hall education teaches girls to think critically, lead confidently, and live honorably.