20 Scholarships for International Students – 2024

December 24, 2023

scholarships for international students

There are many international students studying at colleges in the U.S. Despite the pandemic affecting international student enrollment, in recent years, the number of international students has trended upward again. However, finding a scholarship for international students can be a challenge. There are many universities to choose from, and a lot of great opportunities to finance your college education. While some scholarships for international students may be tied to a specific university, there are also a lot of other wonderful scholarship opportunities that are not.

Scholarships for International Students – Continued

While most of these opportunities do not offer full rides, there are still plenty of financing options available. This includes the chance to renew any scholarships over the course of your degree program. Additionally, some universities may allow you to apply for more than one scholarship, depending on their eligibility requirements.

If you are looking for scholarships for international students in the US, then you’re in luck! Below we have assembled a list of 20 scholarships for international students. This list includes universities that offer scholarships for international students in the US across a variety of states.

The following list contains examples at both specific schools and more generalized scholarships. For general scholarships for international students, these awards are not necessarily tied to a specific university.

Please be advised that some scholarships require additional applications. In this case, students will be required to submit a letter or letters of recommendation, a resume, or even an essay. In most cases, it is advised that students submit applications early.

However, some universities do not require separate applications, and all incoming students will be automatically considered for the scholarships. In this case, students may still have to meet certain eligibility requirements, like qualifying test scores and GPA.

As you begin applying to universities, make sure to double-check all guidelines and requirements to ensure you remain eligible.

University-Specific Scholarships for International Students in the US

1) American University

Merit Awards for International 1st-Year Students

This partial scholarship is for undergraduate students and is eligible for renewal all four years of study. Secondly, no separate application is necessary to apply.

According to American University, “merit” is defined as achievement in academics, excellent communication skills in English, leadership, and community service. However, prospective students should be aware that consideration is highly competitive.

2) Iowa State University

International Merit Scholarships

Only first-year students are eligible for this award. Scholarship selection is based on a holistic view which factors standardized test scores and GPA into account.

Further, to be considered for this scholarship for international students in the US, students must submit a separate OneApp scholarship application. Students who have been offered admission and are not receiving financial sponsorship through their home country’s government are eligible to apply.

3) Michigan State University

#YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship

A $25,000 grant will be awarded to a select group of international undergraduate students yearly. This award is eligible for renewal across eight semesters.

This scholarship is awarded to students who are committed to bridging intercultural divides. Furthermore, students must submit supplementals to be considered for this scholarship. A separate application is required.

4) University of Oregon

International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) Tuition Scholarships

The ICSP is a partial scholarship awarded to students based on financial need and academic achievement. Interestingly, students must also possess the ability to make presentations to diverse groups of people.

This scholarship for international students contains a cultural service component that requires students to give presentations about their home country. This award is renewable up to the completion of the degree.

Scholarships for International Students in the US (Continued)

5) UMass Dartmouth

International Student Merit Scholarship

At this institution, students can receive a variety of scholarships ranging from $10,000 to $15,500 to help cover the cost of tuition. At the moment, standardized test scores are not required. However, tests of English proficiency must be submitted. Requirements vary by program.

6) University of Memphis

International Merit Scholarships

This scholarship for international students is awarded to newly admitted degree-seeking international undergraduates. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must not be dual citizens.

Additionally, students must have a score of at least 25 on the ACT or 1200 on the SAT. Students must also have the equivalent of a 3.25 GPA. To maintain this award, students must continue to be enrolled full-time and maintain GPA requirements.

7) University of Missouri-Columbia

International Merit Scholarship & International Honors Scholarship

International students admitted for on-campus study are automatically considered for these awards. For the merit scholarship, students are awarded $5,000 per year. To earn this award, students must have at least a 1260 on the SAT or a 27 on the ACT.

For the honors scholarship, students are awarded $10,000 per year. To earn this award, students must have at least a 1330 on the SAT or a 29 on the ACT.

8) Oklahoma State University

International Achievement Freshman Scholarships

For students interested in achieving these scholarships, there are varied levels of funding awarded. However, the highest amount awarded is $40,000 ($10,000 over 4 years).

This is one of the many scholarships for international students in the US that requires certain eligibility requirements. For example, students must achieve a score of 115-120 TOEFL, or 30 ACT, or 1360 SAT. Additionally, students at any level of the scholarship must have at least a 3.25 GPA.

Scholarships for International Students in the US (Continued)

9) Florida Atlantic University

President’s International Freshman Student Scholarship

At this institution, international students are eligible to receive a $6,000 annual scholarship. Students must hold at least a 3.5 GPA. Additionally, SAT or ACT scores and proof of English proficiency are required.

In conclusion, to be considered for this award, students must upload a personal essay and letter of recommendation with their application.

10) Miami University

International Education Scholarship

International students are eligible for a merit-based scholarship at this university, with awarded amounts varying from $2,500 to $12,000. Scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement and test scores. Additionally, priority consideration is given to students who apply early.

11) University of Minnesota

Global Excellence Scholarship

All international freshmen students attending this university on an F1 visa will automatically be considered for this scholarship. Students are evaluated based on an overall assessment of their application, and awards are based on academic merit.

In the 2024-2025 academic year, international freshmen can receive up to $15,000 per year for four years.

12) University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Merit Scholarships

All freshmen applicants are automatically considered for this scholarship. Additionally, international students may apply for other scholars’ programs. Scholarships for these awards range from $5,000 to $22,000 per year.

Scholarships for International Students in the US (Continued)

13) Morehead State University

International Student Scholarship

This scholarship for international students is open to all incoming international freshmen or transfer students. These scholarships award $8,000 per year to go toward tuition. However, the student must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA to remain eligible for renewable.

Additionally, to be considered for the award, the student must have a minimum ACT score of 20 or an SAT of 940.

14) University of Kentucky

International Student Ambassador Scholarship

Firstly, to be considered for this award, students must be incoming freshmen or transfer students on an F1 visa. As well, students must hold a minimum GPA of 2.5. Students must also submit a letter of recommendation and a personal essay. Lastly, there is a maximum of $16,000 available.

15) Towson University

International Student Scholarship

Students looking to receive this scholarship must submit an additional application. These scholarships are available for undergraduate students. Awards range from $4,000 to $11,000.

General Scholarships for International Students in the US

16) MPOWER Women in STEM Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to female international/DACA students who are currently studying full-time in a STEM program. Examples of fields include biology, engineering, mathematics, nursing, and chemistry. Further, those looking for a scholarship for international students in the US will be happy to know that studying in the United States or Canada at a university affiliated with MPOWER are eligible.

The grand prize is a $3,000 grant. Additionally, 2 runners up will receive payment.

Scholarships for International Students in the US (Continued)

17) OAS Academic Scholarships

Students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program are eligible for this award.  Ideally, students will apply during their last two years of study. Eligible students are current citizens or residents of OAS Member States of the English-speaking Caribbean and Suriname.

Additionally, students must provide 2 letters of recommendation and a curriculum vitae as part of other required documents.

18) E.O. International Scholarships

Firstly, the P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund is intended for women who are not U.S. or Canadian citizens. This scholarship is intended to be administered to students who are seeking higher education.

The highest awarded amount is $12,500. However, lesser amounts in the form of additional awards may be administered as well.

19) Fulbright Foreign Student Program

For international students looking to conduct research in the United States, this program allows the opportunity to do just that. In sum, graduate students and young professionals from over 150 countries have been supported through this student program.

Program eligibility varies by country.

20) AAUW International Fellowships

Since 1917, this program has supported women pursuing full-time graduate study in the United States. This award is eligible for students who are not U.S. citizens. Recipients are selected based on their academic achievement and commitment to women and girls. Lastly, awards range from $20,000 to $50,000.

Scholarships for International Students in the US – In Review

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